Who Is on The 2ww?
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bdantonio - December 10

wesleymom a faint line is good.


Marina - December 10

Hi girls,
Just came back from my 1st u/s.It was good,baby in a right place,there is a fetal cord and a yolk.Too bad he couldn't see the heartbeat yet(usually they can at 6 weeks and I'm only 5.5days).So, now he want's to get rid of me and transfer to my ob/gyn(I was suppose to have one more u/s with him,but he'll be on vocation at that time in 2 weeks). This doc is something else,his is a genius at what he does,but his personality sucks!A lot !We are very thankful and happy for what he did for us,but I'l be glad to go to my regular doc and not to see all the "friendly" people at his office.
How is everyone else?Congrads on a line,stay positive!
Good luck to everybody!


Wesleysmom - December 10

Just got the call BFP! I'm very happy! 193. Is that good? What's normal? Thanks so much for the support. Great news, Marina!


Marina - December 10

It is VERY good :)!The "normal" range is very wide-from 5 to 500,so yours is good for the 1st beta.Now it's very important ,if it's doubles in 48 hours.Did they tell you to come in 2 days?


laura - December 10

Hi ladies!
Marina- wonderfull news! my ultrasound is next week! but I have another beta on 12/11. I am hpoing for numers > or = to 1600! my hopefull do date is Aug.10 2008; how about youi?
Wesleysmom- wonderfull news! Is this day 14? My beta was 285; both are within normal range!
Keep positive! I feal real positive this time!!


bdantonio - December 10

Marina im shocked at when you ladies are released back to yor ob i was not released back till then end of first trimester. At week 9 i went to see her but i still went to RE until the end of first trimester. Is was like that with my first daughter too. And I had a u/s every weeks from positive beta till i was released. It weird how different it can be. What state are you in?


Brianandjena - December 10

hi everyone!
weslesmom, omg. congrats! what method did u use? ivf? or iui?
marina, Congrats as well.!
I am glad to see bfp!! I have no idea what that would look like. I had a dream last night that i did a poas and it was neg. I sat and waited for it to turn to 2 lines for 3 days..lol... weird huh/..


Marina - December 10

I was suppose to have one more visit(u/s) with my RE in 2 weeks,but he will be on vacation(Christmas),so he'll transfer all my paperwork to my OB.He says,he've done his job, and from now on my pregnancy is no different than anybody else and let regular doc to take over(we live in Minnesota).I know in our state they release you at 8 weeks.What else they can do for us?How u holding up?
Laura,my due date,if everything ok,August 6.good luck,ladies!


Marina - December 10

Jena,when is your test?Are you doing better now?


Marina - December 11

I have a question that I forgot to ask my RE.
When can we have sex after IVF? I know -not untill your 1st blood test for sure,but when can we safely,any idea?


JENNY22074 - December 11

Congratulations newbies!!!!...Welcome to the next phase of your journey...Marina it is all a matter of how you feel...I was told we could have sex during the 2 week wait as long as I did not show signs of hyperstimulation...Out of preference my DH and I waited until the the end of the 1st trimester because I had m/c 2 times before by 6 weeks...Talk to you all later...

Jena - how are you doing honey?...That was a weird dream but I am sure in some way shape or form we have all had those types of dreams..

Everyone - Mostly Beth...I had a brown spot in my c/m today and called the doctor and they wanted my to come into labor and delivery which I did...They did an exam and said that my cervix was short so the on call doctor ordered an u/s...6 weeks ago when I had my 18 week anamoly screening my cervix measured 3.8 and now it measures 2.7 which they say it may be thinning already...I am supposed to take it easy for now and on the 31st go to see my doctor who will then check me a possibly decide if it warrants bedrest or not...What is your opinion?


Marina - December 11

my friend(she just had her twins) had the same situation only at 26 weeks.They put stiches on her cervix untill the labor and her-on bedrest untill then.
So, you sould realy take it easy...


JENNY22074 - December 11

Marina - thanks for the reply....Now that I hear your response my cousin's wife had the stiches and now maybe I know why...I never asked them why before...I am so glad to hear that all is going well for you and your little miracle...As you can tell the "FUN"never ends and there is never a day where we don't worry about something or another.


bdantonio - December 11

Marina: I gUess maybe the RE keeps me longer due to the fact that i have lost pregnancies at the end of my 1st trimester and the beginning of my 2nd trimester. I go there to get pregnate but also for loss prevention.

Jenny: I got to the dr today for them to check my cervix again at 10:40am. From everything i understand is that if it shortens early they usually stitch you closed but also bedrest till the end. You may get to be on my journey so fun lol. Well yesterday i got to get out of the house my daughter had 2 dr apts, and they stressed me out so bad im surprised i didnt go into labor.

Her first pt was wih her ear,nose, and throat dr. A follow-up to her surgery this past june. ( she had tubes put inand adnoids removed.) We get there and the lady says to me didnt somone cal lyou i was like no why? Well the DR is not getting in for anoter 2hrs hes running late. So we leave go across the street to diner and eat. We come back and wait a whil then see the dr. Well my daughter was sick all weekend with a cold and she has asthma. I ran out of her asthma meds yesterday. When i called her dr at 8:30am found out she was on vacation. Her partner would not just write me a refill they wanted to see us, so we made an apt for 2:30. We get there and the dumb receptionist put it on Thursday. So they tell us it wll only be a few minutes and they will squeeze us in. WE waited 1.5hrs. We told them we could not wait no more cause my nephew gets the bus to my house everyday and he would be getting off soon and dh had to go to work. The nurse tried to get the Dr to give us a script and refused without seeng us so we had to leave with no meds. My dd even had an asthma attack in the office and they still didnt give me meds. I then ad to call my reg dr, and h agreed to see her, thnakfully and he gave me the script this was 715pm though. I then had to take script to pharmacy and wait 1hr to get it. What a day all when i should of been in bed. It was ot my day for dr.

I hope my dr apt goes better. I know baby is fine thugh she kicks me so hard that i get tear sometimes. 9 more weeks till shes here cant wait.


Wesleysmom - December 11

Jena, This was my first FET after a failed IVF back in September. What did you do? I can't remember. Are you on the 2 ww right now? I've had crazy dreams too. Also, just for the record books, I have NO symptoms. The only small difference is that I seem to be peeing a lot more already.

Have a great day!


bdantonio - December 11

well everyone i am back from the ob all is well cervix is still closed. Baby is low though. She also thinks she is really long. My ob does not think i will make it to me c-section day. I was havingcontractions while there. She said anytime after 36 weeks she will let me have the baby. Talk to all later



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