2 week wait - symptoms
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ple - February 12

LSM, I am sorry you didn't get a positive result. It is extremely frustrating and disappointing. It is the craziest roller coaster ride you (we) will go on. But staying positive is important. Taking breaks are just as important. I know that from my past negative results from my IUIs, there was always A BIT of relief knowing that I could take my mind off of things for a couple of weeks and relax. And who knows, the timing of your cruise might be just right and maybe you can make your baby on your own without the help of the meds! You never know.

Sundance, stay positive. Hold off on taking any HPT because you CAN get a false reading. After I got my BFP result on Friday, my DH and I decided to do a HPT just for fun, and since we had one anyway, so that we can see those damn double lines and sure enough we got gyped! No lines! Had I done the test earlier I would have been upset for no reason.

FYI, Had my second test today and levels look great.


LSM - February 12

Thanks so much for all your positive feedback! It means a lot and words from "strangers" do help. My DH was a sweetheart today - he bought me some early Valentine's Day roses and we had some wine tonight. I'm looking forward to a little break for the next month until we start round two of IUI.

PLE and JLK - I wish you continued success with your pregnancies. Your positive results are encouraging.

Sundance - Hang in there during this 2ww - it's tough, but try to stay positive and distracted as much as possible. Keep us posted!

I hope to be back in March with progress of my own.

Best to all of you and thanks again.


sundance007 - February 12

It sounds like you have the right attitude and PLE has a great point... You never know what could happen on your cruise!! I actually have a friend who after several years of ttc decided to go down the fertility route. They met with the RE and decided to do IVF/ICSI beginning her following cycle. The RE asked her when her last AF was so that they could schedule her b/w. She gave him the date and he questioned it...it had been 32 days, not normal for her cycles. She said, "i've taken 3 HPT - all neg." RE said let's just do a blood test...and, you guessed it... BFP! Anyway, her son was born June of 2005 and they immediately started trying again for baby #2. After ttc for 18 months, they again found themselves in the RE's office. Again made the decision to do IVF/ICSI and RE told them to call the office on Day 1. Well can you believe that Day 1 never came! Baby #2 is due in July!! The miracle is that her DH has VERY low sperm count and it's amazing that she ever had her son, let alone this pregnancy! Sorry to bore you all with this story, but the point is that for some people just knowing that you have a game plan takes the pressure off and sometimes nature is able to take it's course. LSM, you know you'll take a break, have a vacation and you'll be back to business in a few weeks. Relax with that knowledge, enjoy your cruise and maybe a miracle will happen. I know it's easy to give this advice. If I were good at doing this myself, I wouldn't be sitting here hoping that IUI will work!!

Anyway, I'm happy that all is well with PLE and JLK.

LSM - Don't be a stranger. It's important to have women to talk to who understand what we are feeling. Good news or bad, it's fun to make new friends and know that we have all been in the same boat at one time or the other and I'm certain that within the next few months ALL of us will be talking about baby names and decorating nurseries!!! :-)


estieh - February 12

Hi there, got your maile sundance, decided to join you guys in the 2ww, i'm on day 5 of my 2ww now, forst IUI. not much symptoms, but i think i've started to switch myself off for symptoms, due to the fact that my imagination has proved itself to be able to work overtime in my 2ww's... do have sensitive bbs, but i thought it must be from the progesterone stuff... and you guys just confirmed it! LSM I'm so very sorry, I felt so sad when I read your response... don't give up girl, it's gonna happen, if not now... later, BUT IT WILL. Have to say it was very exciting to read about all the positive tests on the forum... its really inspiring!!!


LSM - February 12

That story about your friend is crazy! I do appreciate hearing success stories, along with words of encouragement. Today is a much better day.

I agree that it's important to communicate with others who are going through the same experiences. Let's hope that all 5 of us are talking about pregnancies soon....JLK and PLE have a jumpstart on us!

Good luck dealing with your 2ww......the symptoms thing can drive you mad, so it's best not to even try to figure them out.

Thanks again for all of your support.


BekyVice - February 12

Hey, everyone. I'm sad for some of you who have had bad news (been there) and hopeful for everyone else.

This is my second 2WW, last time I indeed was "pregnant" but my HcG levels were 41 and not quite doubling quickly enough after the 2 weeks, so resulted in "chemical pregnancy." Funny, my doctor says, "Well, the good news is you ARE pregnant, but the bad news is there won't be a baby." I didn't quite know how that was good news, but now I see that he meant there were no implantation problems.

So, if you'd like, I'm listing my 2WW symptoms from my current cycle. I have taken an early pregnancy test this a.m. and it's definitely positive, but as I know from last time, positive is only the first step of 100 more. I take my first blood test after this 2WW on Valentine's Day to see what the HcG level is.

Here were my symptoms (I'm not even going to say sore BBs because we all know that's progesterone shots for ya):

Days 7-10 past ovulation, I had very mild - almost unnoticeable, except that I was hyper-sensitive to feel ANYthing - AF-type cramps, the kind you have on your first day of AF. And these cramps were like some in the a.m. and some in the p.m., but about 2 mins each. Again, very mild. I also had a lower back ache like I had been moving furniture all weekend or something.

Day 11 nothing. Not tired, great appetite, wanted to clean house all day (resisted).

Day 12-13, nothing at all. But, I suffer from migranes, and had one both those days so was in bed under pillows for 2 solid days. This is normal through my entire life, so I can't say it's a preg symptom (altho DH wants to believe it is).

Day 14 (today), nothing at all. Never been bloaty (like last 2WW I was), not tired at all (also like last time). I feel like going to the gym, I've eaten a hearty breakfast, did 3 loads of laundry, cleaned kitchen (and oven). I feel nothing. Again, took HPT this am and saw BFP, but that only tells me my blast(s) implanted, nothing else.

