Who Is on The 2ww?
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JENNY22074 - December 30

Sirenxyz - I have heard of this and actually my step sister had a baby in APril this year and she actually delivered 2 placentas...The doctor thought that is was very rare...You are best to do a D&C...The recovery is faster physically...I had one due to a blighted ovum...The emotional scar will always be with me...I think of that one as well as my secong pg which was a chemical pg and almost in my tube...The best thing to do is certainly talk about your feelings before and after the d&c...It helps...Also if you are a writer you can also start a journal to put your emotions in...Talk to you soon and you will continue to be in my prayers as you continue your journey to mommy hood...Stay positive even at your darkest times and babydust to you soon...


Sirenexyz - December 30

Thanks for the soothing word. I have some more questions in case someone know.

My egg retrival was on 11/29. From that day I am feeling bloated. Sometimes my stomach gets swollen and sometimes I feel normal. According to the doctor my ovaries are still bigger size than normal and my uterus is also bigger in size. While sitting i feel like pressing my stomach.

So wanted to know if any one has experianced such problem. Is there a way to make it better.


Sirenexyz - December 30

Hi Wesleysmom -- one more thing wanted to know. Is this your first cycle of transferring embryo or did you transfer after retrival. Did you just wait two months after the first transfer.


Sirenexyz - December 30

Hi ReneeG -- Thanks. Can you please tell me your story. Was this your first trial of IVF.


Wesleysmom - December 31

Siren, Yes we transferred 2 5-day blasts after the IVF and froze 6 excellent-looking blastocysts. After the IVF transfer, I got a very low positive beta that dropped down to 0 4 days later. I was told to stop all the drugs, wait for AF, & rest until the next AF. So I guess we were only instructed to wait one month & I started the hormones again with the next period.

The good news is, a frozen embryo transfer is SO much easier than IVF. No stim meds, no retrieval. Only taking estradiol for about 3 weeks, starting progesterone a week or so before the tranfer, and going for the tranfer. Best of luck to you & please keep us posted!


bdantonio - December 31

Basket: I am still very tired this trimester is taking all i have and i cant wait till d day.


lucky - December 31

Hie bdantonio
ok my 2ww ends tommarow but i did a home pregnancy test twice today it was negative but i still have not started my periods what can this mean, was it to early to test, am feeling so bad, but untill i dont get my p i wont give up, wish me luck,
hows everyone , how r u, i know the last days can be very tiring, hang in there,
lotts of baby dust


basket - December 31

Hey Bdantonio, Hang in there and I will be praying that your delivery goes well. When is your due date?

Lucky, I didn't ever take an HPT, I just waited until my beta HCG so I don't know if I would have tested negative or positive on it. I do know though that I would have sworn I was going to start my period because I felt just like I do before AF except that I never started.

I have a question for everyone, I was thinking that most of you had to have 3 beta HCGs done and then had your u/s after that. I have had my 2 which were 12/26 & 12/28 and on 12/28 my dr.'s office said that I would need another beta on 1/2 and then an ultrasound the week of 1/7 but the dr.'s office called me this morning and instead said now that the dr. wants me to have my u/s done on 1/2, do you think there would be a reason? The nurse just said it was probably because my #'s should be high enough by then. What do you guys think?


basket - December 31

Another question - I know this was brought up before but if my retrieval date was 12/7 & my transfer date was 12/12, when should my actual due date be?


lucky - December 31

Hie basket
well as i have heard hear that most clinics minus 14 days from ur day of ratrieval,
I was aquatly told to do a hpt after 2 ww my clinic staff is on a seminar so i cant have my beta untill the second weeek of jan, so i guess i have to wait till then ,
lotts of baby dust, take care


Marina - January 1

they normaly do 1st u/s 14 days after 1st blood test(or when yourHCG gets over 2000).Due date they count 40 weeks from day of retrieval minus 14 days.Here is web site help you figure out the date and have a cute ticker:


basket - January 1

Thanks Lucky & Marina for your information. I hope you are all doing well!


bdantonio - January 1

Like i said before when it come to hpt i do not trust them i want blood.

I am dur 2/20/08 however i am scheduled for my c-section on 2/13/08, but i see the dr next thursday and i want to see if shell move it up. She told me last time that she would guarantee i wont make it to my scheduled day so i want to see if she'll move it up a week or two. I dont want to go into labor and have the on call dr do my c-section i would rather her do it scheduled especially since im getting my tubes tied during it.


mo - January 2

I too miscarried on 12/26/07. I started spotting then there was bright red bleeding with clumps by about 11am; then by the evening i had cramps along w. that. I knew i miscarried. When the BHCG results came, it was <2.


mo - January 2

Renee, you are too damn cute!

I am comforted by the fact that i CAN do this!



mo - January 2


Hugs to you!



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