Desperately wanting symptoms! Anyone?
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jamielee - July 30

Zippy good luck to you on Friday! I had beta numbers similar to yours and have twins so maybe that could be a reason. I did have some cramping but nothing to painful. I hope it all works out for you I truly know how difficult it is to have bleeding and stay sane! I had it for 14 weeks!!



Zippy - July 30

Oh, Jamielee! How wonderful to hear from you! I feel as if I know you... you've had so many posts and been through so much! You, like Marina, have been a godsend of inspiration to so many people on this forum, you should get some sort of a prize! :)

And I followed your story all the way to your birth... such hope it gives us all! If I had twin boys, all my dreams would come true. (Girls would be second choice... something about "pink" doesn't suit me.. a tomboy at heart!) But we wouldn't be picky at this point!

At any rate, I'll definitely post my HcG levels on Friday and I'm looking forward to Mo's good news that day, too. I'm not looking for any good news on Friday (gut feeling), but one never knows till the beta, right?

Talk to you all soon! Mo, Friday will be here very soon!


mo - July 31

Zippy, your positive perspective has really gotten me thru these last few days. Thank you! Yesterday I said "2more days" and today I said "1 more day". It was JUST what I needed to hear.

I have been going to sleep the last few days by counting my blessings....kind of like counting sheep except I count all the positives...the # eggs retrieved, the # fertilized, the blasts, the fact that we could pay for the thing i know, i'm sleeping like a baby and i've only got 1 day to go....

naturally, i'm very nervous about tomorrow but before when i knew i would be hysterical if things i think i'll only be slightly hysterical (wink)


bdantonio - July 31

zippy im with marina you have to think positive. I have stayed on the board to help support all the women who helped me. I have concieved 7 times though fertility, however i have lost 5. I had all second trimester miscarriages except one. My last child was born on 2/8/08 after a very long complicated pregnancy. I was bed ridden the whole time. Marina was there for me during my times of need as i was for her. After all the women here help you they make you feel like we are all family. Especialy at my age i have no friends or real family that know what i was going through then all i had was this website and all these ladiesthey all became my best friends and family. But you have to think positive. I also bleed with my last pregnancy and cramped i had a disorder called a subcortal bleed which is where a sack of old menstrual blood gets stuck in your uterus and u have to beel it out or you body will desolve it well mine did a little of both and i cramped bad.


Zippy - July 31

Oh, wow! That's horrible, Bdantonio! Well, certainly something to think about!! One more day for me to test to be sure! Meanwhile, I'll hold out a little more hope!
I'm so sorry to hear about all your losses... even in the second trimester! Wow!


bdantonio - July 31

I will keep you in my prayers tonight. Also like marina said you could prossibly pg with 2 n loosing 1. So keep positive.


mo - August 1

Ladies, i'm shaking right now as i type this.

Beta level came back at 90!!!

Yesterday, I woke up w. 2 even sized pimples in my in the SAME location; of each armpit, both were; then the intermittent booby pains similar to what i had w. the 1st IVF cycle...

Now we have to wait for Tuesday to see it double...

90 is not bad ha, ladies??

Zippy, I still want to thank you for reminding me...2 more days, Mo...2 more days....I really needed to hear that at time. Thank you.


bdantonio - August 1

congratualtions and think positive.


JasJulesMom - August 1

Congratulations MO!


Marina - August 1

Mo...yey! Congrats girl! 90 is good!
when is next Beta-dod they do it on Sun or you have to wait until Mon?


mo - August 1

Ladies, I am watching "The Secret" tonight. It is all about the pwr of positive thinking. So bdantonio, yes, i'm staying positive.

The RE said the range is 80-100. We are SMACK in the middle!

My next test is actually on Tuesday!

My husband left me a trail of 3 cards this morning...each telling me how much he loved me and how I should stay positive. He was totally trying to soften my reaction cos he knows he married a glass-half-empty girl!!!

The last card (left on my windshield) basically said "you and i both know that there are no quick fixes, and things happen...i'm here for you, forever, whenever and however you need me to be"

I am still in awe.


mo - August 1

BTW-Zippy, what's the news? and Marina, any update on the embies?


Zippy - August 1

That's terrific news, Mo! 90 is very good! There's a lady somewhere in this forum who started at SIX!! And she carried full term! So, nothing's too small, at this point. The ONLY thing that matters is doubling every 48 hours (or about that).

I went to take a blood test this morning and will know around 1:00 pm California time. Just about 3 hours. I'll definitely post. I love everyone's positive thinking on this board, so I'm going to say that if it's a no-go today, we still have six more frosties to try! That's not a bad thing at all!

Yes, Marina... how many have gone to blast? Hopefully a surplus?

I'll post my betas when I hear them. Good luck to everyone and happy Friday!


Zippy - August 1

Well, just like I figured: HcG plummeted down from 9,000 to 600 today. *Sigh* Well, it's what I had guessed, so no worries. We have more chances awaiting us. My biggest problem is it takes my body soooo long to get back into regular cycles after a miscarriage. For example, after last December's miscarriage, I never bled until the following April... and that's only after they gave me a Provera subscription! Then I bled for 16 days straight! Ack! So, hopefully this time things will get back to normal quicker.

I'll keep checking back on here to make sure Mo is progressing nicely.... and getting more symptoms! So, all in all, I would have to say that "no symptoms aren't necessarily a good thing," huh?

Take care, all!


bdantonio - August 1

Sorry Zippy.... Why dont you hace a dne so that you dont have to wait so long?


Zippy - August 1

Do you think that would help? I've never had one. I've read where some ladies get a D&C and STILL they don't have their normal period come back for months. Frustrating. Hm... I think I'll give it one full month and then just see what to do from there.

I wish everyone the best of luck this year!



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