Who Is on The 2ww?
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laura - December 6

Hi Ladies,
Well tomarrow is my 1st Beta. On Monday I had a faint positive EPT. I am hoping for numbers in the 100's. I have had 3 chemical P. They stared low and did not double in 48 hours, so I Im keeping my fingers crossed!
The only symptom I have had (and I have had this every time I have been pregnant) is not every night but may be every other night, I wouind wake up hot with my heart pounding. This time it started 3 days after the day 5 transfer. I was very happy! (I had sort of forgotted about this symptom untill it happend). I new then that I was Pregnant! I just don't know if its viable or not. time will tell. Baby dust every one!


bdantonio - December 6

MArina i only had m/s becuase i have a disorder called hyoermesis grandviulem. I never had anyother symptom. Until about 14 weeks. Also i am shocked that you are high risk and they are letting you still work as a stylist. Thats what i do to i was taken out of work a week after my bfp.


Marina - December 7

Why?Because of the chemicals?My husband and I own a hairsalon,so it's not a problem for me to take some time off...But what I'm going to do all 9 months?I've planed to reduce my hours,but quiting totaly ???


jmylea - December 7


24 weeks; labor? Geesh, hang in there girl, your almkost there. I admire your patience. Just think of the joy after this is all over.

I just got up from work and noticed we have some more women here, yea! I don't feel so alone anymore. I'm still at work...it's been quiet all night and I slept for a full 11 1/2 hours. Nothing like getting paid to sleep, love it!

I am going in for bw and us this morning. I can't even remember what this one is for, but I think it's to see if I ovulated? One more week to go. I lost all my symptoms...no sore bb's (thank goodness) and very mild cramping (may be gas, ha).

Oh, and these HCG shot's...OMG...My belly (I'm 5'2"-100 lbs) is hugh...I look like I'm PG 3 mt's...what's up with that? My RE said it's a side effect from the clomid and HCG, but goodness. My DH said It's a cute pudge...who is he kidding.

How is everyone else?


Wesleysmom - December 7

I hope everyone is doing well. Laura-good luck today, and Marina good luck with the u/s on Monday. Bdantonio, I hope things are going well for you & you're not bored to tears! Try Sudoku, I'm addicted! It helps a little with the 2ww...

Although FET is not very difficult physically, this waiting is killing me! I think this is the worst the waiting has ever been for me. And my not-so-DH is being a jackass right now. Still not one single symptom. I'm gaining weight like crazy from the estrogen & progesterone & can hardly fit in my "fat" jeans. I'm grumpy and hungry and lazy all the time. Aaaahhh!

Thanks for letting me vent, girls. Having a tough day today. Jmylea-what is it that you do? Your job sounds great! Hope everything is going good for you. I hate HCG.

Have a great day.


bdantonio - December 7

marina the chemicals and being on my feet. I love doing hair i hate not working and finacially it sucks. Now when i go back it will be like starting all over with clientele which also sucks. I wish that i could work. I can't wait 9 weeks and 5 days till c-section unless the baby decides not to wait.


jmylea - December 7

Hello Wesleysmom
Sorry to hear your having a tough day. It will get better...it always does!! How much weight did you gain from the estrogen and progesterone? I'm not a big person, but that is one thing I'm a wee bit worried about...the weight gain. I had a lady come in for a training class at work yesterday...5 kids, she had...and she's all of 20 lbs...Well may 100 lbs, soaking wet.

I can't keep up with all the test's anymore. I'm in the medical field and I forgot what the progesterone is for, ha. It's crazy going to the Dr's office twice a week.

I'm a flight medic and yes it is alot of fun. I love love love my job and being a paramedic. I work with my husband and he's driving me crazy with the ...NO working after you find out your PG!!!! We've been argueing about this for about three weeks...I want to work and he thinks it's better to stay home....I can go shopping and watch TV, etc...He's nuts! I'm not even PG yet....(well I'll know next Friday) Ahhhhhhh!!! I don't have any kids and everyone says...Just wait, you will be glad you stay home. We'll see.
When is your 2ww over?


bdantonio - December 7

jmylea i wish i could work it makes pregnancy very long when you are home all the time.


jmylea - December 7

[quote author=bdantonio link=board=15;threadid=5003;start=75#44258 date=1197049905]
jmylea i wish i could work it makes pregnancy very long when you are home all the time.

I know, I feel for you! Are you on complete bed rest? What are your limitations? The first week would sound great, but I couldn't imagine going farther than that. My sister was on bed rest...not for that long though...and she get an on-line game "virtual villagers" to get her through it...she's still addicted to it. I guess you have to grow a village or something to that effect. Just think, Your one day closer!!


