Who Is on The 2ww?
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Marina - December 27

Sirenexyz,no normally you woudn't have any bleeding, it kind of drying out and your body just absorbs it.You might have slight spotting or bleeding,but usually not.they'll probably explain you more.My friend(in Russia) got PG with 6(!!!!),and all 6 took.Sad,but they had to do selective reduction(no one wanted to drop out!),left 2(boy and girl),but even after that she didn't have any bleeding.
Whan do you see your doctor again?


JENNY22074 - December 27

Renee - your dr's office is correct...Youshoudl not get to hung up in the first reading..As long as it doubles on Friday all should be okay...Your little one just may have implanted later then some...There have been many women on here who started around the same number as you and all is well...You are pregnant at this point...

Sirenexyz - My pregnancy started out as twins...When I had my 1st u/s they say 2 sacs and then when I went for my 2nd u/s they only had the one sac with a heartbeat...Most times these types of pregnancies start as 2 or more depending on transfer...I did not have any bleeding of any kind...Your body absorbs the other sac and you really don't have any signs that it is gone...

Basket - Congratulations...I agree with Marina it sounds like it is possibly more then one!!!!...

Everyone else - How is everyone doing?...How everyone's Christmas?...

Talk to you all later....


Sirenexyz - December 27

Marina -- Thanks very much for sharing the story and kind words. Hopefully that will be the case. My Infertility Doctor is in leave. He will be back on 3rd Jan. He just referred me to a Gynocologist for the u/s on 28th. I will call the clinic tomorrow and see how they want to proceed from here.

JENNY22074 -- Thanks a lot. Just curious to know your HCG level as you started as twins and reduced to singleton. Mine was 172 in 1st test then 72 hrs later it was 409 and 6 days later its 856. My HCG level did not showed twin like behaviour but let see. Is yr 1st u/s shedule on 6th week and 2nd on 8th week ?

Reading some of the posting which says the low rise of HCG could lead to miscarriges scares me.


waiting2BAMOM - December 27

Hey Renee and Basket,

Congrats ! As far as my knowledge goes a reading greater than 5 indicates pregnancy..all the best for a doubled count.

I got my beta-HCG done..and am awaiting my results in another 8-9 hours..please pray for me and send me some baby dust...

Take care everyone!


ReneeG - December 27

Hi everyone!

So much happy news from all of you! This is exciting!

Waiting2BAMOM...any news yet? I think the last few hours waiting for the call are the toughest of the entire two weeks.

Thank you, ladies for all your encourging words about my beta. I'm trying to stay upbeat, but have somehow emotionally detached from this whole situation. It's weird. Like it's happening to someone else and I'm just watching. That can't be healthy! I guess I'm just guarding my heart in case the worst happens.

I hope this doesn't mean I'll be a terrible mom!


waiting2BAMOM - December 27

Hey Renee and everyone else,

Report shows only 13.1...doc has asked me to repeat test and will then suggest medication based on the next reading.

Am feeling very low...don't even know if its a pregnancy at all...

Take care


ReneeG - December 27

Waiting2BEAMOM.....hang in there, honey. I'm praying hard for you! Please don't give up hope yet.


Brianandjena - December 27

congrats to all the bfp!!! I am so happy for you guys!
I went to the doc yesterday.(12/26) and I got my iui. OMG! it hurt so bad, I was even bleeding after. it has never hurt like that before. OMG> wow. but anyways the doctor advised me that the sperm count was really low.. so:( .. I made an appointment for dh for the 4th of Jan. We will see what they say. Keeping fingers crossed that It works and we wont have to go through any more. Baby Dust to everyone!so 2ww here I am..lol...


Wesleysmom - December 27

Hello Ladies!! Wow, so much good news!

Renee & Basket, Congratulations! The BFPs are the best Christmas present ever! Waiting, don't give up hope, ok? You simply can't know what's going on until the next test. As if the 2ww isn't hard enough, it is so difficult to keep waiting.

Jena, glad to see you back. Best of luck!

Lucky, How are you feeling dear? Please don't wait a week later for a beta. Go on in when you are scheduled. If you are pg, you need to know, right?

Siren, Try not to worry. The double-every-2-days is a rule of thumb. You may not fall into that pattern & your pregnancy can still progress just fine.

Welcome to the new girls, Mo & Sue. Lots of prayers to all of you.


Wesleysmom - December 27

Marina, Guess what? I was getting ready to go to my family Christmas at my brother's on Sunday when I realized I was bleeding. I completely panicked. My husband & I had not told anyone our news, but I had to tell my family because I had spoken with everyone that morning to tell them that I would be there. The bleeding was more than what I would call spotting. I spoke with the phone nurse & she said to take it easy, put my feet up, & if the bleeding stopped there would be no need to come in before my scheduled u/s on the 26th. I thought the worst. My sister insisted that I still come to the gathering & she would take care of me & toddler-wrangle my son. Since the bleeding seemed to lighten up, I finished getting ready & went on. I tried to take it easy for most of the day & the bleeding turned kind of brown & stopped. At my u/s yesterday, the sac was still there with the yolk inside!! Dh & I were SO happy, that we didn't even hear the dr.s explanation about what the bleeding could have been. He said he was not overly concerned. Our next appt. is 1/3 at 9:15. I'm doing much better now, but the whole ordeal was SO scary.
Everyone please pray for a tiny heartbeat on 1/3!

Both my family & dh's are onto my secret. I guess we kind of need their support, but I swore them all to secrecy. (Both moms have a difficult time keeping their mouths shut about such things!) I don't want anyone to know yet. It's still so early-on 6-1/2 weeks...


lucky - December 27



basket - December 27

Waiting2BAMOM, Hang in there! I will definitely be praying for you & sending baby dust your way. Please keep your faith.

Jena - good luck with your 2 ww, I know it's nerve racking but I can definitely tell you that I had all of the s/s I normally have before I start AF.

Siren - I send baby dust your way also!

Wesley - I'm praying for you to hear a heartbeat on 1/3. I'm glad you stopped bleeding.

Keep thinking positive Lucky!

Renee - I looked back and your transfer was actually 2 days after mine so I wonder if my HCG level would have also been lower 2 days before. It could all be in the timing of the test.

Thanks Marina for the good wishes!

I do have a few questions if anyone knows -
I know I go for another beta HCG tomorrow but what can I expect to follow after this as far as tests and appts.? Also, someone earlier had said how to figure due date, I had my retrieval on 12/7 so do I start figuring from 2 wks before that date. I'm a little confused on that.


Marina - December 27

you were exactly in my situation,that's what happened to me.Well,they seems not to be too concerned and like my RE said it happens in 50% earlier PG's.Hopefuly,that's it and we don't have to worry more!
good luck on 1/3!


Marina - December 27

Waiting mom, I've noticed,if they test 9 days after transfer,it's always comes back lower.It depends on a clinic-some do on 10th day and some on 14day.So,if they 'd test it later,you'd be over 100.Don't worry too soon!


cherryberry - December 27

Hello everyone!

I am new to this. I had had my first 5 day transfer on my 40th bday (12/22). I am single and this is my first attempt at ttc. I was very disappointed to learn that of my 11 grade A & A/B embryos only 3 made it to full blast. I had all 3 trasnferred and am now just waiting and thinking way too much. My boobs are pretty sore and am starting to feel like a bit PMS like. Any and all advice, thoughts welcome!



bdantonio - December 27

you cant go by the symptoms it can be the meds. You also have to remeber tht if you concieved naturally you wouldnt even notice symptoms even if you did have them



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