2 week wait - symptoms
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JENNY22074 - August 8

Thank you and many blessings for your little peanut or whatever the first u/s you have best describes the picture. I am truly blessed to be around such wonderful people as the ones that are on here. Everytime that I go to the RE's office I tell some of them about the support group that is on this website and how honored I feel to be around so many people who are on the same journey that I am and how much we all have in common. I am sure we all have thought at one time or another that we were the only ones going through this and how could life be so cruel to one person. Come to find out we are not alone and that is the best feeling in the world.


Red - August 8

Jenny - it appears we are crossing in our posts :P! No, my beta test is Friday. I also drive an hour as I am in Michigan and this is the nearest clinic for me. The nurses there have been excellent throughout this whole ordeal. We weren't thrilled with our last doctor so we switched to his partner this cycle and haven't developed a relationship yet. Honestly, I'm hoping we don't have to which would mean a BFP on Friday ;D! My office doesn't open until 8 and then they don't call until around 4:30 or so. I can fully understand how you were feeling as that's how it has been for me. Unfortunately last time when they called I did have some HCG for the first few appointments so they knew implanting had occurred. Then the next call was the bad news that it wasn't going any further :( .

Anyway, glad to hear you were to able to get some sleep and again, I pray for your continued blessings! You've been wonderful through this (oops, here come those silly little tears :P) and a wonderful crutch to lean on! Your DH and peanut are very, very lucky!


kjensen - August 8

Hi Jenny, well this looks the end for now. On Monday, AF came. Tuesday I still had to go to the dr to confirm BFN. I think I will take break and try again in a couple of months. Jenny, Congratulations!!!!! I am truly happy for you:)

To all the other girls, good luck and you are all in my prayers. All you women are truly inspiring. I wish nothing but the best to all of you. For time to time I will check to see how all of you are doing. I LOVE reading everyone's stories.

Take care,



JENNY22074 - August 9

Kavita honey I am so sorry that this journey did not end with a BFP. I hope you will try again when your body has a little time to heal. Stay positive through it all and know that we are still here for you. I feel for you and I know how you feel. Be strong and remember that there is still a light at the end of your tunnel that is shining bright. Don't give up hope and I will keep you in my prayers now and during your next journey. Stop by and keep us posted on how you are doing. Best of luck and babydust on your next journey.


Red - August 9

Kavita, sorry to hear you did not receive a BFP! God has a plan for you and it is always a positive one so I'll pray it comes along soon! Get your body and mind some rest and take care! We can all understand your sorrow and feel for you. Take care!

Also, thank you so much for the well wishes. There are so many supportive people on here and they have been blessings along my journey!


Red - August 9

Dani & MJ - Any news yet????? Sooooooo praying for BFP's!!!


cdad0207 - August 9

Hi everyone :) I am still here...trying to catch up on my reading and understanding all of these codes....what is BETA? I am wondering if you guys do different testing than my facility? They have me testing twice...today is to check my progestrone levels, which I have not gotten the results back on yet, and then next Thursday is the actual pregnancy test. (and what do you refer to that as?) I am still down in the dumps, unfortunately...I know that I am a pecimist...I set myself up so that failure doesn't knock me down too hard ;) I know it could definitely be handled better, and I am hoping to get proven wrong! I still haven't experienced really any symptoms, I feel a little bloated at times and I have had some mucas, not sure if its EWCM or just white? Other than that, pretty normal. I am still doing my progestrone injections, and I guess today they will advise as to whether I need to maintain/decrease/increase my dosage.

Jenny (and all of you!) - you are definitely an inspiration. I strive for others to talk to about the situations that we are experiencing, and it is so hard to find anyone that can even relate. I don't think I have a single friend who doesn't have a child, and honestly didn't work that hard to get them. (Not that they don't deserve them, but some wish they hadn't and so on) I loved your poem, a girlfriend had sent that to me a while back, and the words are just so touching and true...although we are experiencing such a traumatic time, dealing with infertility, it will only make us stronger....we will all one day be mommies, I just know it. So I thank you for reminding me of that poem...I am going to do my best to stay strong and understand all that is going on around me.


Red - August 9

cdad - Welcome back! Glad you let us know you were still around. I can fully understand how difficult it is (as can anyone else on this journey) to be pessimistic rather than optimistic and the result hurts less. Unfortunately, you need to stay positive and pray! God does not want us to suffer and whatever happens will make you stronger for the next time - regardless of the outcome! Unfortunately, I had a chemical pregnancy last time and am afraid it will happen again. I can see the blessings in why things happened the way they did and that's what keeps me going. I also know that being negative and worrying won't change the outcome....only God can do that! I pray that things go well for you and that you are pleasantly surprised by the results.....GO BFP!!!

