Desperately wanting symptoms! Anyone?
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ohbabyoh - August 6

Ebony, looks like we will be in the same boat for tomorrow! I will be 14 days post-retrieval tomorrow and go for my beta. I know what you mean, I am beyond frustrated. I just broke down crying for no reason-- I am an absolute mess about tomorrow and I can't bring myself to POAS b/c I figure one more day of it not being negative is better than knowing it's negative already. Weird right?

What is HPT? I don't know all the abbreviations.



Marina - August 6

[quote author=bdantonio link=board=15;threadid=5908;start=30#52076 date=1218003838]
marina good luck i will pray that all goes well

Beth,thank you,I'll need it! :)


Marina - August 6

Ohbaby,HPT-home pregnancy test,the one you buy from pharmacy.I guess it doesn't matter now if both of you going for your betas tomorrow.But just to let you know,EPTis better,more sencetive(early pregnancy test).
And I'm surprised -your clinic did not schedule the ecxact day,you just go when you feel like it?I know they always do the test 10 days after the transfer(14 days post ovulation).Well ,anyway,girls-good luck tomorrow!


ebony - August 6

Thank you Marina! We both need all the support. I was scheduled for yesterday for the test but I paniced and didn't go. Just take care of you and relax until your time comes soon.


It is better to know. I agree with you, not weird at all. The fear of the unknown is what is killing me the most.

Best of luck tommorow and just hang in there.


ohbabyoh - August 7

Marina, I just checked my calendar, I am 2 weeks from ovulation, not retrieval as I had originally said. oops! That's why I have to go tomorrow for the beta.

Ebony--I will be praying for you tonight! Hopefully we both have good news tomorrow!


mo - August 7

Ebony, I know what you mean by panicking. I ALMOST did the same thing when my date was up. But then I realized that I'd MUCH rather know than have to continue giving myself those progesterone shots in vain.

I know EXACTLY what you mean about the fear. It eats at you EVERYDAY!!!! Hang in there, have a plan B just in case and just DIVE in man, just DIVE.

I wish you and Ohbaby the best.

BTW I find the fact that they did not have the lab open, they close early, etc etc to be sooo not patient oriented. what's up w. that? Just an FYI, most labs are open 24/7; 365 days a year. I used 2 b a clinical lab scientist, trust me, we work year round!

Hang in there, ladies!


Zippy - August 7

Mo! Have you had your second beta yet? How are things? Symptoms yet?


ebony - August 7

The moment of truth has arrived and and once again, negative! My Doc asked me to schedule a followup visit once I have my period to make sure everything is ok and consult of what I can do next.

I still dont have my period yet and it is so sad to know I am at a dead end on this.

Has anyone being told negative on 1st BETA with no period and found out to be pregnant later? I know it sounds so stupid but I am trying to see if there is any hope or room for a miracle in this.

ohbabyoh -- I hope yours is positive!


Marina - August 7

Ebony,I'm so very sorry,hon.
But negative is negative,that's why they do blood test to measure your HCG level.Probably yours was less then 5,they consider this 0-5 negative.I'm very sorry,don't want to give you a false hope,but if it's not more then 5 by now it's not going to grow.Your period will come as soon as you stop progesteron(if you are taking any),probably in a few days.
What are your plans?Just want to tell you I know exactly what are you going through,been there myself.It hurts like hell emotionaly and financialy.The other thing I realized it's like gamble-you can't stop untill you win.Maybe you should change clinic or doctor ,do more reserch.Remember,you are the one responsible for your health,not them, and the more you know the better for you.Let me know how if you have any quiestions,maybe I can help.


ebony - August 7

Dear Marina,

I really appreciate your support. Honestly, I thought this was going to work for us and it was a shocker when I got that phone call. Yeah, I was taking progesterone injections so far and I will stop that now. Maybe my period will start soon then.

My husband and I prayed and did everything we can think of to give it the best chance. We took a decent vacation before my cycle and took time off on the critical days to make it easy on me. I feel like a failure and it hurts so badly. All the people around us have kids or are pregnant one after the other.

You are such a positive person even going through this difficult process. My best wishes and will keep checking on you. Please stay calm and do your best to take care of you.

I am not sure what to do next. This is my 3rd IVF (1st one didn’t implant like this one and the 2nd I ovulated early coz of my Dr’s timing on the trigger shot, and 3rd one is this one.). Also, I have done 4 IUIs as well. I don’t know really, maybe it is never meant to be for us. If I have to do it, I will definitely change a Doctor and clinic.


