Who Is on The 2ww?
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mo - January 2


Hugs to you!


mo - January 2

Hi Siren,
I also had a very painful retrieval and actually very painful stimulation process.

I am a HIGH responder;my ovaries were HUGE and at one point touching each other (how gross is that?). So i had to be closely monitored. it really hurt to PEE!!!

But it all goes away after about 2weeks. Boobs felt like they were about to explode too!!!

U r not alone!


Brianandjena - January 2

*HUG* you all! I am sorry Mo.
I am praying for us all.
where is everyone at in there cycles?
2008 is our year everyone*Holding ur hands* keep positive thoughts..


JENNY22074 - January 2

Happy New Year to all of you and praying that all of your dreams come true in this great year of 2008...

Mo and Renee - praying for fast healing and that you will have a positive outcome this next go around and that all will be well...Babydust to you both and you will be in my prayers....

Talk to you all soon.


mo - January 2

Ladies, can someone please let me know what the next steps are now, for a frozen embryo transfer? Do they do tests/labs? etc??


Marina - January 2

sorry to hear bad news,mo
I think someone on this forum just got PG from frozen transfer-wesleymom,if I'm not mistaken...
Your doc will tell you exactly,but I think you should wait untill next period and than they do it in natural cycle,without(or minimum grugs),only monitor you with u/s to see when you are ovulate...Hang on there!Good thing you have frozen embies.


JENNY22074 - January 2

Mo - sorry I had embryo's leftover but due to the decreased rates and the fact that I am 33 I decided to discard the embies and did fresh each time...I am at a lose for once in how they go about a procedure...Sorry no advice or experience here...


Sirenexyz - January 3

Hi JENNY22074,
I miscarried last week. I had two frozen embryos left which are just fair quality. I am in great confusion that should I go for the egg transfer with those embryos at all. I am also 33 year old.

According to you, you always prefer fresh cycle right? Can you please tell me your story. Is this your first IVF cycle or 2nd. As you prefer fresh start how do you manage with the IVF cost. As my ovaries are still swollen even after one month of egg retrival how much time i should wait for the next IVF cycle.

Please let me know. I am so depress that I don't really know what to do.


JENNY22074 - January 3

Siren - I went for my first IVF in April of 2007 and did a 3 day transfer...I had 10 eggs retrieved all were mature and 7 fertilized and 4 were grade 1 with 8 - 9 cells each on day 3... We transferred 2...REsults BFN....We had chosen to discard the remaining embies that were grade 1 and 2....Second cycle we started in June...We had 13 mature eggs retrieved on the 11th of July...8 eggs fertilized out of the 13...We actually went in on day 3 because my voicemail told me we were having a day 3 transfer at first...When we got there they had no paperwork or room ready for me...I was petrified...My RE came down and said we still had all 8 eggs and that it would be an injustice to me because of how great the eggs looked and that there were so many still to not wait until day 5 to increase my pg chances since I had been with the center for 6 years...Went back 2 days later on a Monday and had 2 embies transferred and here I am at 27 weeks...My insurance paid 100% for the testing, retrieval, sonograms, bloodwork etc...They covered some of the meds at 50% and the Follistim and Menupor the did not cover...We took out a fertility loan through Capital One Healthcare financing...WE pay 160 a month to repay the loan...We also needed a co signer because of the amount we took out each time...

I preferred a fresh cycle because the success rates for my age group and I was on the older end of the age group...The success rates dropped by almost 15% with the frozen cycles compared to the freash cycles...I don't know if you have access to the statistics of your clinic with all of this...My clinic has statistics for 3 day transfers for all age groups, 5 day transfers, and frozen transfers...It is all in what you can not only afford but what you prefer to do...I had top egg quality each time adn still choose the fresh cycle...I hope this was of some help in your decision making or thought...


