Who Is on The 2ww?
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basket - December 28

Renee & Siren, I am so sad to hear your news but I will continue to pray for you and please take care of yourselves. This whole process is definitely an emotional roller coaster.

I had another beta done today and it was 1500, I'm supposed to go again 1/2 and have another beta done and the nurse said if it was over 2000 then that is when they would do my ultrasound. I asked her when she thought it would be safe to actually tell people that we were pregnant and she said that it was up to us but we were at a good level now and were definitely pregnant. I just know from some of your posts on here that your levels dropped later and I'm kind of afraid to tell many people and then something happen. I would love to hear any of your opinions on this. I just worry about everything!

Bdantonio - I hope you get to feeling better, I hate to hear that you've been down.

Cherryberry - My dr.'s office told me the same thing that Wesley's did about implantation, that they should implant within 24 hours after transfer. They also told me that a HPT would give a false + reading until about 3 weeks after my transfer. I've just chosen not to do an HPT so far and decided that if I was going to be disappointed I would just do it when I got my beta results back.

Everyone on here is such a great support network and you have all helped me feel so better this week and I've only gotten to know you since last Sunday. WOW!


cherryberry - December 29

Hi Siren - I am so sorry to hear your news. It is just so crazy how many hurdles we must cross in this crazy journey. I do not have any previous experience with IVF, but I wanted to share the cost of where I am being treated in case it helps. I live in Los Angeles. I paid $8200 cash (they gave me a $1000 discount if you paid cash) for for the first fresh cycle. Then it is $3500 for frozen cycle. I didn't have any blasts to freeze, unfortunately. I am not sure how old you are, but I recently met a girl who is 29 (much younger than me!) who is doing IVF and going to Southern California Reproductive Center. Their rates are impressive. You can look at their success rates here. http://apps.nccd.cdc.gov/ART20

know that Beverly Hills is not that close to you, but I was just impressed with their numbers. I did not know about them until I was already deeply into this process.

Is there anyone on the 2ww that is not really having any symptoms? I have very sore boobs, but there were sore before my transfer so I don't see how I can call them a symptom. My lower back is the only other thing that occasionally bothers me. Other than that I feel the same as regular.


Marina - December 29

Hi girls,
Just got back from work and I'm just shocked to hear all this bad news!I honestly thought that every body will make it.I'm so so sorry to hear that, I'm sitting here reading all your posts and tears in my eyes...This is so unfare!
The good thing Siren you got frozen embies and I know it not so invaisive to your body than a fresh cycle and PG rates are just slight lower and it's much cheaper(in my clinic about $3500)So please don't give up yet!

Renee honey,I wish you all the best at your new place and when you come back here on 2ww,even if I won't be here for some reason,you always can send me an e-mail,ok?


JENNY22074 - December 29

Ladies - so sorry to hear of the disappointments...I was praying hard that all would be okay...So sorry that you have to ring in the new year on such a sad note...We are still here for all of you to help you through this time as well...Sending you all hugs and babydust the next time around...

Basket - everything sounds good...When do they think your u/s will be?

Talk to you all later


Marina - December 29

Lucky,I think you got your answers by this time,sorry I was at work late,I have nothing to add exept-yes,our body feels PG because fo progesteron and estradiol,but this is different hormons.HCG is only one hormon that comes either from embrio that already attached itself and start producing HCG in your bloodstreem .OR from HCG shot before the retrival.Usually implantation happens in 24-48 hours after transfer(that 's why they want us to lay down for 2 days),even somebody here said "it very hard to shake off a good embrio",just to know we did everything in our power to help little one to find the right spot without shaking it too much :)
I don't know if it's realy metters testing time-5 days or 3 day,but 14 days after the transfer it's not too early to test anyway(I wrote about this earlier)I f its positive,and your blood test conferms-you'll know the implantation took place,you got PG,like Renee.What happens after that-it's up to your body,embrio quality and maybe God.At least you'll know that you CAN get PG and problem in something else.Of course we all desperatly want this journey to be our first and last.
If you want to wait 3 weeks-it's your choice,I was'n that strong and did as soon as it was possible,especialy if your clinic didn't shedule your date and want you to take hpt.


