Who Is on The 2ww?
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mo - December 26

Well ladies,

My egg retrieval was on the 13th of Dec. 20mins, an allergic reaction and lots of pain meds later, they had 19 eggs retrieved, 17 of which were mature, and 12 fertilized. All 12 have made it to the blast stage (day 5 retrieval) and on Dec 18th I had my embryo transfer. 2 were transferred.

Everything has been going well. My BHCG date was 12/28 but today i'm bleeding. At first it was spotting, but now it's like a period. bright red. but i've got no cramps or anything!!! it's so strange...so tomorrow they want me to get my BHCG done and then they'll see...the REs know i'm full of surprises...not sure what to think here...


Marina - December 26

Hi girls,
wow,a lots of reports today!
first, I want to congradulate you, and second,don't worry.If you go back a couple of pages and find my posts as after my 1st beta,you'll see my little history.
The 1st beta range is very wide and "normal"is from 5 to 500.Mine was 21 and ,yes, I was holding my breath antill 48 hours later.The 2nd beta will give you a better idea(and still,now worries too soon,it's very good sign if it's doubles,but 60% is fine too.And you'll never know how many implanted until the u/s,the numbers can jump up and down if one drops out.).Mine 2nd one was 66,then 48 hours later 272.Sometimes implantation happens a little bit later and embrio does not produce enough HCG in the beginning.But your nurse is right,my RE told me the same-many PG's start with low numbers and than grow normal,so,don't panic and be very positive about your little one,he(or she)maybe needs more time.
I had my first ob appoitment today(no u/s ,but will have one in 2 weeks),got to see my favorite doctor and heavy goody bag.
Welcome new girls!


ReneeG - December 26

Marina, Thank you for the encouraging information. My RE just called me. She said that although my number is low, she tested me a day earlier than she normally would. The big thing is the number doubling. So, I wait again, but this time only until Friday. Argh! I'm not a patient person at all. This is driving me nuts!

Mo...good luck to you tomorrow! Baby dust to you! I'll be saying prayers for you, too!


Sirenexyz - December 26

Hi Girls,

Congratulations ReneeG. Wish you good luck for the next test. Welcome Sue. This is very helpful website. I joined 10 days back and getting lots of help from all.

I have few more questions and I wonder if any one can help me bit

1. I am 5 week 5 days pregnant by today. I still fill mensturation like cramping. Just wanted to make sure if its normal. Does anyone have this type of feeling.

2. Does anyone has GAS and CONSTIPATION PROBLEM. I an having severe problem with Constipation. Everyday night my stomach is stiff and hurts. In the morning after going for the bowl movements for 30 minutes I feel better. Its happening 4-5 days after my egg transfer.



basket - December 26

Renee, I had a BFP today also. I am so excited. Congratualtions to you!! I had to get my bloodwork done about 30 min. from where I live so I was in Wal-Mart when they called and gave me the results and was so shocked after the nurse said it was positive that I only heard her say something about the level being 500 and something. I'm guessing that that is the HCG level? I also had a progesterone level done today and I didn't hear her say another number. I have to go back on Friday also for another blood test and she said for me to keep taking the progesterone shots until then. Can anyone tell me if this would be the HCG level? I wish I would have been more with it to ask questions. I just never thought I would hear the words that I was pregnant. Renee, keep up your faith. I'm am so happy for you & was thinking about you lots today.

Hang in there mo! I will be praying for you.

Lucky, I had cramping just like I do before my period. In fact, I had everything similar to starting my period except for the fact that I haven't started. Just try & keep positive thoughts. My husband & I's fertility was unexplained also, although they did find out through the immunotesting that I am positive for an antibody where I could be fighting getting pregnant and that is when they started me on Heparin shots twice a day and aspirin daily before I had my transfer done with my IVF cycle. This was our first IVF. I didn't know about the immunotesting when I had the IUI's done. Hope this helps.


Sirenexyz - December 26

Hey Congrats Basket,
Nicxe to here this good news. Sounds like perfect gift for Christmass. Yes 500 could be the HCG level. For the progesterone some labs only care about if its above 20. So may be she won't have told you that ? Wish you luck for next test


lucky - December 26

Hie basket
am so happy for u, how deos it feel`??

hie sirenexyz
constipation is normal with the after transfer medication r u still on some and gas is normal but is a huge problem am in the same boat we just have to waite untill the medds r out,how u feeing?


lucky - December 26

hie girls lisson am realy stressed when every one talks aboat cramps where to they mean because when i am aboat to start my periods they start in side contracting the utrus if am right because r bodies do open during period time , is there any one else with same feelind or had same feeling?


ReneeG - December 26

Lucky...I asked my RE about the cramps I had last night. They were so strong that it felt like my insides were being ripped out. I expected to have a pool of blood, since it hurt so much. There was no blood and the cramps went away after 30 minutes. My Re said it's nothing to worry about. Cramping is normal.

My advice...you know your body better than anyone. If you are thinking your cramps are not normal, insist, demand, that you be seen by your doctor.

No matter what, I'm praying for you!


ReneeG - December 26

Sirenexyz...I had a nasty problem with constipation because of the iron in my prenatal vitamins. They changed my prescription to one with a stool softener. I also started drinking a glass of Metamucil every day. (I can't believe I'm talking about this and am not even blushing!) None of these things are laxatives, so they can't harm you.

Good luck! It's a horrible feeling, I know!


basket - December 26

Sirenxyz, thanks for the info. on the HCG level. As far as your constipation I know the dr.'s office told me that the progesterone shots could cause constipation and I have had that and I imagine even if you aren't still taking the shots, your progesterone level should be increasing which may be causing the constipation. They told me I could take stool softeners but I find that if I just drink quite a bit of water every day that helps tremendously.
Lucky, it's a wonderful feeling and I think I'm still in shock also. As far as your cramps I had the same type of cramps I think you are describing but I'm like Renee and would definitely let your dr.'s office know about them. I will keep praying for you!


Sirenexyz - December 27

Thanks very much Girls. I am still in progesterone. So may be that causing it.


I had my HCG done for the first time on 17th Dec. It was 172. Then after two days on 20th I went through the HCG test again. It came out to be 409 which was good as it doubled.

Again today (12/26) I went for the HCG test. Its only 856. So I am worried and concerned. Today is the day 6th after 20th. So my expectation was that it should be way up. But its not. Does anyone have this kind of situation ? My Doctor and Nurse both are in vaccation so I could not talk to them today and need your help if any one know about it.


Marina - December 27

Congrads on all new BFP's!
Wonderful news,girls.
I think from your betas you got PG with 2 ,than one droped and now you have only one growing in you.Now this number should start growing again.They'll probably do a couple more tests until your first u/s.
About gas-
I've had this a few weeks after the transfer,not anymore,it just went away on its own.But you can take Maalox,Peptobismol too.


Marina - December 27

Basket,wow 500! It is HCG and it is very high,looks like for now it's at least twins ;).


Sirenexyz - December 27

About getting PG from 2, if one dropped off then I should see blood spotting right ? Or do you know the cases where even one dropped out they don't get any spotting and the other grows normally.

I don't have any child. Me and my Hubby were very happy hearing BFP. But now little concern. Keeping faith on God.


Marina - December 27

Sirenexyz,no normally you woudn't have any bleeding, it kind of drying out and your body just absorbs it.You might have slight spotting or bleeding,but usually not.they'll probably explain you more.My friend(in Russia) got PG with 6(!!!!),and all 6 took.Sad,but they had to do selective reduction(no one wanted to drop out!),left 2(boy and girl),but even after that she didn't have any bleeding.
Whan do you see your doctor again?



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