2 week wait - symptoms
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vw79girl - April 7

Annie Kate...
Just want to say...Congratulations! When will you be able to find out the sexes of your twins?
Get lots of rest!

Robin~ good luck on Monday!



RGerber - April 7

Good morning ladies!

I had the weirdest cramps last night. I swear I thought AF had arrived but thankfully it was a false alarm.

Has this happened to any of you pregnant women?!!



jamielee - April 7

Yes, I had very strong cramps before my bfp.


RGerber - April 7

I was so freaked out last night I can't even tell you. Feeling so much better this morning.....

You have been a life saver on this site Jamielee.

Thank you!

Robin ;D


jamielee - April 7

I know its really scary! I had to unbutton my jeans and wear a pantyliner because I swear af was coming!


jamielee - April 7

When is your blood test??


RGerber - April 7

monday which happens to be my birthday. what are the chances?!!!

how are you feeling?



jamielee - April 7

Wow I hope its a good birthday! Thats my fathers b-day!

Well I'm ok, very nervous because I have had off and on spotting! The nurse keeps saying don't worry because mys #'s are so good but how can I not? Its not red just light pink and sometimes light brown and no cramps. I just want to know! I think from being nervous I am masking my symptoms which is also scarring me!


nadiaaboutaleb - April 7

Robin don't worry we all felt like AF was coming but then it didn't and we got bfp. keep being positive.

Jamielee i keep thinking about you cause i am 6 days behind you. we are both freaking out, and we both don't really have pregnancy symptoms although our numbers are good. Lets try to keep being positive and keep supporting each other :) you are in my prayers.


RGerber - April 7

Jamielee -

I asked my doctor yesterday about what is "normal" and she said, cramping, bloating, anxiousness, mood swings, and spotting. So I said, "so basically PMS symptoms are normal?". And she said yes!

So it seems like the spotting is normal but of course how could you not freak out when that happens? I would be too! Remind me, you are 5 weeks?

Keep the faith!



jamielee - April 7

I'm 6 weeks and 1 day. My doctors are saying the same thing apparently spotting is no big deal to them! I wish I could feel that way! Some days I'm fine and feel like everything is ok then I am sad and worried!


RGerber - April 7

Hang in there!!!!



trababy - April 7

Anniekate- it is so nice to hear that all is going well- doubly well- congrats on twins-twice the excitement! I am exactly one week from my fourth iui. I have not one twinge of symptoms- on and off cramps but it feels more like gas or nerves. We will see. I do another iui b4 moving to IVF. Patience sure is a virtue hah. Best wishes


valerie - April 7

Congratulations on the twins Anniekate!!!

Boy, we sure have been getting a lot of BFP's these days.....this must be a lucky site!

I'm very anxious for Wednesday to arrive and have my next scan...this next one should tell all.

Since they didn't do my beta again, I have no idea where my numbers are and I've been tempted to use the other HPT I have just for encouragement.
Problem is....the last time I used one it showed BFN and I'm scared. I just stare at it and then put it away.

I've been thinking of everyone and wishing all you who are waiting for blood tests BFP's
I'm also wishing Jaimielee would start throwing up or at least get dizzy!!! Ditto for me!



trababy - April 8

Hope everyone had a nice Easter, mine was kind of a disaster. Besides a blow out fight with my husband we had to have dinner at his parents house and afterward they showed all too many "o-so-cute" home videos of his son- my step son. Don't get me wrong- I love him dearly and have been in his life since he was 8 or so months old, but the ahhing and oohing was a bit much to endure when going through fertility issues. Grandma constantly saying oh rewind this part- isn't that the cutest baby ever stung like hot lava. Needless to say I now have a headache. I am on day 8 of my 4th iui with little to no confidence, I cannot imagine this one working if the first 3 failed this oneobviously will as well. June feels forever away. The only good feeling I get is when I visit this sight and read all the wonderful news that has begotten many ladies trying so hard. Much baby dust to all.


RGerber - April 9

I am so sad to read your post. So sorry about your difficult Easter and your insensitive in-laws. I have noticed however that people that have not been through this kind of thing (family included) don't seem to get how difficult it really is. Although I don't know them I would imagine they are very hopeful for more grandkids.
Try and hang in there and try to stay hopeful.
Are you considering IVF if this round of IUI doesn't work?

xo Robin



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