Who Is on The 2ww?
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bdantonio - December 5

Marina i right i never got any symptoms during the 2ww. The first symptoms i got with pg was nausea and vomitting, but thats also cause i have hypermesis. I still dont have sore bbs. I even leak milk and dont have sore bbs. Every pregancy and every women is different. I was always told not todo a hpt test after a trigger until 10 days later or it will be a false positive it takes time to get out of your system.

Also being this far along is good cause its almost over but now comes the uncomfortable time. When the baby moves now it hurts, and i pee enough for five people a day.

Well good luck to all and hope all mommies to be,mommies and babies are well, and everyone is in my preayers.


jmylea - December 5

Thanks for the quick reply and the luck. I will wait out the 9 days I have left. Luckly, my DH works at a hosp. and will be bringing home some PG tests for me. (I'm a ff/flight medic and he's a medic/flight RN (I know Focker)ha.)

Where is everyone else on their cycles? I need someone to vent/team up with/give and rec. support. This is the only active support group I have been able to find.

Bdantonio, I've seen some of your other posts and congrats!

Marina, are you pg or still trying?


Brianandjena - December 5

Hey everyone...
Wow....this 2ww is wonderful isnt it..lol


bdantonio - December 5

jmylea: Yeah i have been going through fertility off and on for 5 years so i have been in the 2ww and all the other stages plenty of times. Its never easy and there is noe fun about it. Even though i am not of the 2ww you can always vent to me i have been there. If you go under my preofile my email is there if ou want to email me also i know sometimes we have questions that we dont want to post.


jmylea - December 5

brianandjena, this 2ww is the pits. How far into the 2ww are you? I'm smack dab in the beginning and can't stand it. I know the chances aren't great on the first try, but who knows, right? I orig. wanted to wait until Jan. to get past the holidays but my RE said it was best to start ASAP because of my age. Ha, I never thought 37 was old until I met my RE.

I cannot comprehend (sp) how some of you had to go thru this time and time again. I am happy for everyones final success and praying for everyone else.

bdantonio, when are you do? I can't imagine what you have gone thru up to this point. Thanks for your support.


bdantonio - December 5

i am scheduled or my c-section 2/13/08 at 9:30am, and cant wait. I have been pregnate 7 times and lost 5 due to m/c's anywhere from 8weeks to14weeks. I have a daughter who will be 3 on 1/3/08. This is our last pregnancy we are getting our tbes ties after the c-section i can not take another pregnancy. I dont have easy ones and bedrest sucks. Besides talking to you girls during the day i do nothing. I have TV and no books are that entertaining for this long. I cant wait to get put of bed and move around.


jmylea - December 5

I am so sorry for everything you have gone thru and yet, at the same time so happy you are where you are now. I can't imagine being on bed rest for so long, it must be hard. Just think...a few more month's and it's all over. Why were you put on bed rest? I'm sure you posted it on this board somewhere, but maybe by going over it again i can keep you company for a bit. LOL


Marina - December 5

I'm not on2ww anymore(thanks God,that was a TORTURE), got PG after transfering 1 embie,but still in a "waiting room".I've had all my 3 betas and now waiting for the 1st u/s on Mon,Dec.10.But we all go back and check on a new girls on 2ww,cheer them up.
Beth,about books.I don't know if you already read this,but Ive heard this 2 books we all should read(I just ordered them today) It's "The baby trail" and "The right fit" by Sinead Moriarty.Something for you to do while "patiently" waiting.You know,my BF just had her twins(after IVF she got PG with 6!!!!! And all 6 had heartbeat,they hoped some drop of naturalybefore 10 weeks,but no,so they had to have selective reduction),she was on bedrest since 26 week and I can imagine what u are going true...


Brianandjena - December 6

Hey jmylea ,
I am cd 17 . so im about the middle of the 2ww.
I am also in awe at what we girls have to go through.
I got a symtom today i have am getting a little bit of sore breast(nipple) and Im sure it has nothing to do with anything but I thought I was going to throw up this morning(but i didnt) its from the heartburn I got last night after eating I was so tired( i normally dont lay down after eating) But I did and got indigestion and heartburn and acid ..ick.. so I think thats why I didnt feel so hot this morning..
*HUG* take care


Wesleysmom - December 6

Hello, Ladies.

I am on the miserable 2ww. I have been reading your posts and it has kept me entertained while I obsess about getting through this time! I have a precious son by IVF who is 20 months, and this year I have had one failed IVF (something implanted but only grew for a few short days), and I am now on the first FET. It was on 11/30, and my test is on 12/10. (So actually only a 10-day wait?!) I can't concentrate at work; I can't WAIT for this to be over!

Congrats to all of you with "positive" news!! How exciting!


bdantonio - December 6

Jmylea: I was put on total bed rest after going into premature labor at 24 weeks. I went into premature labor with my first at 31 weeks so i expeced it justnot this early.


Marina - December 6

Hey,Beth,how r u?
I woke up this morning and kinda worry a little-I still have no symptoms...Isn't this about a time to expirience at least something ???(5 weeks)A little morning sickness?I'm a hairstylist and perm solution smell makes me sick even when I'm not PG.I did perm yesterday-and nothing!!!!!I hoped, at least now I can get a proof,but didn't happened! I know ,"we are pregnant untill proven otherwise",but reading all this posts about empty saks? :-\


Marina - December 6

Welcome Wesleysmom,
I was confused myself with 2ww.Yes,it's 10 days after the transfer,but 14 after conception-so,2ww.
good luck to you as well !


Wesleysmom - December 6

Thanks for the Welcome, Marina.

10 days is long enough to wait, isn't it?! The thing that gets me down is that I don't feel ANYTHING. With my successul IVF, I had a hunch before the test that I was pg. Of course, it was a twin pregnancy (lost the twin at 10 weeks, but-of course-carried my son to term), and my levels were way up early on. But with the last IVF and this FET, I haven't felt anything. So it's kind of reassuring that you are 5 weeks and still don't have any symptoms! You keep positive and don't let your thoughts get away from you. Maybe you will sail through this pregnancy without any morning sickness or gross smells!


Marina - December 6

That would be just wonderful ! But at this point,we all happy to find some kind of a proof... I try to remember when I started to feel PG with my son(it was 13 years ago !) and can't rememder anything before 8-9 weeks-only than I was sick,but before the u/s at 7-8 I had no symptoms exept missed period...And a little sore nipples
I go for my 1st u/s on 12/10,the same day u have your beta.


laura - December 6

Hi Ladies,
Well tomarrow is my 1st Beta. On Monday I had a faint positive EPT. I am hoping for numbers in the 100's. I have had 3 chemical P. They stared low and did not double in 48 hours, so I Im keeping my fingers crossed!
The only symptom I have had (and I have had this every time I have been pregnant) is not every night but may be every other night, I wouind wake up hot with my heart pounding. This time it started 3 days after the day 5 transfer. I was very happy! (I had sort of forgotted about this symptom untill it happend). I new then that I was Pregnant! I just don't know if its viable or not. time will tell. Baby dust every one!



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