Desperately wanting symptoms! Anyone?
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Zippy - August 1

Do you think that would help? I've never had one. I've read where some ladies get a D&C and STILL they don't have their normal period come back for months. Frustrating. Hm... I think I'll give it one full month and then just see what to do from there.

I wish everyone the best of luck this year!


mo - August 2

Hey Zippy,

I am so sorry! I am very concerned though,about the#miscarriages you've had. Have you talked to your RE about some genetic testing, etc? There is something else going on....what is the quality of the embies they are transferring?are they doing day 3 or 5 transfers? The fact that the beta dropped so much is quite astonishing...some'n else is going on.

Regarding the period; mine takes a while too. You have to ask them to give you the rx ASAP so you can get going. Dec to April is a very long time to wait!!!

I will pray for you I always do.


Zippy - August 3

Thanks for your concern, Mo! Well, we can't have genetic testing done with our blastocysts... seems they can do PGD only at day one after an egg retrieval. Other than that, I would need to take the miscarried tissue to get it testing, which I will do this time if I indeed bleed it out (which I never do) or if they give me a D&C, which I just asked for via email, so let's see what they say. But my HcG levels were so low on Friday that there just might not be any tissue left. I never know where it goes, but my body seems to just absorb it! Weird! I never bleed anything but about a padful of blood and then some little clots which don't have anything in them. Strange, indeed.

I've also been testing for the NK (Natural Killer) cells as well as for the autoimmune stuff which is controversial (many REs don't "believe" in all that), and my tests have come back that I have slightly elevated autoimmune stuff going on, so with this last FET cycle, and for the first time, I had four days of iVIG (plasma blood transfusions) which cost a hefty $10,000. We were really hoping that would do it, but no. (I'm also on 20 mg of Prednisone for these NK cells, as well as 70 mg of Lovenox daily for Factor V Leiden and to thwart the autoimmune stuff.)

So....... still, with all that, miscarriage. You're right, strange, but then again, it's all so mysterious anyway!


Marina - August 3

zippy Im so sorry hon

can t really weite now-must lay dawn after my transfer-my dh wathing me closely lol


mo - August 4

ahhh Zippy! So there are some immunologic issues. That makes sense. That explains the plasmapheresis ( I have some clinical science experience); to replace some of your immune cells.

What other options/solutions has your RE provided you?
Have you tried other REs?


Zippy - August 4

We've tried 2 REs thus far... probably won't go any further. The first RE didn't "believe" in autoimmunological issues and thought it was all a hoax. This second one didn't truly believe in it either, but with all my successful implantations and high HcG numbers yet all ending in miscarriages, he referred me to an autoimmune specialist with that kind of shoulder shrug like, "Well, try this; it couldn't hurt." Oh, well. My DH and I talked adoption this weekend, so we at least have a backup plan.

Meanwhile, Mo, you have another beta test tomorrow, correct? Crossing fingers for you! Any more symptoms?

Marina, you're flat on your back after transfer, starting your dreadful 2ww. :) Best wishes to you! I hope this is the wonder-cycle for you!

Bdantonio, where are you in your cycle?


bdantonio - August 5

zippy i already had my baby back in february thats her in the picture.. I just stay on to helpo others who helped me through my pregnancy which was ruff. However i lost 5 also and i have two healthy little girls too.


ebony - August 5

Hi all,

I am crying my eyeballs out! :'( today. I was supposed to do the pg test this afternoon but noticed some spotting last night and this morning and really discouraged me to go. I did my transfer 2 weeks ago with 1 good (8 cells) and 1 average (7 cells) embryos.

I was looking forward for today but I couldn't make myself to go and get over it. This is my 3rd cycle and I thought this was the best chance ever. It was such a tough 2 ww and now I feel so numb to encourage myself and face the truth.

My breasts were so heavy for the last 2 weeks and today they are kind of ok. I am not bloated as before and the cramping is getting better too. I was feeling as if I was to pop and explode with the PMS symptoms until yesterday. I am hoping that the spotting is not a signal for my period to start soon.

I don't know what to think anymore! :'(


Marina - August 5

Ebony-just take the test,why are you tourturing yourself?Everybody does it and much earlier.You can test on day 7 after the transfer.Sometimes it comes up as BFN,so it's better to wait 8-9 days.But at 14 you'll for sure get your result.And spotting happens very often-if they put 2 in,one could implant and one dropping out.
Good luck to you!

What the word?Did you have your 2nd Beta?


ohbabyoh - August 5

Hi All! I am new to this site and forum.

Ebony, I am in the same boat as you. I go in on Thurs to get my blood test, 14 days post ovulation. This is my second IVF; I also did 3 IUI's before this. The problem is that my eggs don't fertilize so well. With this last cycle, only 2 of 16 fertilized. And so they decided to ICSI 6 of the remaining eggs. Four of those fertilized (all four were implanted-an 8AB, 7B, 7B, and 4AC), but the first two didn't make it at all! Nothing to freeze on either cycle.

So on to the bb, any advice on this? Each the previous 5 cycles, my bb have been sooo sore for about a week or so b/c of progesterone, then a few days before blood test, they get unsore. Has that ever happened to anyone and they have still gotten preg? My boobs are unsore and I am freaking out! And I am crampy, but I've read that is a good and bad sign. I don't know what to think. I am driving myself crazy thinking about Thurs--it just can't be negative again!


Marina - August 6

I had the same thing last time-my bbs were sore first week and suddenly stop being sore for 1 day(nothing at all)and then on day 8 tenderness returned(I just checked my notes from last time).And I got BFP(lost the baby at 16 weeks)
This time though,I'm day 3 after the transfer and they don't hurt at all.Even with progesterone and estrogen.


ohbabyoh - August 6

Marina, thank you for responding. I am glad I am not the only one who goes through changing bb tenderness. I am sorry that you lost the baby :(

So, now you are on your 2ww right? I hate it!


Marina - August 6

Yeah,second time around-who would think!I thought we got so lucky on a 1st shot(we transfered only one embryo last time,I was very afraid of twins) and frozed 6 perfect quality blasts,but NONE of them survived freezing/thawing process!They were frozen in 3 different straws.That could of been lab's mistake,but how do you prove it?So this time we got 16 eggs,13 fertilized,but only 2 were good quiality and we put 2 in.They were watching the other 2 one more day ,but they didn't look good to freeze,so nothing for us also.
I just pick here on this tread sometimes because new girls might need some help,normaly we have a group of women on "IVF anyone?".I went through this dreadfull 2ww,so I kinda know what to ecxpect,but if you have any quiestions,don't be afraid to ask-we all here to help each other like other girls did who already had their babies.


bdantonio - August 6

marina good luck i will pray that all goes well


ebony - August 6

Marina & ohbabyoh,

Thank you for your nice words and support. I finally decided to go today and the lab was closed for the day. I forgot they close early by 2pm on Wednesdays. I will go first thing in the morning.

This process sometimes makes you so insecure and frustrated. I still have very mild spotting and my bbs are sore and sometimes better. Today is the 15th day after my retrieval.

Wish you the best of luck. I am wondering about HPT but it worries me to try it. Any comments?


ohbabyoh - August 6

Ebony, looks like we will be in the same boat for tomorrow! I will be 14 days post-retrieval tomorrow and go for my beta. I know what you mean, I am beyond frustrated. I just broke down crying for no reason-- I am an absolute mess about tomorrow and I can't bring myself to POAS b/c I figure one more day of it not being negative is better than knowing it's negative already. Weird right?

What is HPT? I don't know all the abbreviations.




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