2 week wait - symptoms
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Nix - September 11

welcome Zuliviolet. How did you second IUI go today?? Welcome to the 2 week wait!

Hello to everyone else!! I have a quick question... I have had a pain under my rib cage, on my right side all day, it feels kind of like a stitch, like you get from running. I't mainly there when I move around and when I sit still, it goes away. Has anyone else experienced this?? Or do you think it is not related to the 2ww?


bdantonio - September 11

i have went through fertility for 5 yrs i have one daughter who is 2 1/2years old and im 17 weeks now i have lost 5 and i have never experienced chest/rib pain


zuliviolet - September 11

Thanks to all for the support.

My try at IUI was last month and unfortunately without success.

The 1st IUI for the month was today, and I have one more tomorrow. Then I will have to travel on Friday (visiting relatives for a religious retreat)

Hopefully by the time I come back in about a week I will have great news. :0)

today went ok, I wasn't nervous, Hopefully if not today tomorrow works.

Crossing my fingers guys!

my doctor says that if this second try does not work he will give me medications to go with the IUI for the next couple of months,


bdantonio - September 11

so you are not on any meds?


Nix - September 12

Hi all,
Well, I started spotting, as I do everytime AF is about to arrive. I'm almost 100% sure AF will be here by tomorrow. I guess this is the end for me. We are taking a break now until we can afford to do a cycle of IVF (not sure how long it will be until we have the cash). I am devistated, but this time I have hardly cried - just kind of have this numb feeling. Maybe I will be more emotional when AF shows up properly.
Thanks for all your support over the last few months - you all have been amazing. Good luck to all of you who are still trying and those of you who have already received their BFP's.



Januarygirl - September 12


Hang in there. Remember God has his plan!



bdantonio - September 12

nix can u get financing through the fertility comapanies?


JENNY22074 - September 12

Nix - I am sorry to hear that you started spotting today..This may not be the end..I know it is hard but try and stay positive it may be implantation bleeding..We will pray that this is not the end but the beginning..I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers tonight...God Bless and hang in there (I know easier said than done.)

How is everyone else doing? Talk to you all again soon.


zuliviolet - September 13

[quote author=bdantonio link=board=15;threadid=3688;start=840#40784 date=1189551810]
so you are not on any meds?

NO I'm not on any meds, just the LH surge injection after the u/s shows I have a mature egg.

BUt if this month I don't get pg. My doctor said we will move on to medications.

The only diff. btwn this IUI and last months' is that I spotted a little bit after. I remember there was no spotting last month.


Nix - September 13

Hi Jenny, thanks for the thoughts and prayers! Unfortunately, as I suspected, AF arrived this morning. I am feeling terrible. I can't eat or sleep, even getting into the shower to get ready for work is a HUGE task for me.
I am going to do some research on having the IVF in South Africa (where my DH and I are originally from). Apparently it costs a lot less and they have some top doctors over there. Even with flights, it will still end up saving us a lot of money.

Zuliviolet, I have read that it is normal to have some spotting directly after the IUI, so don't stress too much about it!

Good luck to all!


mj - September 13

Nix~ I am so sorry to hear that you started, I know it is one of the most disapointing feelings ever. Try to stay positive and don't let it get you too down, you will find a way that will work. I have heard of people going to other countries for IVF and if that is what it takes I say go for it!

Zuliviolet~ I am crossing my fingers and toes and wishing you tons of baby dust for this IUI. Where are you in your 2WW?

Jenny~ how are you doing and feeling? Any updates on your symptoms? I know you are probably so excited about almost being through the 1st trimester!

I had an appt. with my RE yesterday and got an u/s. Our little trio was so amazing, they look like little tiny gummy bears. You can see there arm and leg buds and they were fluttering around. Their size and heart rate was great. Each time I go for one of those I just get so nervous but it was all great news and we are looking forward to our next apt. in 2 weeks. They said that they will begin to look like babies by 11 weeks so it will be fun! I hope everyone else is doing great!!


Nix - September 13

Hi all,
MJ - congrats!! What a cute way to discribe them as Gummy Bears!!! I love it!
I am so glad that they are all doing well and growing!

I have done some research and spoken with an RE in South Africa, if I have the IVF there it will only cost $3500 max. Compared to my RE here, who wants to charge $15 000 at a minimum. That is a HUGE saving! I think we are going to go for it. I wasn't completely happy with my RE here anyway.

We won't go there until next year, so I'll have some time to get my life together before then.



JENNY22074 - September 14

Hey Mj - that is great to hear...All three are growing nice and strong it sounds like.

Nix- honey I am sorry to hear that AF started...It sounds like you have a plan in mind...Stick to it...It will all work out in the end you will see...Give your body and mind this time to rest and heal from everything that you have gone through this year...

Glad to hear from everyone...Hope you all continue being in good health...Talk to you all soon.


dquilleon - September 14

Hey Nix.

Have you ever heard of IVF Vacations? We found this website after we had already started the process but would have really considered it had we known about it before. http://www.ivfvacation.com/

Seems a lot less expensive and you get to travel to someplace exotic.

Deb & David


Nix - September 17

Hi Deb and Dave,
Thanks for the link. It's amazing that the US charges so much for IVF, when we can get it for a whole lot less in another country.
My only concern was getting 3 weeks off work to have the IVF done overseas, luckily, I spoke to my boss this morning, and he is prepared to give me the time off next year! We are still looking into all of the options - but I'll keep you all posted.


zuliviolet - September 17

Hi all and once again thanks for the support.

Nix, I think we´ve all felt like we hit rock bottom after AF arrives, but now you have a new illusion and so much can happen in one year. Keep your hopes up.

It has almost been a week since the IUI and I haven´t felt anything, I wonder if this will be another disappointment, I am almost expecting it.

I´ve tried to remain clam and not to stress it, but so far no symptoms whatsoever.



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