Wesleysmom - December 7

I don't mean to scare you about the weight gain. Maybe 5 lbs, and I am 5'8" so it's not too bad. I have never tolerated hormones well. When I was on the pill (before I knew I was infertile, what a waste of money that was!) I retained an extra 5 lbs, and I was always hungry & tired. That's about how I am now. But I'm sure you will be fine. Why does hubby not want you to work? It might not be a good idea if your job is strenuous. Those of us who work so hard to get babies certainly want to take special care during the pregnancy! But if it's not too demanding physically, I would say keep working. It gives you something to do and keeps you (at least moderately) active which I think is important.

BTW, the progesterone is to support the pregnancy. Something about your body doesn't produce the progesterone that it's supposed to because it's not going through the typical steps. So you have to have progesterone to support the embryo growth until the placenta produces enough to take over. Those of you who are more familiar, please chime in.


jmylea - December 7

Thanks for the info. The progesterone comes in shots and suppositories, right? I don't know if that's a problem for me as this is my first real try.

I know what you mean about the The Pill. My Dr. put me on the pill when I was 16, although my mother didn't approve, he insisted for the endo. I took myself off a few years later because I was sooooo mean on it and the vomiting was too much. I guess I didn't react very well. Needless to say, I surely didn't need it to prevent pregnancy. While I've never been a sex addict...I just never got pregnant; know what I mean? Now I look back and think how lucky I was that I didn't get PG when I was younger and in dumb love. I didn't even cac\lculate my ovulation time correctly. Ha, I thought it was exactly 14 days from the start of my cycle back then. Now I think of how unlucky I am that everyone else around me seems to get PG so easy. I just cannot understand how some people get PG without even trying. All my sister's are fertile mertles, what happened to me?? Oh well, I'm not in a big rush although my age is a big factor.

As for work, I have to lift anyone and everyone that is critically ill or injured in and out of a helicopter or ground ambulance...So I guess my hubby is just looking out for me...It's the adrenline that I will miss so bad. As awful as it sounds, I love trauma. I don't want to see anyone get hurt, but if it has to happen I want to be there. There is nothing that feels greater than saving a life. (except to have a baby). I had to retire from the (part-time) fire dept when I started getting consulted for infertility...I guess running into a burning building, well, I won't even argue the idea with DH. Ha!

BTW, 5 lbs isn't bad. Your a good height (i'm jealous)!


laura - December 7

Hi Ladies!
Well day my day 14 beta is 285!!!!! I am so happy! I know that something can still appen but this is the hightest beta I have had the last 4 P's; then others were chemicals!
Baby dust every one! I go back on tuesday!!


lucky - December 7

Hie jena
sorry to bother u again can u tell me what a beta is and how do u work it out,
good luck


Marina - December 8

Congrads ,Laura! Wow!!! Very good result! Mine was 1519 today and I go for u/s on Mon.
So,you ladies, didn't start progesteron yet?Well,just make sure put ice pack right before the shot,massage,than heating pad for 10-15 min,massage.And if u get sore but or bruises put cabage leaf overnight.Dont want to scary you,but they are not fun shots.
Beth,for now I reduced my hours,and I'm going to wear mask(will look stupid and, of course,everybody going to have some questions.We did not tell people at work and I didn't plan on doing this for a few months,but oh well,will see)For now I feel fine.It's interesting we do the same ,how long you've been doing hair?I worked in Ukraine for 3 years and 10 here, in US.I love my job and of course beeing of work means you lose your clients.You know,I'd love to move somewhere warm(my husband's parents live in Florida) but he afraid start all over again.Here we have established clientele(he is in this business 27 years!)


JENNY22074 - December 8

Hello ladies - I see we have some newbies on the board again...Let me just say welcome and you all are in a great place for support...Just wanted to let you all know that every pregnancy is different and there are a lot of people who don't start experiencing anything until their 8th week of pregnancy...I hardly had any symptoms this whole time which completely drove me crazy thinking that there was always something wrong...I never had morning sickness, just the urge to pee every second of the day...My bbs were not really sore even with a progesterone supplement 4x a day...So just because you are not experiencing anything does not mean that you are not pregnant...Also I did my beta 10 days after a 5 day transfer....I did an HPT on day 5 post 5 day transfer and it came out BFN...5 days later with my beta I started with a strong 336....Hope this helps some of you who are questioning symptoms...Talk to you all real soon and babydust to those of you on your 2 week wait!!!!


bdantonio - December 8

Marina: I am on complete bedrest to only get up to shower and bathroom. I do get up to eat at the table with my daughter though. I have been doing hair for 3 years.



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