2 week wait - symptoms
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Red - August 7

Jenny-Thank you so much for doing the research to put our minds at ease. That is the sort of stuff that has us writing about you. People on here know they have been there themselves and want to put other people at ease. I know I truly appreciate the support as I didn't see things as positively after my last transfer. I hope we both get positive results also! I've added you people to my prayer list to continue receiving blessings along our journey! We have all come into each other's lives for reason and/or a season and I feel blessed to have found you guys!


JENNY22074 - August 7

REd - you have me blushing ;). You are very thoughtful and kind. I only want to have others feel reassured during this time. I know not everyone has the same experiences but what experiences I have I like to share since someone may benefit from them in soem way or another. I like to feel that I am helping to calm someone in need so that God or the higher power they believe in can take over where our RE leaves off. This website has been very helpful to me as well as ebncouraging. I just want to give back a little of what I gained being on here. Talk to you later. Sticky Baby dust mommy!!!! Take care


mj - August 7

Jenny~ Thank you so much, your words give me so much encouragement!! I think all of you guys have been such a blessing. I just sent out an update to some family and friends on our journey and I told them that there are so many wonderful people out there going through this exact thing and it has been so helpful to be able to share my emotions with you, I don't think I could have possibly gotten through this 2WW without ya'll! I know we are all so close to conquering this infertility!!

Red~ I also posted a question to Dr. Jacobs on the infertility board about the lingering HCG. He said that it is probably out of your system by 14 days but to still be cautious b/c of a chemical pregnancy. That at least gives me HOPE!!


JENNY22074 - August 7

MJ - You are very welcome. I am telling you that you are okay. Enjoy this and stay as positive as you are right now. The realization is everything is okay and you are pretty much going to be a mommy. Welcome to the next part of your journey.

Red - The same thing goes for you.

Kavita - How are you feeling?

Christie and Eddie - hey ladies how is it going?

Dani - How are you doing? Hanging in there I hope?!?!

Cdad and Nix - You all still hanging in there with us? How are the two of you feeling?

Today for me was a little crampy. Kind of like I had to have gas all day but without the gas!!! I guess my co-workers would be relieved if they knew!! LOL ;D I showed all the honorary aunts and honorary grandmoms the baby's picture. They are calling it peanut since it loks like on on the printout. Perfect little peanut shape. Some still say that the other one is hiding in there somewhere. My bbs are getting a little more sore then what they have been and I was very tired today even from the time that I woke up. I did get a full sleep last night except for getting up to do my suppository. Okay my extended family the DH needs the computer so I will close for now and I will talk to you all later.


dani - August 8

Dear Girls,

You will not believe. I bought the EPT this afternoon. The digital one. I just arrived at home and didn;t resist and took the test. It came out BFP right away. I am trembling. Crying and all, as if I had won the lottery. I can't believe my dream is getting so close.

Kisses and Hugs,



JENNY22074 - August 8

Dani - congratulations. It sounds like you have made it to the next round. When do you go for your beta? I am so happy for you that your dream is very close. I have goose bumps for you. It is terrific how the powers that be work positive for everyone. Hey it is the lucky #7 month in the year 2007. That is if you believe in all that numerology stuff. I find it fascinating and interesting myself. Try to sleep tonight. How did the DH react? I know you will be happy. Talk to you soon.


JasJulesMom - August 8

I was ready through this thread and Jenny I want to thank you for being so very compelling and for giving me hope. I POAS today and got BFN, but after reading your story I still have hope. Wish me luck!!


JENNY22074 - August 8

JasJulesMom - I am sorry to hear that. I know you may feel indifferent about it. Don't give up hope just yet. You may still be pregnant. When is your Beta? Hang in there honey your journey may still end positive. Thank you for your kind post about me. Like I said I try to give back what I have gotten out of my journey and experience on here. I wish you not only luck but babydust to you as well.

Good morning all - How are all you mommies and babies today? Hope all are well. How did the soon to be new mommies sleep last night? Dani did you get ANY sleep at all?!?!?! Talk to you all later. Lots of love, hugs and kisses to all of you and those growing babies today!!!!!


Red - August 8

Jenny - once again, thank you for the encouragement. We are all going through the same thing and it is wonderful to have some encouragement and positive reenforcement. We truly appreciate it!

