2 week wait - symptoms
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cdad0207 - August 10

Well, they checked my progestrone yesterday, it was a 24. NOT a very good score ;) In my opinion anyways. My RE reassured me that apparently the progestrone level does not influence the outcome of the HCG. I am thinking about doing a HPT to lift some of the nerves off of me....but then again, do they even give you an accurate response this early in the game? My BETA is August 16th (Thursday). I am gearing myself up for a BFN, but I guess there is always hope!!!! Thank you all for your encouraging words!


Red - August 10

MJ - AWESOME ;D! That is such amazing news. You are truly blessed and I am soooo very happy for you. I will continue to pray things progress wondferfully! God definitely hears our prayers!

Those sound like great starting numbers from what I've heard and I'm sure things will continue to be positive! What a wonderful way for all of us to start our weekend....with positive news!!! CONGRATULATIONS MOM!!!

Jenny - yeah, I think your positive mojo rubbed off! Actually, I just know how it feels to be the one needing some positive reinforcement from time to time. I know it makes a difference! Hope all is continuing to go well with you and peanut!

cdad - They told me that progesterone numbers go up and down so it isn't anything to worry about. The HCG is the number you will need to be concerned about when that time comes. I said a prayer for you last night and this morning so I will continue. Remember what Jenny told us all before that if you take an HPT, stay positive no matter the outcome!! Good luck!!

JasJulesMom - Why does your RE make you wait 16 days? I hope you get the positive results you deserve! Will keep my fingers crossed and say a prayer for you also! Good luck with the HPT this weekend (if you take one) and with your beta on Monday!!

Dani - any news! Praying it's positive! Keep us posted!


cdad0207 - August 10

Thanks Red...I know I sound so negative...when I read it back, its even worse ;) I think I just have a pattern for setting myself up, that way if it is a BFP I will be even more ecstatic, and if its a BFN, I will be prepared, ya know??? There is always that little angel inside me telling me that everything will be ok no matter what, and she always seems to have hope ;) How early do you think a HPT would detect it?? I guess that is a hard question to answer, huh?? :p


dani - August 10

Jenny, MJ, et al

My was BFP as well!!!!!! I am sooo happy, feeling so blessed.

MJ, Congrats!!!

My number was 137 but I only had one embryo....do you think this number is too low? I am starting to concern again.....

I am feeling so anxious, everytime I think about it I feel like having bluterflies in my stomach and I am afraid is adrenaline and I don't want that because can be harmful for the baby but I can't control my emotions. I am thirlled.

Now I am concerned with the number being low and with my anxiety causing miscarriege. Did you guys have the same fears and feelings after your betas?

Hugs in all of you,


Red - August 10

cdad- you're very welcome! Like I said in my previous post, we all need a little encouragement from time to time! We have all been there. Unfortunately I do not know exactly when you could take an HPT. I've heard various answers but know that Dr. Jacob indicated that the hcg should be out of your system within 2 weeks of the trigger shot and I don't believe an HPT would detect a pregnancy much sooner than that. We've all caved and taken a test, but just remember Jenny's infamous words that just because it's negative, stay POSITIVE!!!!

Dani - AWESOME news! Congratulations are in order for your and your hubby also! I'm soooo happy for you and MJ! As I told her, what a way for us to start our weekend, with another peanut on the way!!! I don't think those numbers are low and have heard of people with lower numbers than that having a healthy pregnancy! Don't concern yourself with that! Bask in your positive news for now and enjoy the weekend mom!!!


Keana - August 10

Well I 'm waiting 15 days for my HCG which will be on Monday at 3:00pm, so maybe I'll get the results only on Tuesday? I have cramping on and off, my bbs are stills sore. But tomorow is my normal end, we will see
Pray for me!
Im glad for all the BFP!!!!!!!!


JENNY22074 - August 10

Dani - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! ;D you are fine. Youhave a good number that is all that matters. We may have higher bacuse of tranferring 2. They have not 100% weeded out that there is not another baby in my tummy. One of the other girls that tested around the same time as I did started at 86 and then 2 days later was over 500. You are fine. Stop worrying. Adrenaline and excitemnt will not harm the baby. You have every reason to feel as fullfilled as you do right now. Enjoy your BFP. Just breathe in and say in a relaxing tone " I am going to be a mommy!!!" When is your u/s?

