2 week wait - symptoms
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sundance007 - February 7

JLK -Thanks for the info. Keep checking in with us and keep us posted on your progress! Congrats to you and your DH. I'm really happy for you and I don't even know you!!!! ;-)


ple - February 7



LSM - February 7

Thanks so much to all of you! Tomorrow is day 28 of my cycle, but Sunday is 14 days from my second IUI. Friday would be day 12, so I'm thinking of taking a HPT then. I love the positive vibes!!! I'm trying to have faith that maybe I ended up on this forum for a reason.....it's good to hear about symptoms because that's what really drives you crazy. I had cramps for about 4 days after my IUIs, then none, then very sore bbs (which I fear might be from prometrium), weird sleep patterns (waking up several times a night and very vivid, crazy dreams - last night I had a dream that some woman was beating me up!). I am starting to feel a little crampy today, which worries me about AF, but I see you had that JLK. I haven't had any spotting whatsoever, which worries me a bit also.

Your BFP has inspired me today, JLK.


JLK - February 8

LSM - I wouldn't worry about the spotting. First, I didn't spot the first time I was pregnant. And second, I had IVF rather than an IUI and I've read that spotting is more common with IVF. Stay positive and good luck - let's keep the positivity flowing!!!!


sundance007 - February 8

Hey ple, saw that you were online and wanted to know how you are feeling today. You must be excited about your test tomorrow. Did you stick with your plans to not do the HPT?


ple - February 8

Hello Sundance, yes both excited and nervous for the test tomorrow. However, I am being "dangerously" optimistic. "Dangerously", because I know I could easily be disappointed. But the cramps are still there, worse in the morning, have had no spotting, which now we know doesn't necessarily mean anything, since JLK had spotting and still turned out BFP. But other signs tell me to stay positive and I will! I just hope I get the results back quickly. In the past, I've had to wait ALL day for the call!

We decided not to do the HPT this time. Thought we would just torture ourselves to the very end. But I have done them in the past, right after my IUIs. Saved me a trip to the doctors office, unfortunately.

Was this your first IUI?
Thanks for checking in!! Will keep you posted tomorrow!



LSM - February 8

Good luck tomorrow pie! I am dangerously optimistic myself, as I have some cramping also - no spotting here either. I have my beta test on Sunday and am trying not to do a HPT, based on my doctor's advice.

Wishing good news for everyone!


sundance007 - February 9

Hi girls,
I got the call today that I do my trigger shot tonight and my IUI is scheduled for Sat. morning. Yes, PLE, this is my first IUI and with lots of luck maybe it will be my last!! Unfortunately, my DH's work includes lots of travel and it looks like March and April will not be good cycles for us to be in the right place at the right time. We have an anniversary ski trip planned for March, which we will cancel if BFP, but if we are BFN then we'll want tto get away for a bit to decompress from the emotional aspects of all of this. At my age my RE recommends only 2, or at most 3 IUI cycles and then onto IVF. Unfortunately our insurance covers no infertility treatments and IVF may not be an option financially. Anyway, we'll keep our thoughts positive and cross each bridge as we come to it. In the meantime, I am super excited for you guys and can't wait to hear back from you with hopefully good news. If it's not, then we'll be here to support each other through another cycle. Talk to you tomorrow!
Ky (aka Sundance)


ple - February 9

Hey Ladies,
Just got my results.... BFP!!!!! Obviously, we are very excited. To help others out that are looking for exact symptoms that I had... I have had premenstrual-like cramping since the 4th day after the transfer (like JLK), started getting sore BB yesterday, and have had no spotting. The other tell-tale, which doesn't relate to those who are not Type 1 diabetics but to those that are, my blood sugar levels were a little tougher to control this whole week. The other weird thing, my DH had cramps the last two days and made it clear that they were cramps like he's never had before! Hysterical.

Sundance, good luck tomorrow morning with the IUI.

