Desperately wanting symptoms! Anyone?
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Zippy - July 11

Hello! We just had 3 blasts (Grade A) transferred on July 8 and I thought I would at least feel SOMETHING by now, 3 days later. Anyone not feel a thing, not a single thing, and still been successful? I don't even have sore bbs, and I'm injecting 2CCs of progesterone daily and have been for 2 weeks!


bdantonio - July 12

zippy it is not uncommon to feel nothing you have to remember we always think we should feel something but most women dont even know they are pg until they are 6-8 weeks and miss a period and they dont have symptoms either


Zippy - July 12

Thank you, your're right, that's so true! I wish, however, that there were a poll or list to show what symptoms were felt by actual successful pregnancies... sort of a barometer, you know? Because I've read so many posts where people either feel crampy or sore bbs or something, and so many of them actually get a BFN, so you never know just which signs are actually felt by those whose pregnancies went to term. Oh, well. *Sigh* I guess I can wait to see in two weeks. Thanks!


bdantonio - July 12

i think alot of times that its all in our heads when we go through fertility we just want it sooo bad and we start to think we feel that way and then our bodies do feel that way.


Zippy - July 14

Well! To my surprise... I was freaking (doesn't everyone??) because I absolutely didn't have any symptoms whatsoever. Nothing. Zilch. Not sore bbs, even though I'm on 2cc nightly of progesterone, estrodial every 3 days, prednisone (20mg daily), and Lovenox (80 mg daily). Oh, and I've had 4 iViG treatments. So, I'm all doped up, but have zero symptoms and zero side effects from any of the drugs. My DH thinks I'm strange :). Anyway, I am on 6 days post FET transfer (we transferred 3 highest grade frozen blasts) and I decided, since my first beta test is this Friday, that I could go ahead and test since if by Friday the HcG should be minimum of 100, then if you half that, by Wed it should be 50, and if you half that, by today it should be 25. So, I got an HPT that measures HcG levels at minimally 25, and got an immediate double line! So, at least that's one hurdle! Now let's just see if a) these remaining days go without a single symptom or feeling, and if b) I actually have good enough beta numbers on Friday.


Zippy - July 22

Well, in case this is helpful to any non-symptomers out there, I thought I'd post what happened after our 2WW was overwith: success! Well, at least this hurdled, anyway. :)

Our first beta was 258 and our second one, four days later, was 1,281... which means it's more than doubled. So, here I am, four days after the 2WW and still no symptoms!! Well, I must say that today, when I took my 5 horsepills of vitamins and folic acid and such, they didn't sit in the pit of my stomach very well. So, I could say that I had some "uneasiness" in that area. Other than that, the only other thing I can actually notice now is just the barest, tiniest fullness of my left breast. It sort of just fills out my bra more. But no pain! I'll keep posting... just because I know it might help someone else who might be desperate to know if no symptoms is not a good thing. :)


bdantonio - July 22

congratulations zippy


mo - July 29

Ah ladies, so glad to have you all on this board! My Beta test is on Friday and I AM A ROYAL MESS!!!!!!!!!!!! I have NO symptoms except for some slight movement once in a while down there....this is my 4th IVF cycle in 1 year (July 27th was our 1 anniversary of seeing RE).
Cycle 1-cancelled, overstimulated; i'm a VERY robust responder
Cycle 2-Fresh cycle. Miscarried. But I know i was pregnant the NEXT day or 2 cos I felt slight pains, then my boobs were really sore. I have huge, sensitive bamboozas naturally, so this was strange for me. 2 tranferred fresh. 5 frozen
Cycle 3-FET. 3 transferred. Implanted but not successful.
Cycle 4-Fresh again. I wanted fresh blasts. 17 fertilized; 7 frozen on day 1; 10 taken thru to blast stage. 3 transferred; 1 frozen. NO SYMPTOMS!!!!!!!!!!!

I am freaking out. Test is on Friday and I don't know how i'm going to handle the bad news. Seriously. my cup is half empty (and I think it always is, actually). I am watching Oprah's show on surrogate parents in India, IVF videos on u-tube, visiting other fertility boards, crying, anticipating the worst

....i'm a royal mess. My husband bought me a card today that basically said:

"It was not the night, it was not the mood, the fragrance in the was always you. Totally, completely stop fretting about Friday (the test)"

Naturally, I cried. It was soo sweet.

I am SOOO happy to have you all on here!!!

Oh, and i have been MAJORLY horny but can't have sex or orgasm!!! Surprisingly, I've been very good at overcoming the urge!! So proud of me....positive! I'm being positive!!


Zippy - July 29

I feel for you... so badly! It's a waiting period we almost simply cannot endure, isn't it? Don't you think that you could quite easily go mad during this waiting?? Hang on! My wonderful husband took me to the movies every night, just so that 3 hours could go by without me totally pouring through the internet and driving myself crazy! Three more days!! BTW, the horniness is a symptom! I had that, too! I Googled like crazy to see if it was bad to have sex during these early fragile times, and all it says is "if your doctor says it's okay, then it's okay!" (Ours said it was, but we held off just because my husband is an over-protector.) Tomorrow it will only be two more days till you test!! You had a lot of good eggs, bless you! This could be it for you!


mo - July 30

Zippy,you're right.2 more days after tomorrow. I like your attitude. Maybe i'll go to movies until it's time to sleep too...