Hope that helps!


lvabies - February 12

Hi Guys- I have been reading all of your posts and I get so happy and then so sad for sme. I really know in time we will all succeed, I mean damnnnn we deserve after all we been through. I am 30 years old failed IVF n sept. I had an FET done on FEB, 5 my blood test is thursday the 15th....so nervous, I am not spotting but I have had on and off cramping not to bad though since the day after the transfer, I really don't know if my heart can take anymore upsetment. I am just hoping these are all good signs my boobs hurt on and off, but as we all know the PROGESTRONE will fool our butts!!! besides for the fact I have to practically hold onto the wall to walk the pain from the shots are so bad oy!!! I just can't wait to stick myself tonight with another needle...lol....i have to make some jokes my sharps container is full I had to order another one...its amazing what us women go through...but i say god is good and we will fulfill our dreams ladies.....so does anyone have any good news for me about my on and of cramoing and what it could be???? feels like AF is coming constanly I am running to the batroom evry 5 minutes like a nut job....wearing panty liners also...sometimes i also hope for alittle blood cause they say its implantaton but will probably cry anyway if i see blood...we can't win...oy!! the worse...i don't know, i don't know...but i am sooo tempted to go get a test tonight but i think day 7 is to early what do you lasies think? hey does anyone know when implantion generally occurs?



Maxsmommy - February 13

Hi Ivabies
Our situations are pretty similar...transferred Friday and is also my second IVF-this time it was a FET. As far as symptoms go, I have a slight headache - lower twinges- got totally dizzy when answering the door and had to end the conversation. Are you on bedrest?


lvabies - February 13

HI Maxsmommy,

Yes we do have the same situation just about. No I am not on bedrest just taking it easy, I just have on and off cramps constantly I have not got my AF yet but constantly feels like it is coming, I hope this is not a bad sign. well be both are in this together, how many embies did you transfer? I will say a prayer for you!!!



caab - February 13


Found this site yesterday, it is helpful to read how others feel and share.. ......
I am also in my 2ww after my 3rd IUI. This cycle and the last I have resisted buying a HPT. Day 15 is Valentines Day, I have day dreamed about having a great dinner with DH and announcing the news, but I feel systoms of AF with light brown spotting. I have been trying for 13 months. It is such a daily change of high/lows. I was pregnant 15 months ago after trying for one month, it was ectopic. I am happy for those who had good news this month, it is awesome to be in that place.


lvabies - February 13

HI caab,

I think that is a great sign sounds prego to me, light brown spotting is a good thing have you had that before? I am waitng for the 15th to take my test and i have cramping on and off evryday since the transfer I am hoping this is a good sign...kepp your fingers crossed maybe this is our time!!!!.



Maxsmommy - February 13

Hi Jan,
We actually transferred 5!! My RE recommended it this time. Last time we transferred 3 fresh and all grade A and no luck...also, I am over 35 and this may be our last try for awhile - so, of the 5, only two were great and the other three, not so strong. Usually, our RE is pretty conservative, so we went with it! How about you? Also, did you take time off work to relax, etc..?

[quote author=lvabies link=board=15;threadid=3688;start=30#31992 date=1171334317]
HI Maxsmommy,

Yes we do have the same situation just about. No I am not on bedrest just taking it easy, I just have on and off cramps constantly I have not got my AF yet but constantly feels like it is coming, I hope this is not a bad sign. well be both are in this together, how many embies did you transfer? I will say a prayer for you!!!



lvabies - February 13

Hi Judea,

I am keeping my fingers crossed ofr you have you had any other symptoms? I am sure it will work for you this time!!!.....I am so crampy but not bleeding but i htink the progestrone is holding of my AF but I am not sure, so I have to stop guessing and wait for the test thursday oy!!....I transferred three 100% frozen embryos according to my doctor ....I am 30 years old he said my lining i was perfect, so there should be no reason for it not to take, but he said that last time and it didn't work........it was a male factor due to low mobility!!!...lets keep hoping for the best!! maybe we will both be lucky!!!



caab - February 14


thanks for your words of encouragement. I have had cramping/brown spotting before clomid and the injectables ( last 4 cycles ). This is 1st month on injectables and unsure how my body is reacting. I was told by Dr that if hyperstimulated ( which I was for about 2 days after ovulation ) this feeling will worsen if pregnant. Had very strong cramps from ovaries and then it dissapeared????? Tomorrow is day 15 and I just want it to be over so I know either way. Unsure if I will take blood test tomorrow if AF has not surprised me by morning. I also believe progestrone is holding my AF back. I am keeping fingers crossed for all of you in hopes that someone has good news!!!!



lvabies - February 14

Hey Chris,

I still have hope for you, it aint over until the beta says it is over!!!!....please keep me posted and I am saying prayers for you tonight!!



caab - February 14


Thanks again for kind words. I did take beta today and the nurse called to say they will not have results until tomorrow am, as I went for test too late. I was not going to go, but I called dr office this am and they stated, I should do the beta to verify if pregnant or not as the progesterone may delay AF for 2-3 days. I am trying to stay positive but, I feel that that is what has occurred. My situation is that I have a rightside blocked tube and had 3 large follicles on the R, Dr proceeded with IUI as the L tube may pickup the egg???? This is rare.

But enough about me..........I hope you are handling your last day of your 2ww ok, I know it is extremely hard and it is truly the hardest thing I have every had to deal with because it is so personal. I try and stay focused on the positive .......health, love and modern medicine. I hope you have great news tomorrow !!!!




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