2 week wait - symptoms
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Frisbee Girl - December 21

Thanks, Jenny and Waiting!
I'm cautiously optimistic about Monday's results.
Waiting.... you test on Dec 27.... yikes, that must seem like a looooong way away, but fortunately a little thing like Christmas Eve and Christmas might make the days pass a little faster.

I swear, go on a 2 week ski vacation and you'll think it was 2 days..... go on the 2ww and each day is a lifetime!

I'll be hoping and praying for good results for you, too! Are you having any more symptoms? I know that in the middle of the 2ww for me there was a lull in symptoms, but then 2 days ago the mild cramping started up again steadily.


lucky - December 21

Hie jenny and every one else,
when do they do the beta i was not told of any beta untill 3 weeks which means 2 weeks from the transfer then 1 week again to bee on the safe side and then beta is that the case?
lotts of baby dust


Frisbee Girl - December 21

That's exactly right, Lucky. You will have your first HcG and progesterone levels (betas) checked 10-14 days after your transfer (depending on the clinic). Also depending on your clinic is when the second beta is taken. We've used two clinics and they have three different ways:
1) Taken on Day 14 then on Day 16 to make sure it's doubling

2) Taken on Day 14 then, as long as it's over 100, taken on Day 21.

3) Taken on Day 14 then 4 days later on Day 18.

I wouldn't be surprised if your clinic has yet another permutation of this... I think their aim is to drive us all crazy! ;)


Frisbee Girl - December 24

Hey, Jenny 22074. I was reading some of your past posts when you had zero symptoms, and I'm "there" too... zero symptoms. I am 4 weeks 5 days and I barely have sore bbs, the dull AF-type cramping is gone and I only have tiredness, but that's because I can't sleep at night (worrying) and get about 2 hours sleep. And then I'm up at 5:30 in the morning. Today I took my second beta. I'm awaiting that dreaded call back this afternoon. The numbers need to be 1484 for everything to be doubling. I'm crossing fingers.

My question to you and anyone else... did anyone else get this strange sensation that I'm getting: the past 3 nights right around 3:00 am, right when I'm about to fall asleep, I get a... the only way I can describe it is a "contraction"... that tightens up my uterus and then holds it into a ball. I have to breathe and try to relax for it to start to untighten, but then it stays sort of sore or tight until around 7:00 am. It feels like when you get a charlie horse on your calf at night, then it goes away, but that "pain" lingers and then in the morning your calf is sore like you worked out. That's the best way I can describe this. Anyone ever had that? I've had it 3 nights in a row!! And of course I'm worried sick that I'm miscarrying or whatever else. I have no bleeding or anything else. Bbs are not sore like they used to be, just mildly sore to the hard touch. Ugh!!! I hate this!!


lucky - December 24

Hie there frisbee girl
I hope ur doing well where r u in ue circul r u pg,i ont feel the same in the night but some times its very stress down there am shore its nothing to be worry of things take place in the body at different times have u ever felt this before?


bdantonio - December 25

frisbee girl it could be the start of the placenta.


Frisbee Girl - December 25

Hm. I guess that the "contractions" thing was not a good sign. My numbers did not progess as they should have, so we're back to square one. We have 8 more frozen embies to try... so we still have some tries left. We'll see! I supposed if it's not meant to be, then it's not meant to be. We still have a great life together as best friends.... and we have three wonderful dogs we treat just like kids... so we might be all set! Everyone have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year, and I'll be back on the board again when we go through another attempt! hugs to all who are waiting for their betas and to those with babies in the oven! :)


lucky - December 25

Hie frizbee
am so sorry, we all r in this game some make it some dont and we have to try again so dont worry and dont loose hope , am so worried my self, we will pray for u take.


doglover - December 26

Hi Frisbee girl-
Did your numbers increase at all? My first beta was 172, but two days later it was only 205. We thought it was over at that point. The number then went to 296 (still not doubling) and then doubled thereafter. I was still told it was likely a bad pregnancy until we saw the heartbeat. They later speculated both embryos implanted but one dropped off. So maybe you shouldn't give up hope yet...
Hang in there-you have a very good attitude about life!


JENNY22074 - December 27

Frisbee Girl - what was your beta this last time?...Also, how many did you transfer?...It could just be that if you transferred 2 you could have had both implant and then the one did not continue...That is very likely if you had more then 1 transfered...I am still praying for you and that all will be okay...Did they say that it was not a good sign or something?...Hang in there...Talk to you later...By the way I had something similar to that if it is the same thing...I think I posted the question as a seperate post...I wound up finding out that it was just stretching of the uterus...Hang in there...Still sending babydust your way....

How was everyone's Christmas?


ReneeG - December 27

doglover...Hi there. I normally post in another 2WW thread, but saw your's about your beta numbers progressing slowly at first and it's giving me hope.

I had my beta yesterday and it was only 26.5. My RE said not to think it's over because that's still a positive number and the big thing is that it keeps going up.

After I heard that low number, my heart just sank. But since I saw your post about your numbers I feel a tiny little ray of hope about my own. My next test is tomorrow and my prayer is that there's a decent jump.

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I appreciate it more than you know!


lucky - December 27

Hie girls
when is the average we can get periods after ivf, and if they dont come in between 2ww when is the earliest too get hopes u?
lotts of baby dust


waiting2BAMOM - December 27

Hi All,

My beta-HCG report shows only 13.1.Spoke to my doc and he has asked me to repeat the test on saturday....am feeling so sad...don't even know whether its a pregnancy at all.

Anyone had such low readings ever?


mo - January 2

I too miscarried, Frisbee girl. Hang in there. It's going to be a good year!


Focused22 - January 2

Well the wait is over I started bleeding and had to go into the doctor today. I feel like I don't know which way is up! I want to have a baby so badd but this pain is practically unbearable. I have to make the decision whether or not to go for round 3 of the IUI's........


Marina - January 2

very sorry to hear that,it's very difficult no matter if it's a 1st time or # times...
I can give you only my opinion on whether go or not for 3d round.I personaly think it depends on what's wrong with you,some people had success from 3d,4th try...I f your insurance covers # of IUI's maybe you should use all of them.When you move to IVF,it's a different story,if you are lucky and live in one of the states where insurance pays for IVF,go for it(but it takes a lot of time for a paper work too).And a lot more "heavy duty" drugs involved in IVF...We were "lucky" enough to find out the reason for my(ours) infertility right away and not waste time doing IUI's...So,everybody has different expirience with this and some people will tell you-go for it.I think, if comfortable with your doctor and trust him(her),they know your case better,then you should follow what they say,but in the other hand,sometimes we are only bussines for our docs and it's all about making money...Just don't give up,dear,do more reserch.Good luck to you!



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