Marina - December 29

Siren,why they insist on taking d&c?I don't understand why just not let your body take care on it's own(if they think you are having m/c),you wrern't too far in PG and I doubt there is need for d&c.Of course,I'm not a doctor,but if you didn't bleed yet,why just wait and see a couple of days-what if?...


lucky - December 29

Hie marina thanku for all the information it was a great help,
lots of baby dust.


basket - December 29

My clinic costs they said would be anywhere between 7 & $10,000 for the initial IVF and then the FET would be $1500. We were lucky enough that our insurance will cover this, we live in Illinois and most insurances here I guess are made to cover it. We have a high deductible but it still saved us lots. We would not have been able to afford it otherwise so I was very thankful. We had 4 fertilized eggs total. They transferred 2 and they were unsure at the time whether or not the other 2 would be able to be frozen and we haven't heard yet.

I continue to pray for you Siren & Renee. I know your future will be bright.

Lucky, hang in there.

Jenny, my u/s will be scheduled for the week of 1/7, they will schedule it when they call me with the beta results from next week. We decided to go ahead and tell our families today, I hope everything continues to go well and we don't jinx it by telling.

Good luck to all & lots of baby dust!


ReneeG - December 29

Siren....I'm so, so sorry to hear your news. I know there's nothing anyone can say that makes it better.

I'll be praying for you.


ReneeG - December 29


Yesterday, I'd have bet my house that I'd not be back here until we decided to try again. But, I've grown attached to you all. What kind of friend would I be if I just left the moment I got bad news? All of you are so kind and treated me like family when I got here.

All of your struggles and victories are important to me. And I just HAVE to see baby pictures when the big day comes for those who have buns in your ovens!

I'll be living vicariously through all of you! Yup, I'm a tiny bit jealous of you guys since it didn't work out for us this time, but my time will come one day.

So, I'll still check in to see how every one is doing!



Sirenexyz - December 29

Marina -- According to the doctor they see some placenta or some other tissue developing in my uterus. So he said it is a falls pregnancy. They can'y see any sign or anything in uterus except the tissue in the cavity. So he said if I won't go through d & c then I might have to pass it through bleeding which will be too tough and painful. I might have to run to emergency in between. So we decided to go for it. I am so sad as yesterday my 7th week started and I was feeling I am PG. All god wish. Wish you good luck. Thanks for all help. If possible I will be in touch or will get back to the forum when I will get time.


Sirenexyz - December 29

Hi .. Cherryberry, ReneeG, basket

Thanks for all the information. Definitely it will help me to get into speed further. First I am hoping to get a job which will keep me busy from this journey which I am thinking all day and night and steressing out myself.


lucky - December 29

hie syrenexyz
Am sorry u had to go through all this, but dont give up and stay positive we all will make it to r goals, take care.
and stay in touch,
lotts of hugs


bdantonio - December 29

Sorry to hear of all the bad news. I know it is not easy. However i feel like you guys about the leaving our family hear. I will be 33 weeks tomorrow and i know i will still be checking in with everyone after the baby is here. Everyone here has helped me through my journey and i cant imagine walking away.


basket - December 30

Bdantonio, are you feeling any better? I knew you said earlier you had been really tired.
I'm like you & don't think I will leave this board no matter what happens because everyone is so supportive and caring.


JENNY22074 - December 30

Sirenxyz - I have heard of this and actually my step sister had a baby in APril this year and she actually delivered 2 placentas...The doctor thought that is was very rare...You are best to do a D&C...The recovery is faster physically...I had one due to a blighted ovum...The emotional scar will always be with me...I think of that one as well as my secong pg which was a chemical pg and almost in my tube...The best thing to do is certainly talk about your feelings before and after the d&c...It helps...Also if you are a writer you can also start a journal to put your emotions in...Talk to you soon and you will continue to be in my prayers as you continue your journey to mommy hood...Stay positive even at your darkest times and babydust to you soon...



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