2 week wait - symptoms
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Red - October 3

Hi Jenny~Unfortunately I cannot start a cycle for a while. I was supposed to miscarry naturally and did not. They then gave me medicine to force me to miscarry which is sheer HELL!! I would not wish that upon anyone. They gave me 4 times the usual dose to ensure it would happen. I was off the of September 17 and still have high HCG levels. I can't be cleared until they zero out. I should know today if that has happened. I check up on everyone once in a while, but it is still too difficult for me. I know time will heal all wounds and God has a plan, but it is just such a difficult time right now. I am happy to hear everyone seems to be doing well. Hope you baby puppies are growing and you continue to be blessed. Take care!


JENNY22074 - October 3

Hey Red - Glad to hear from you. I hop all goes well today. What medicine did they give you? Is it by any chance a weird yellow color and called methotrexate? If so, I know what you mean about the sheer hell of it all. I had to do that with the second pregnancy. I know it is hard to look at these forums and all. I just was wondering how you were holding up. Sounds like you are doing the best you can under the circumstances. Just real brief I don't go back until the 1st of NOvemeber and they are doing a sonogram and we may be able to see what it is. All is normal with everything else. I just want you to know that I am still hear for you and always will be. Hell, I can't forget about my cheerleader!!!!! You will be cheering once again honey I know it!!!! Love ya and hang in there. Hope to hear from you soon. By the way you can still email me privately if that is easier for you. I just want to keep up with you.


bdantonio - October 3

Red: I know this is the hardest time right now. I have been there and i know nothing we say can help. People always ask me how do you get over the loss, and there is no getting over it just moving forward. You learn to live with the things that happen and accept them. After a while of m.c i went into a dark place i would not talk about them at all. I hated when people who never had my same experience would ask questions and tell me it would be okay or that god has a plan. I felt like god was an ass. I could not understand how women who didnt want kids or didnt deserve them or how kids could have kids but i could not. I felt cheated i felt like that i was a women and it was my god given right to have kids and i didnt understand why i could not do it. It is one thing when you have a hard time concieveing but when you lose them also it feels like adouble hit. You feel like you are getting sucker punched. I hated going to the hospital and hearing the er doctors bull shit, i just wanted everyone to leave me alone and let me deal. There was times i told my husband to divorce me and find a women who could give him kids cause he deserved them. So no matter what do what you have to do to deal and heal not get over it cause that wont happen. Like jenny said if you want you can privately e-mail me too. Me and jenny talk all the time. My emai lis [email protected] That invite to anyone who wants to talk privately is open. Ill keep you in my prayers and if you need anything let me know.



victoira - October 4

Today I fell fine. My cramps went away and my boobs are starting to get sore. I am keep positive fora positive. This IUI was different it seem. But what bother me the most is waiting another 12 days. GOING OUT MY MIND.


JENNY22074 - October 4

Hello Victoria and welcome. I know that the next 12 days you will have your ups and downs. Stay positive and we are always here for you. Your symptoms my come and go, be stronger or weaker and this could all happen in the same day. Don't loose focus of your goal and look too much into what symptoms you have and which ones you don't. Been there, done that and drove myself crazy. Still doing it some days. It is a fact that no matter where you are in your journey you will always see who has what you don't have and you will question why you don't feel the same thing. Belive me m/s does not happen for everyone. I thought it did but, it does not. So don't freak out if you get a BFP and you don't get m/s. Also if you give into temptation like we all do and POAS and get a BFN, don't get down on yourself you may very well test at your BETA BFP. Happened to me. I POAS 5 days post 5 day transfer and it was negative. 5 days later at my beta I started with a 336 and a BFP. I too felt that my second IVF that did work felt different the whole time. Even when taking the meds. So hang in there. Time will go a lot faster by talking on here. Hang in there and BABYDUST to you. Best wishes for a BFP!!!!!


mjforney - October 5

Hi everyone. I am a newbie. I had my INF transfer on Friday 9/28 and find out my results on 10/10. This is our 1st IVF, we did 8 IUI's but none took. We transfered 2 8 cell embries. I love the pciture they gave me!
How was everyones side effects in the 2 week waiting period? I think it is from the progesterone but my breats are sore and I am stil cramping! It's been 9 days since my retrieval, is this normal? I had a little white discharge today, could that be the suppositories? I am so nervous and I worry about every little thing.

