Who Is on The 2ww?
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Brianandjena - December 26

Hey everyone, I went in to the doc yesterday (12/24)to check my follies and I was only on cd 10 and I have 4 follies 2... 18mm and 2 ...19mm all on my right side. so.. I got the trigger shot from Dh last night at 10:15 pm and I am getting iui on 12/26 at 12:00 pm.. so crossing fingers... baby dust to all.! Jena
So I am going to start my 2ww starting tomorrow.. and already I am having a lot of CM. thats from the trigger shot .. so. we will see.. wish me luck..*HUG*


waiting2BAMOM - December 26

Hey Renee and Basket,

Curious about the results..lots of luck to both you girls....!

Praying for a BFP for all!

Let us know soon....take care.....!


sue - December 26

hi everybody..i'm new here.

this friday i do my IUI..

wish me good luck..


ReneeG - December 26

Waiting2BAMOM and Basket.....I leave in about an hour for my beta-HCG. I couldn't sleep at all last night.

Worse yet, at about 4:30am, I had the most awful menstrual-type cramps. I got panicked, hyperventilated and nearly fainted. My DH was so sweet. He stayed calm and collected and helped me remember to breathe so I stopped hyperventilating. After about 30 min, the cramps went away. It was awful and has me scared about the test today.

No matter what, the wait is over.

Good luck to you, Waiting2BEAMOM. Today is your big day, too. Basket, you go tomorrow, right?

BFP to all. Double shots of baby dust for everyone! I'll be thinking about you and praying for you!


ReneeG - December 26

Hi Brianandjena! Good luck today! I'm praying that all goes well for you! Baby dust!


ReneeG - December 26

Hi Sue and Welcome!

Tell us a little of your story. You'll love this forum. I'm so happy I found it! It's made the last few weeks so much easier!

I just did my first cycle of IVF...today is the end of my 2WW. Finally!

Good luck Friday! Baby dust for you! Lots and lots!


basket - December 26

Jena, Good luck today!!

Sue, welcome. This board is definitely inspiring, I just came across it a couple of days ago and wish I had found it sooner. My 2 ww is up today.

Renee, I also wish you good luck. I go this morning for my beta. I don't have a specific scheduled time, I just hope I get the results soon after. I didn't sleep very well last night either. I started cramping off & on a couple of days ago and then some yesterday but nothing so far this morning. I'm just ready to find out the results either way. The wait is hard!

I will send you all baby dust & pray for you!!


lucky - December 26

Hie every one there,
i hope u all r doing well , best of luck too reneeg and basket all the best of luck u all r in r prayers positive thoughts.

Hie wellcome sue ur in thr right place at the right time, we will love to shere ur journey and support u through out ny questions please be free to ask,

Hie marina andbdantoni,
how r u both doing ?

lotts of babay dust


lucky - December 26

Hie jena
darling how u doing, take allot of bed rest,
r u excited, pray for u, take care
lotts of baby dust


ReneeG - December 26

Ok, I got the results and I'm positive. I'm not calling it a BFP, since my HCG is only 26.5. That's so low it has me frightened. But, the nurse said to wait until the next test Friday to see if it's doubling. I'm so afraid because it's low. I'm happy it's positive and I know that perfectly normal pregnancies can have low numbers. But still...26.5 is low.

Basket...any news?


lucky - December 26

Hie reneeg
am so happy for u , but what dos low bt mean it still means ur pg or deos it mean we r still not shore , ?
help me out


lucky - December 26

Hie was ur infertility unexplaind? this good has given me hope, my testing date is new year day but am not shore to test then,i whant to waite a another week if i can.
is it normall to have lotts of crampings they come and go last night was very sharp crams?hoe were u?how did u feel when they poned with a postive news, how long have u been trying for did u try iui too, i just whant to believe miracles do happen and one just happend know , am so happy


ReneeG - December 26

Lucky, the nurse told me that anything over 25 is positive for pregnancy. But 26.5 is just barely over that threshold. She told me not to get too wrapped up in this one number. I test again Friday and the big hope is that it doubles. She said she's seen normal pregnancies with low numbers the entire time and has seen ladies start low, then the numbers jump rapidly.

My progesterone was 60, which is normal, I think. So that's one positive thing.

So, I continue to hope and pray.


ReneeG - December 26

Lucky, our infertility is due to endometriosis and my husband's diabetes. We've been TTC for about 7 months. Because of our ages (I'm 39 and DH is 41) we went right to an RE. This IVF cycle is our first try with anything. We did not do IUI or anything else first.

When the nurse called, I was an emotional wreck. She had to repeat everything a few times because I was such a mess. I'm excited and worried at the same time. Happy because it was a positive test and worried because the number is low.

If it doubles by Friday, it will be another big step in the right direction.

Hang in there, Lucky....miracles happen everyday. Maybe your turn is next?


lucky - December 26

hie reneeg
thank u so much for positive words,


mo - December 26

Well ladies,

My egg retrieval was on the 13th of Dec. 20mins, an allergic reaction and lots of pain meds later, they had 19 eggs retrieved, 17 of which were mature, and 12 fertilized. All 12 have made it to the blast stage (day 5 retrieval) and on Dec 18th I had my embryo transfer. 2 were transferred.

Everything has been going well. My BHCG date was 12/28 but today i'm bleeding. At first it was spotting, but now it's like a period. bright red. but i've got no cramps or anything!!! it's so strange...so tomorrow they want me to get my BHCG done and then they'll see...the REs know i'm full of surprises...not sure what to think here...



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