2 week wait - symptoms
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JENNY22074 - October 10

Hello again Lisa. I did an EPT 5 days before my blood test and it said BFN. 5 days later my first beta draw was 336. Yes this pregnancy is a result of my 2nd IVF procedure this year. My first was in April. They did a 5 day transfer of 2 blastocysts. We had one that implanted, which is great. The irony of it is that I am due on April Fool's Day. LOL!!!! Best of luck and I will talk to you later.


Brianandjena - November 10

Hi Lisa, I know about the 2ww I am dying here. I have to wait until the 19th of this month and everyday kills me.. I am praying for you. And Jenny congrats on ur preg. *HUG*
I am so scared to take the home preg test. b-cuz I have heard about the test sayong neg and really being preg. I am so not wanting anything like that to happen.
LIsa what symptoms are you having?


melissa77 - November 25

Hi....I had a frozen transfer on 11/16 and I'm on Pogesterone as well. I have been cramping slightly and spotting a bit here and there... since Thanksgiving A.M...my question is....since I'm also on the estrogen 3x day am I gonna get my period? Do you know?


Brianandjena - November 28

HUGU im sorry I dont know. Maybe ask the Dr. Jacobs (he is on the site as well) and see if he has the answer. how are you feeling?


JENNY22074 - November 30

Melissa - how are you doing today....Some women have blood after the transfer and on the medication...You should not get your period until after they take you off the medication fully...You may have bled a little more if it was around the time that you were to get your AF...Then again you may have bled just due to implantation on the loss of one embie if you transferred more then one...Hope all is well...Talk to you soon and hang in there...Baby dust to you...


waiting2BAMOM - December 19

Hi Frenz,

Firstly, congrats to all with BFPs!

I am new to this group..just joined the forum today.

This is my second attempt with ICSI.My previous ICSI failed due to hyperstimulation and prior to that I had an ectopic pregnancy through IUI. Today is my 7 day post ET.Till about yesterday I had cramps in my abdomen and was hopeful that probably the embies are trying to attach to mama.But today, since the time I woke up, no pains.I am having no symptoms as such, yes peeing a lot but thats because I am drinking a lot of water to avoid hyperstimulation,no headaches, heartaches,strong smell,etc.No AF symptoms either.But from what I have read in various forums its good to have AF symptoms...I am confused with zero symptoms!


Frisbee Girl - December 19

Hello, Waiting!
I'm right there with you... did ICSI and transferred 2 embryos on 12/10, so I'm one day ahead of you (?). I felt nothing at all the day of transfer, nor two days later. It was the third day that I started to feel "AF" type pains, very very slight, however. And only in the evening, and mostly when I was flat on my back. That has been the pattern each day, the ONLY symptom, if you can call it that... but today I felt NOTHING at all. So, I freaked and took a EPT and it was immediately positive, so I guess they took... all we have to do is wait for HcG levels (Thursday). But, the symptoms are zero, except for that very very slight AF type sensation late at night. No sore BBS, no nothing. I'll cross fingers for you!!


waiting2BAMOM - December 19

Hi Frisbee,

So nice to know that I have company!And hey wow..positive EPT..cool-prayers n luck for HCG on Thursday!

Keep posted


bdantonio - December 19

good luck and congrats freisbee girl


JENNY22074 - December 20

Frisbee Girl - how are doing...It has been a little bit since you were last on...Congratulations on your new transfer...Praying that all goes well for you...As usual we are still here for you to help you through your journey...Talk to you soon.


bdantonio - December 20

how are you doing jenny? When do you get checked agan?


Frisbee Girl - December 20

Hi, Jenny (and everyone else)! Yeah, I had a miscarriage mid August, but we never saw the heartbeat, so we were okay with it. (I guess your hopes go way up and it's more devastating when you have seen a heartbeat). Anyway, we had 10 frozen totcicles, so we put two back last Monday the 10th. Today 12/20 I get my first HcG level taken. My symptoms have been just like my July try:
--Felt nothing first 3 days post transfer
--Then starting the night of the third day, and up until now, i've had mild/stead AF-type cramping, but just mild. Like I'm just about to get AF. I've never had PMS symptoms or any major cramping in my life, but just a mild cramping during first 2 hours of AF, so I'm thinking your body might react when you're pregnant in the same manner as your monthly cycle.

Anyway, it's good to be back on this forum and good to hear from you, Jenny! I hope I'm not off the forum again soon (miscarriage). :P

I'll report back with my levels later tonight (I never get the call before 4:30 pm West Coast time, so nervewracking!). :-\


Frisbee Girl - December 20

Okay, time to report in: first beta (11 dpt, 16 dpo) is 371!! Yey! That's one hurdle over wirth. Now for 4 days later, the next beta needs to be 1,484. Also, my progesterone was 65, so that's good! Last failed cycle (I keep records of every little thing), I was 409 for my first beta, but it was taken one day later than this cycle's, and it indeed did double to 818 exactly 2 days later, but then 1 week after that I miscarried. And my progesterone was 25. They need to see 20 or more. I didn't think 25 was great back then, probably added to the many unknown factors that led to the miscarriage.

So, we have two more big hurdles to overcome, and if I don't miscarry by next Friday, Dec 28, it will be the furtherst we've ever come.

By the way, I'm taking 40 mg of Lovenox daily due to Factor V Leiden clotting disorder (just recently diagnosed since my last miscarriage), as well as this time I went for 4 months to an acupuncturist/herbal medicines. He felt I didn't have enough blood to support a baby (my pulse is always hovering around 45 bpm), and now it's around 65, and my tongue looks pink, and so I think it's part of the reason for success.


JENNY22074 - December 21

Beth - My next appointment is December 31 at 10am...I am doing well...Hope all is well with you...

Frisbee Girl - Congratulations on your BFP....I am praying for sticky babydust again this time...Your beta sounds like it is really good and so is your progesterone...Glad to hear that you are excited and being cautiously optimistic...I am sure all will be well this time...Stay positive and hang in there...We are all here for you....Sending hugs and prayers your way....Talk to you soon


waiting2BAMOM - December 21

Frisbee dear...congratulations and I shall surely pray that things go smooth and nice for you......

Prayers and loads and loads of luck!


Frisbee Girl - December 21

Thanks, Jenny and Waiting!
I'm cautiously optimistic about Monday's results.
Waiting.... you test on Dec 27.... yikes, that must seem like a looooong way away, but fortunately a little thing like Christmas Eve and Christmas might make the days pass a little faster.

I swear, go on a 2 week ski vacation and you'll think it was 2 days..... go on the 2ww and each day is a lifetime!

I'll be hoping and praying for good results for you, too! Are you having any more symptoms? I know that in the middle of the 2ww for me there was a lull in symptoms, but then 2 days ago the mild cramping started up again steadily.



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