Oh yeah, beta is the pregnancy test they do at the end of the 2ww. I have been going in twice a week to have my estrogen and progesterone checked and then at 2weeks they do the hcg (beta) test.

I, too, have had little or no sypmtoms and everyone on here has reassured me that not all symptoms happen to each of us. Jenny was a great reassurance in that she received a BFN on a HPT and then ended up being pregnant!! Just keep your chin up!I pray you will continue to be blessed with positive results. It's okay to be down, but just turn to this list serv as we are all here to support you and help you buck up!! :P


Red - August 9

Dani & MJ - haven't heard any news yet so I'm being positive in thinking that you're just telling your family and friends about the good news! I'll be praying for both of you tonight and will check in for the BFP tomorrow! God bless you both!!


mj - August 10

Hey everyone sorry it has taken my forever to post. My RE is 3 hours away so we left yesterday to be there early this morning. I got my results this afternoon and it is a BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I couldn't even speak to the nurse on the phone b/c I was crying so hard. I had totally set my self up for it to be negative... even though I did take an early hpt I had convinced myself that it must be wrong. I was having cramps even as I was getting the blood work. My nurse reassured me that cramping is normal and would probably continue for a while. My Beta was 260 and they said that that was a really great number so YAY!!! God is so GOOD, this is the most amazing feeling in the whole world!! I am so glad that you guys have been here to support me and get me through this time, I truly couldn't have done it with out you. I am praying that each of you get a BFP and have a wonderful pregnancy and a beautiful baby in the end!! Those of you that didn't receive the best news this time, keep your chin up and know that it truly will eventually happen... don't get discouraged, each of us has a plan... even if it isn't on our timing!

Dani and Red keep me posted on your results, I am praying for you!!

Jenny- what was your first beta numbers?


JENNY22074 - August 10

MJ - My first number was 336. Congratulations. YEAH!!!!!! ;D. Another one on the way. When is your first u/s? How are you feeling physically? How did the DH take it? Want to hear all the details so write back if you get a chance to. Sticky babydust to you sweetie. Many Congratulations on the next level of your journey.

CDAD - Hang in there dear. We are here to help you through this time of your life. Try to think positive I know it is hard to most days because of the toll that infertility puts on your life. When is your beta test?

Dani - anything yet?!?!? We are sitting here on pins and needles?!?!?!

Red - you are in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow for your BFP. You are becoming a regular little cheerleader around here. LOL!!!!!

Talk to you all later.


JasJulesMom - August 10

Congratulations MJ on your BFP. Hopefully Dani you have gotten the same news.

Kavita so sorry it was a BFN but keep up the positive thinking and hope and it will happen for you.

Jenny thank you so much for the well wishes. I am so nervous about beta since I did get BFN on HPT. My RE is making me wait till Monday so I am sure it will be a long weekend. Tomorrow is the official end to my 2ww and still no AF, so maybe that is reassuring. Who knows..


JENNY22074 - August 10

JasJulesMom - Just hang in there. Any cramping and not spotting or any type of symptom or sign? Why do you have to wait until Monday? Are you going to take another HPT over the weekend? You may want to think about it and mayeb try another test on Saturday morning. Just a suggestion. Stay positive and we will stay positive with you. Talk to you later.


JasJulesMom - August 10

Jenny- Some cramping since Tuesday night. I do not have any spotting, but I do have very sore bbs. The bbs are what are convincing me it still may be a bfp. They on feel like this with bfp and since I have been pg 4 times, I want to believe this is the case. As far as testing monday, my RE always makes me wait 16 days. Another reason I am still not convinced BFP, i have tested BFN in past and was eventually BFP. I do not know I am so confused.


JENNY22074 - August 10

You will definitely be in my thoughts over the weekend up until your hopeful BFP!!!! Hang in there and we are here for whenever you need us unless we are sleeping. Think Positive and all will work out for the best.


cdad0207 - August 10

Well, they checked my progestrone yesterday, it was a 24. NOT a very good score ;) In my opinion anyways. My RE reassured me that apparently the progestrone level does not influence the outcome of the HCG. I am thinking about doing a HPT to lift some of the nerves off of me....but then again, do they even give you an accurate response this early in the game? My BETA is August 16th (Thursday). I am gearing myself up for a BFN, but I guess there is always hope!!!! Thank you all for your encouraging words!



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