Keana - good luck and I believe maybe welcome to our little forum. Good luck with your Beta on Monday. May you have a BFP as well!!!

cdad - Ohh Honey - I wish I could just wrap my arms around you and give you a great big hug. You need to stop beign as down on yourself as you are right now. Those pessimistic vibes are not helping you or what may be in your belly growing. I know it is easy to prepare ourselves for failure. I have been there and soemtimes am still there. Be cautious but optimistic. There is a very special plan for all of us in this game we call life. Hang in there honey and I hope you start feeling better. By the way, i tested BFN with an HPT 5 days before my BFP.

Red - ANYTHING YET?!?!?!? We are praying for you to be a BFP.

MJ - how are you feeling dear? I am sure you are still on cloud nine. Enjoy it. When is your first u/s? That is the next exciting day!

JasJulesMom - How are you feeling? Getting excited I bet?!?!?

Congrtaulations to the new mommies. Prayers and best wishes for the upcoming BFP. Talk to you all later!!!


Red - August 10

Jenny - no news yet. Went in at 8 this a.m. and they usually call around 2:30 p.m. I told them they needed to sprinkle a little extra babydust on the needle before they took my blood this morning :) They said they would try to call me ASAP but I know they get busy! Thanks for the prayers and babydust though!


JENNY22074 - August 10

Your welcome. I have been thinking and praying for you and a BFP. Let us know as soon as you can. Best wishes and lots and lots of babydust.


Red - August 10

Jenny - thanks for the prayers and babydust. Oh yeah, I'll return your cheerleading outfit soon! Thanks for letting me use it ;D You're the BOMB!!! ;)


JENNY22074 - August 10

Thank you. I am glad to hear you are in good spirits during this time!!!! ;) LOL!!!! I was gonig bonkers the later it got. Then again , I did not get my call until almost 5pm and I had my blood drawn at 6:30 in the morning.


Red - August 10

Jenny - I am always silly. I think that's what gets me through the rough spots along with prayer.

Well, I just got my BFP!!!! ;D I am on cloud nine and couldn't wait to tell you guys. Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement during this time!

The nurse said she put a rush on my results as she knew I was going crazy and they were just as crazy (I think they like me). The nurse said my numbers looked great for not being a full two weeks out and a 3 day transfer! YEEEEEEEHA! I think I could do a cartwheel but nobody at work knows so they'd think I went off the deep end!

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know, and again, thank you for your prayers and support. Have a great weekend!


JENNY22074 - August 10

CONGRATULATIONS RED!!!!!! ;D ;D :) ;). I am so happy for you. Did they say what your starting number were? How did the DH take it? Another one added to the BFP club.


JasJulesMom - August 10

Congratulations Red and Dani on your BFP!!!! I am so anxious to have my beta, alyhough I am convinced BFN. I wish you guys lots of baby love. Dani stop worrying for just a few minutes and enjoy your good news you deserve it.

Jenny thanks for asking, I am so out of my mind, I do not know what to think. Monday will be here soon I guess.

Amyjoy- Any news yet. I am keeping my fingers crossed and cannot wait to hear your news.


JENNY22074 - August 10

Chhristie and Eddie - Where have you guys been? I have been wondering about you. I hope all is well. Eddie don't you have another u/s soon? Best wishes on that. We have some new mommies on board with us!!!!


Red - August 10

Jenny - My starting numbers were 183 hcg, 600 estrogen, and 84.3 progesterone. She said they thought they'd be a little lower as I'm not quite two weeks out yet but were very happy they were what they were (hey, so am I ;D)! DH started to cry and was as excited as I am. This is our anniversary weekend so it was a great anniversary present for us.

JasJulesMom - thanks for the congrats also! Think positive! Just keep yourself busy over the weekend and Monday will arrive before you know it. We all fully understand being anxious for the beta. I will add you to my prayer list and know that God hears our prayers. At least your bbs are sore and that could be a positive sign. I didn't really think I had any symptoms either and ended up with a BFP so you will also!!!

Have a blessed weekend ladies!!!



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