Dani and MJ - congratulations on having a BFP on the HPT. Praying it continues to be positive at your betas tomorrow! Just one more day for your confirmation results! Praying babydust is awaiting you!!

JasJulesMom - Sorry you received a BFN. Praying your journey will result in a positive soon.

cdad and Nix - are you still along with us on this journey? How are things going?

God bless you all!


Red - August 8

Good morning Jenny! I must have just posted my note right after you this morning! I have to ask, how did you manage to stay so positive during your previous 2 m/c? I am nervous as all get out as when I did my HPT it had a faint line and dh says it probably isn't a good thing as it isn't real prominent. I am also concerned about it being the "chemical" pregnancy I previously had and that Dr. Jacobs mentioned in his reply to MJ. Anyway, thank you (again ;D) for your positive encouragement to us all.


Red - August 8

Dani and MJ - just a question for you. When you received your results on your HPT, were they were prominent or not really? Guess I'm just getting nervous and comparing your information. Thanks ladies!


JENNY22074 - August 8

Dani - I have had my ups and downs with my journey. I have had my scared crapless moments so far during this one because I have nothing similiar to my last 2 pregnancies. I think in my mind I have always known that becoming a mother was not going to be easy for me. I have never ever thought 100% that I would not be one. I am the type of person that if something does not work there is another way to go about it. If I can't give birth to my own child then I will adopt of have a surrogate. There is nothing out there that I will not try or do to accomplish what I want. I refuse to let infertility beat me in any way. I will beat it no matter what. I am a very determined person that sees that light shining bright and I will not be told that this is something that I can't achieve or can't have. However with that said I do think about those babies and what they may hae been like or what they may be doing right now. I write to all of my babies past, present and future in a journal. I do have my moments where I think that is this really happening or how far will I get this time. I just try to patiently take one day at a time and thank God that he has given me each and every day that I have had with the past babies and the future baby. I take my time to mourn my children and celebrate the one that is growing inside. Now as for you and the DH. Chin up honey. Need I remind you that when I POAS I did not even get a line, it was BFN!!!!! Then 5 days later I tested with 1st levels of 336 so really it should have showed on the HPT. Don't get yourself worked up over whether it is dark enough. You will be fine one way or the other. Don't think negative thoughts and bring that negative energy to your womb. You are still pregnant until that Beta says otherwise. I have strong feelings that it will not be a BFN. Stay strong. When I found out that I was pregnant this time automatically I was looking in the books about what could go wrong. I saw molar pregnancy, chemical pregnancy, m/c. What is meant to be will be and if it is not meant fo me, you or someone else we will get past it and it will make us stronger the next time. I never had a fear of being pregnant, my fear is getting to the next u/s. I also look too much into my symptoms and lack of some. I hope this helps get you thorugh the next couple of days. WE are all here for you. Best wishes and babydust to you. Talk to you later and be safe and think POSITIVE!!!! :D


Red - August 8

Dani and MJ - Just in case I don't get a chance to tell you both, GOOD LUCK AND LOTS OF BABYDUST tomorrow at your beta tests! I'll be praying for both of you!


JENNY22074 - August 8

Red is your test tomorrow as well? My was excruciating to deal with . They had me come in at 6:30 in the morning to have my blood drawn. I have to drive an hour from where I live to the RE'S office. I live in Pennsylvania and my doctor is in Maryland. I know it is crazy but I trust him completely. Then it was almost 5 in the evening when they finally called me at work to tell me. I was thinking more and more negative the later it got.

MJ and Dani - let us know something after you celebrate a little. Good luck, best wishes, babydust to you both. My family has our fingers, toes and paws crossed for your BFP!!!!! Talk to you all later. Prayers, love, hugs and kisses.


Red - August 8

Jenny - I also forgot to mention my congratulations on your recent u/s and the positive results! I'm so happy that you got to see the "peanut". Wishing you continued success and positive outcomes. You deserve this blessing!! Have a great day "little peanut carrier :) "


JENNY22074 - August 8

Thank you and many blessings for your little peanut or whatever the first u/s you have best describes the picture. I am truly blessed to be around such wonderful people as the ones that are on here. Everytime that I go to the RE's office I tell some of them about the support group that is on this website and how honored I feel to be around so many people who are on the same journey that I am and how much we all have in common. I am sure we all have thought at one time or another that we were the only ones going through this and how could life be so cruel to one person. Come to find out we are not alone and that is the best feeling in the world.



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