JENNY22074 - January 3

Siren - BTW...I had AF in APril after the failed cycle and then my next cycle in May since I get AF at the end of the month I started the bc pills around the 30th of May with me cycle in May...I waited one month before doing my second round to give my body a little time to recoperate..


basket - January 3

Siren & Jenny, I am also 33. I had my first IVF retrieval on 12/7 with a 5 day transfer on 12/12. They retrieved 8 eggs of which 4 fertilized at high quality. They transferred 2, we had a BFP on 12/26 & 12/28. We went for u/s today and seen the sac, our due date is 8/30. They told us today that our remaining 2 eggs did not make it to freeze. Jenny, I'm like you & I have also read the statistics with our clinic and the FET are not as successful as the fresh so we had actually been undecided as to whether to freeze or not and I guess today our decision was made for us. We go back for another u/s in 2 wks and then I will be released to my regular OB/Gyn. I am now able to stop my prog shots and now take the pills for a little while. YEAH!! Also, I stop the patches and the Dexamethasone. I just have to stay on the Heparin shots twice a day and the ASA daily for the rest of my pg.

They said today that my ovaries were still huge.

Siren, Renee and Mo, I will be praying for all of you that your next IVF cycle goes well. I never thought I would ever see a BFP and I think I am still in shock. Hang in there and keep coming on this board and let us all support you! We had 2 failed IUI's before doing IVF and I still think what made a world of difference for us was having the immunotesting done because they found us both + for antibodies that can reject pg.

Lots of baby dust to everyone!!


JENNY22074 - January 3

Basket - again congratulations and thank you for your welcomed support as another one of us who is 33 and on that borderline age as to what can really happen and how much everything can be decreased...Like I said in my previous posts on page 24 I preferred a fresh cycle because of my age and success rates...I am happy with my decision to do a fresh cycle and with my RE's decision to wait to day 5 even though it was a chance that we would not have any...He has always had our best interests at heart...He is a very dear friend as well as our doctor...I think that makes all the difference also when you know you have a doctor that knows what is best for you in the long run and he was right...Talk to you all soon.


Wesleysmom - January 3

Mo, I had an FET and got a BFP, but after my ultrasound today I have concerns.

PLEASE HELP if you have any information. I had an u/s today, and I am suppose to be 7w4d along. Last Wed. (12/26) we saw a good sac & yolk. Today, although we did see a heartbeat which is good, the embryo only measures 4mm. The RE (my least favorite in the practice) said that we just have to wait a week & look again. He said that the embryo could have implanted later than anticipated (how much later?!) or that something could be wrong with it & it's not growing properly. I am SO worried. Can anyone shed some light?


Marina - January 3

Wesleymom,I'd say,dont worry before time,because nothing you(or they) could do but wait untill next u/s.IT is possible late implantation.Belive it or not, my girlfriends u/s ,who got PG with4 in a 1st place ( they live in Ukraine and there no limitations how many you can put in),after first u/s ,a week later shows 2 more sacs with 2 heartbeats!So, 2 last ones implanted later and measered smaller.The sad part,they all took and didn't want to quit,so they had to do selective reduction and left 2 babies...So it's very possible,you just had late implantation.Don't think bad,it happens more then we know,just wait for the next u/s and be possitive!


Wesleysmom - January 3

Marina, Thank you so much. That makes me feel better, although I still want to cry. (I'm at work.) The bleeding that told you about (possibly implantation bleeding?) was Sunday 12/23. So I guess that could add up. I am still so worried... I posted the question to Dr. Jacobs, so I'll let you know what he says. Hope you're feeling well.


Marina - January 3

If you remember,I had some bleeding(more than just spotting) around 7ww,and u/s on the next day-back than everything looked normal and now I'm waiting for my10ww u/s(jan 8).I'm kind of worry a little too,b/c my regular ob (they already kicked me out) didn't want to do u/s at 8ww b/c in her opinion it wasn't nessesary...I wish I had it for the piece of mind...
But they dont seems to be concerned with light bleed,unless you misscarry,but than you'd know,in your case it was only light spotting.I know how hard waiting is,but nothing we can do,it's part of the game!



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