2 week wait - symptoms
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jamielee - September 6

Red, I am so sorry! Please take time to heal but don't give up on your dream, it will come true!


mj - September 6

I am so so very sorry for your loss, I know you feel devastated. We will all keep you and your hubby in our prayers. You deserve this so much and I know it will happen for you just remember that God does have bigger plans for us than we can even imagine!


JENNY22074 - September 6

Red - I hope you got my private email. I will pray for you and your hubby. You don't deserve to be going through this. None of us should have to face something like this after what we have had to go through. My hubby and I will mourn your loss. We send out deepest sympathies. Take your time to fully recover not only your body but your mind as well. I will continue to pray that God guides you through this and gives you peace. Take care sweetie and hope to hear from you soon. You have friends on here that will help you in your healing process. Love you and sending hugs and prayers your way.


Eddie - September 7

RED - i am so sorry to hear your news and am thinking of you during this time. Take time to heal and don't forget to lean on loved ones especially your husband. Gently hugs xxxxxxxxx


JENNY22074 - September 7

Eddie - Where have you been and how is everything going? Hope all is well. Talk to you soon.

Nix - how are you holoding up honey? How is everything? Any symptoms? Talk to you soon.

Mj - How are those 3 bundles of joy doing? How is mommy feeling? Hope to hear from you soon.


Eddie - September 9

Hi Jenny - how are you hon, thanks for asking after me you are so very sweet. I am good , just really tired but I think I may have turned a corner with that. I am 10weeks and 3 days I can't believe it, still have a long way to go though. How are you doing? any symptoms?

Nix and MJ - how are you two going?


JENNY22074 - September 9

Eddie - Glad to hear from you...I was starting to wonder if you were still going to be on the forum...I know it is hard to believe...Have you had your first OB appointment?...No more symptoms then what I had when I started...Been really tired also lately more so then before...Sorness of the bbs is starting to go awya here and there...They say that is normal and now they will just start gaining weight...Just what I need already put on 10 pounds...I think most of that is the fertility drugs...I am having the 1st trimester screening on the 19th of this month and then my 2nd OB appointment on the 27th...How have you been?...Last time you were on you were really sick...Are you having 1 or 2 for sure?...Hope to hear from you soon.

Nix - How is the 2ww and where are you on it this time?...Feel any different?

Mj - How are you?

Red - Honey we are here when you are ready to coem back and talk....You are still in my prayers and thoughts!

To those of you that I missed, SORRY!!!...Please do up update us of your progress, concerns or just whatever...Any newbies? Welcome and we look forward to helping you through this time and hearing BFP in the end!!!


Nix - September 10

Hi Jenny, Eddie and everyone else,
Well, I am in the final week of my 2ww. I should get AF by Friday or Saturday. Last week, I had quite a lot of cramping, very similar to AF cramping. This week, my bbs have started to get a bit sore - but they always do about a week before AF. I am not feeling very optimistic!


Red - September 10

Nix~You are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep the faith and think positive thoughts. Don't get caught up in the symptoms being a bad thing. Good luck and please let everyone know what the result is. Take care!


Nix - September 10

Hi Red, thanks for the encouraging words. I will definately let everyone know - either way. How are you doing?


JENNY22074 - September 10

Red - Great to hear from you...I know this is a stupid question but, how are you doing?... I know this is a tough and devestating time for you...I am still praying for you daily and thinking about you.

Hey Nix - I agree totally with Red...Take it easy and think positive thoughts...Send positive vibes to that miracle waiting to happen in there...Best wishes to you in your journey.

Talk to you all later.


Eddie - September 10

Red - how are you going, we are all thinking of you and hope you are ok

Nix - the 2ww is torture I wish you the best

Jenny - sorry love I actually post on another forum as well which is very big called www.fertilethoughts.com but I always check on this one. I will post more as you are a great support and friend. Thank you for your kind words. I am doing alot better these days as symptoms seem to have died down. I go for my nuchal scan on the 25th of Sept. I am in two minds about it but my DH really wants to get it done and I think I do to. It is a hard one. My bbs are getting massive and I have put on about 6 pounds so clothes are getting tighter. All for the love of it. How about you darl


JENNY22074 - September 10

I am good.. I have gained about 10 pounds so far...My Dr recommended the Screening but did not push for us to do it...We went home and I figured it was a way to see the baby again since I had the OB appointment just 2 days after the release from the RE...So I was kind of disappointed that I was not far enough along to hear the heartbeat by doppler on my visit...Blood pressure was great 116/76...Had bloodwork done on the Saturday following the OB visit for the glucose and prenatal workup...All came back normal...I emailed CHristie privately to see how she was holding up since the m/c but no response as of yet from her...Same with the little bit of symptoms that I had pretty much going away...except as of lately really bad dry skin on the bbs and when I am cooking I am in the mood ut when it comes time to eat it is just like BLAHH!!!!...That seems to come and go...I will maybe give that other website a look over sometime...I am just so used to everyone on here since I really did not know of any others until now...My bbs have went back to the size they were before my gastric bypass...I suspect they will get even bigger by delivery...I am so glad that you are back on here....


zuliviolet - September 11


I am going to have my second IUI tomorrow.

I'm so scared, I've been reading everyone's post and it's so encouraging.

I have unexplained infertily, and been trying for 5 years. 5 LONG YEARS!


JENNY22074 - September 11

Zuliviolet - Best wishes tomorrow on your IUI...I was unexplained infertility for 9 years...I chemical pregnancy on a second IUI in 2003 and one blighted ovum on a clomid cycle in 2000...Moved on to in vitro after having gastric bypass in 2005 and was successful on my second in vitro...There is a positive end at all of out journeys no matter how it happens...You will be in our thoughts and prayers and please don't hesitate to write at any given time someone will get back to you...No question or concern is stupid on here...Welcome...


Nix - September 11

welcome Zuliviolet. How did you second IUI go today?? Welcome to the 2 week wait!

Hello to everyone else!! I have a quick question... I have had a pain under my rib cage, on my right side all day, it feels kind of like a stitch, like you get from running. I't mainly there when I move around and when I sit still, it goes away. Has anyone else experienced this?? Or do you think it is not related to the 2ww?



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