LSM, lots of luck to you, too. Cramping is good, it seems. Stay positive.
Please keep us posted!


sundance007 - February 10

PLE - CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you. I hope your luck rubs off on LSM and me. Keep us posted on how you are feeling. With any luck in a couple of weeks we can start a new site and keep up with each other for the next 9 months!

LSM - Good luck on Sunday. I'll be thinking of you.

All of you keep checking in. I'm just beginning my 2ww and will need lots of positive vibes from you guys. It seems like we did all end up here for a reason and I hope it's to share a wonderful experience together! Talk to you all soon.


sundance007 - February 10

Hi all,
Just wanted to report that my IUI is complete. Looks like I ended up with 3 mature follicles and 138 million sperm vying for their attention! ;-) The IUI was a bit painful. The nurse had a little trouble getting the catheter through the cervix. I'm having some cramping right now. I guess I'll take it easy today. Well, the official 2ww has started. Beta on the 24th.
Talk to you all later.


JLK - February 11

PLE - Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. Now let's keep the positive track record for LSM and Sundance. I think LSM tests today so good luck. Sundance, glad your IUI went well.

I go to my RE on Monday for my second beta test. I guess normally you go back in 2 days (which would have been Friday) to see if your numbers doubled, but RE said just come in on Monday. I definitely need positive reinforcement that things are going well - that last m/c rocked my confidence.


LSM - February 11

Unfortunately, my test was negative today. It sucks because you try to be optimistic, even though you know the odds are still against you. I guess I can feel sad today and then get back on the horse tomorrow. I'll be waiting for AF and then start BCP for a few weeks (until after our vacation in early March). At least I can drink on our cruise!

Best wishes to all of you and keep me posted on your success. Please keep your fingers crossed for me on IUI #2.


sundance007 - February 11

LSM - I'm so so sorry about your results. I know how disappointed you must be, and I really thought we were all going to have a lucky month. Selfishly, your bad news makes me realize that statistically we wouldn't all get pregnant and I'm fearful that maybe you and I are meant to have our good news another month. I can't believe that I'm only 1 day into the 2ww and I want to stay positive, but it's hard when you've never seen a + on a HPT and you just assume the worst will happen again. I keep telling my husband that what is meant to be will be, but at the same time I have a hard time imagining that God's plan for me is to not have my own child. You deserve a sad day today, but try to stay positive. You are already looking forward to a nice vacation with dh and maybe the relaxation is just what you need to make the next IUI successful. I hope that my blabbing is not making you feel worse. I know that words from a stranger don't make your pain right now any less, but please know that if you need to vent, I'm hear to listen. Anything to keep my mind off of ME will be a blessing. ;-)


JLK - February 11

LSM - I am so sorry that you did not get the result that you had hoped. You definitely have a day to be sad. I will say that after my failed IVF in December (which followed many failed IUIs), my husband and I decided we needed a break and within 5 days we were on a plane to Peru. For a solid two weeks, I did not think about ovulation kits, fertility shots, etc. and it was fantastic. I came back fresh and relaxed and lo and behold we had a good result our next try. I wish the same holds true for you. JLK


ple - February 12

LSM, I am sorry you didn't get a positive result. It is extremely frustrating and disappointing. It is the craziest roller coaster ride you (we) will go on. But staying positive is important. Taking breaks are just as important. I know that from my past negative results from my IUIs, there was always A BIT of relief knowing that I could take my mind off of things for a couple of weeks and relax. And who knows, the timing of your cruise might be just right and maybe you can make your baby on your own without the help of the meds! You never know.

Sundance, stay positive. Hold off on taking any HPT because you CAN get a false reading. After I got my BFP result on Friday, my DH and I decided to do a HPT just for fun, and since we had one anyway, so that we can see those damn double lines and sure enough we got gyped! No lines! Had I done the test earlier I would have been upset for no reason.

FYI, Had my second test today and levels look great.



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