Just looking for someone else in the 2 weeks of waiting for support... I am anxious!


mjforney - October 5

Sorry about all my typo's above in my last post...I was typing in the dark! :)


JENNY22074 - October 5

Welcome Michelle - I would say from my experience that the white discharge very well may be suppository related. I had a lot of it while on the suppositorys. I thought it was going to get to the point that I would have to wear a pantyliner. The cramping may come and go and be worse on somedays then others. That could be related to the retrieval, Hyperstimulation, implantation, your precedure, you ovaries, really anything related to the ivf or even pregnancy. The breasts will be your main thing during this time and they may or may not be a symptom of a BFP. The progesterone certainly has to do with the breasts being sore. Just stay calm, take pride in your body and the embies, thinks positive and most of all unless your beat comes back as a BFN, you are pregnant and treat your body that way. Best of luck for a BFP and I will pray this is the end of you infertility journey and the beginning of your motherhood journey. Anytime you get stressed or worried take a little time to look at other posts, they just may be about the same thing and by all means write to us girls on here, we are here to listen and lend support. Babydust to you.


mjforney - October 6

Thank you Jenny for the support. All the ladies on here are so wonderful!!

I have to ask what a couple of the abbreviations are that you used. I know once you tell me I will be saying, "DAHHH" , but I just am curious. Like BFE and BFN???

Obviousley you have had sucess...did you do a home preg test before your blood draw??

Thanks again for your support!



JENNY22074 - October 6

Yes Michelle I did do a EPT about 5 days before my beta and it came up BFN (big fat negative). I think if I typed BFE it was a typo. Also to let you know BFP means (big fat positive). There is a great group of ladies on here. They are here for everyone and to give and get support. Talk to you later.


bdantonio - October 7

i took a home test on day ten and it was positive but it was only 2 days before my blood draw


JENNY22074 - October 10

Hello everyone. How is everybody doing? Just hope you are at least surviving the dreaded 2 week wait. Any news from anyone?!?!? I know we need to send babydust Michelle's way today as she will be doing her beta!!!!! Best wishes and good luck. Praying fo ra BFP!!!!! Talk to you all later!!!!


lisa13 - October 10

Dear Jenny;
When do you go in for you test? Mybbs are so sore; I think it is probably the endometrin(progesterone) who knows; I go in the 17th. are you doing any ept's?
I prayed long and hard for Michelle last night. where do you live?


JENNY22074 - October 10

Dear Lisa - I have already gotten a BFP on the 26th of July. I am a little over 15 weeks pregnant. I just hang out on this forum because I received so much support during my 2ww that I want to continue supporting people in the 2ww and let them know that miracles do happen and not to give up hope on their journey. Best of luck and babydust to you as well. I am praying for Michelle very earnestly today that her dream comes true. I will mark the 17th on my calendar and pray for you on that day.


lisa13 - October 10

Dear Jenny;
Congrats on your pregnancy. How are you feeling? I hope great. Are you pregnant through ivf? I don't know if i can wait til the 17th. what is the earliest i can do a test?


JENNY22074 - October 10

Hello again Lisa. I did an EPT 5 days before my blood test and it said BFN. 5 days later my first beta draw was 336. Yes this pregnancy is a result of my 2nd IVF procedure this year. My first was in April. They did a 5 day transfer of 2 blastocysts. We had one that implanted, which is great. The irony of it is that I am due on April Fool's Day. LOL!!!! Best of luck and I will talk to you later.



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