I almost bought pregnancy test today, then put it back...took it to the counter, then realized I did not want it. I would not be able to stand a negative test and i'd obsess even good idea to put back.

You know what Zippy?I'm a horny girl naturally, i'm a scorpio ;o) so i can't even tell if it's a symptom or not. I just thank the Lord i don't have orgasms in my sleep as some women say they do.

As much as i say i am a mess, these are just moments of freakouts. I heard someone say "no matter how bad your situation may seem, someone is going through something much worse"

on the list today: Thank God I don't have spontaneous orgasms!!!



Thank you.


Zippy - July 30

Lucky for you and your husband about your libido! :)

Well, I have rather bad news... after even a THIRD blood test, where things were growing wonderfully, I started to bleed heavily (the day of the blood test), and I've been cramping badly for 2 days. All in all, the blood (and clots) were enough to fill a pad, but my RE says it's not good to cramp AND bleed (they don't mind one or the other, just not both). I haven't gone in anywhere to get checked since I'm only at 6 weeks, but I totally think this is it and this cycle is over. I'll be getting another blood test this Friday to make sure all levels are down.

Mo, please still post your good news on Friday! I'll be thinking about you!


Marina - July 30

Zippy-I had bleed heavy at 7 weeks,but the baby was fine.If you are now 6 weeks they should be able do u/s and see what's going on.My clinic does 5 weeks u/s to make sure PG in a right spot and see how many implanted,because you might have all 3 implanted and now 1 or 2 miscarrying.At 5 weeks they able to see how many sacs and fetal pole.I'd say -get an u/s,your HCG numbers look good.It's not over until it's over,even with bleeding.


Zippy - July 30

Oh, Marina, you're so sweet to answer! I've read many of your posts in so many forums and you're such a dear to everyone and so helpful and positive. I think you've had your baby, no? And you still remain on this forum to encourage others, what an inspiration you are!

At any rate, I have read so many posts that heavy bleeds are OK, but the 2-day heavy cramping along with it is what is not good. Seems bleeding from the vagina or under the placenta or the cervix etc. don't cause cramping. It's when your uterus cramps that it wants whatever is in there OUT, from what I can gather (and believe me, I've only been on the Internet oh about 100 hours since the bleed! :)

Anyway, you didn't have any cramping at 7 weeks with your bleed, correct? Jamiee didn't when she had huge clots and enormous bleed.... *sigh*. Oh, well. Friday will tell. They won't do an U/S until Monday, however. They are mean! (Just kidding. It is a 3 hour trip for me one way, so that means I'd have to take an entire day off work and pay $100 in gas to drive there.... I can be patient till Monday.)

I'll keep everyone posted, and thank you for responses!


Marina - July 30

Zippy,thanks for the nice words.I got PG back then in november with only one embryo( I was afraid of twins!),everything went perfect until 16 weeks,and then they did not find baby's heartbeat...So,here I'm again on my 2nd IVF after FET failed(none of my 6 exelent quality embryos did not survive freezing).If I stayed PG,I'd probably have my baby by now(the due date was August 6,but they were going to do the c-cection 2 weeks earlier)
I have my ups and downs like everybody else,but when I joined this forum,there were many girls who supported us even after their babies were born.
I don't want to give you a false hope,but I did have lower back pain and cramping with my bleeding,but my lasted for one full day and then it turned brown.When they did u/s on the next day,it was a slight placenta separation and they put me on a bed rest until the bleeding stoped.
I really hope that you'll have at least one survive!


Zippy - July 30

Oh, to go sixteen weeks and then it's gone! I'm so sorry! I have never made it past 5w6days. Did they ever say that that big bleed you had at 7 weeks affected the outsome 8 weeks later? Or did they even say what happened to your little one? (It seems like it's easier to win the lottery than to have a pregancy go to full term with no complications!)

So, you're into another cycle! That's good news! How far along are you? If this is the end for me, my next cycle will be in a couple of months or so... so I'll be back on then. But I'll definitely post my (plummeting) HcG results of this Friday before I leave.

Good luck with your current cycle, Marina!


Marina - July 30

Yeah,I totaly agree with you-how people do get PG the old fashioned way?LOL
Well ,they did a lot of testing on me and the baby,including chromosomes and genetic-never found the reason,which makes it even more devastating-when you know your enemy,you can fight back.They even sent the tissue to Mayo clinic-no pathology.So,no we don't know what the hell happened.
I asked about that bleed in early PG,but they all were positive it did not relate,because placenta was clean,no clots.Bleeding in general is not a good sign,but it's not always means the end of PG,it could happen for different reasons.
I just had a retrieval yesterday,so the transfer will be on Sunday.I hope i'll have some good quality embies to put in.This time I'm going to put 2 since it's my last try.
Anyway,let me know,how things with you.


jamielee - July 30

Zippy good luck to you on Friday! I had beta numbers similar to yours and have twins so maybe that could be a reason. I did have some cramping but nothing to painful. I hope it all works out for you I truly know how difficult it is to have bleeding and stay sane! I had it for 14 weeks!!




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