Marina - August 8

Ebony, if you don't mind me asking-did you have insurance coverage for IVF or you had to pay?Were you on that program that pays you back if you don't get PG after 3d time?How old are you?Where do you live?Does your hubby have any issues with his sperm?Did you do day 3 or day 5?How many embryos did you put in?
Thr fact that they missed your ovulation is totaly on them-they had to give you a discount for that-that's why you pay them money to monitor you very closely.


ohbabyoh - August 8

Hi Ladies,
I couldn't even move yesterday to pick up the computer I was so nervous. I got the call really late, about 4:00--a miscommunication with doctor and nurse--he told her to call me and she thought he said he would call so that's why it was so late--it's negative :( I was an absolute MESS! I still am. I made my husband take me for sushi, which is what we usually what we do after it's negative because I love it and you obviously can't eat it if you are preg. And we had wine, I drank most of the bottle myself (I'm not an alcoholic or anything, I was just depressed).

Ebony, I know how you feel. This was my second IVF. I know I will do it again, I just don't know how. I am starting a new job in Sept (I'm a teacher) and I can't exactly say "hey I will be late everyday for two weeks and then I need three days off to rest". My other school was really close to the clinic so it worked out well. Now my new job is over an hour away, both ways! I was close with my old principal and so she knew what was going on and her sister did IVF 7 times before getting preg with twins, so see Ebony, we can't give up! Even though it hurts like hell right now!

Little did I know that second day fertilization (only 2 eggs fertilized the first day and didn't survive, so they ICSI'ed 6 more the second day) have VERY little chance of implanting. We had been so hopeful b/c they put in 4 embryos, but that was the reason why, b/c the chances were so low. We didn't know that so I was SO hopeful this time!

I am 28 years old, my DH is 29. No one in my family has had problems getting preg--my sister is preg with her second, which makes it even harder on me. And my little sister will be trying soon. We just don't understand why this is happening to us. Sorry to ramble on so much....


ohbabyoh - August 8

Also, Ebony, I was thinking, this is really your second IVF, not 3rd. If in your original second IVF, you ovulated early, than that cannot count as a valid cycle. So think of it as only having done 2 IVFs. Maybe that will help you get your mind around doing it again. You already know you would go for a third cycle. Does that make sense or am I rambling again?


bdantonio - August 8

ohbabyohj maybe you can look for a clinic near your work. My first clinic that i went to opened at 530am so i was always able to go beofre work


ohbabyoh - August 8

bdantonio, I was thinking that too. But, I really like this doctor and each cycle I go through, they have discovered a little more. Plus, he is one of the top doctors in the city. I am concerned that if I go to another doctor, it will be like starting over again. I feel there is only so much doctors can tell from looking at numbers on a piece of paper from another physician's notes. And each clinic has their own way of doing things. Do you think that is unreasonable way of looking at things? Or not a valid reason to change doctors?


mo - August 9

Ebony and ohbabyoh (love your name),

I am very sorry to hear your news! it's VERY painful, I know. But you have to ask the RE ALL the questions you can possibly think of! ALL of them!!! I harass the heck out of my MDs cos I'm paying them! And then...last time I found out they were not telling us you can freeze on day 2 (2PN), or that they can take assisted hatched embryos to day 5...the more you talk to them, the more they tell you. One of our REs helped us get reimbursement from our insurance using FSA...just do your research, then go w. questions about immune testing, etc. Ask what other options they have 4 u.

It's always tough when life interferes w. baby making, doesn't it, ohbaby oh??

But you ladies have to dig for answers....and yes, once you've cried a little, dig yourself out of the valley and try again. It's VERY hard! Esp when ppl are having babies around you!

Zippy, thanks for asking. 2nd beta, done 4 days after 1st one was 585 and 3rd, done 2 days after 2nd beta was 1300. They're not monitoring betas anymore (??), they want to see me for yolk sac on the 20th of August. They say that will be 6.5 weeks...i calculated it to be 4, but they say IVF is different calculation. Will be grilling RE abt that one; cos I totally don't get it!

Gave myself prog shot for 1st time today! Usually hubby does it, but today I took the plunge. It was not bad at all!!!

Symptoms (you're cute)-- Boobs r kinda tingly; they throb once a while. Hubby said they are fuller. I bought a new bra 2 days before beta results too! It still fits. Those are my only symptoms, and it still hurts to pee off and on even though all tests have been neg...

We're taking things day by day and following the advice on here to be positive.

With the most positive thoughts to you all!



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