2 week wait - symptoms
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valerie - April 4

Hi all,

Had my first scan today....they saw one sac...no yolk yet. This may be long.....bare with me.

The tech thought it was too early to do a scan...she said she doubted she'd see anything but thick lining....she said this before the ultrasound. She then recalculated when I told her they were 5 day embies and said she "might" see something. So she saw one sac. She said it could be that it's too early for the yolk...don't panic....but you'll have to come back.

Great. So then I see my ob/gyn (my ivf doctor is out of state and only saw them twice)
My ob said my cervix was closed...that's good. He said the same as the tech...could be too early to see a fetus /yolk. I have to come back next Wednesday. He said at this stage of pregnancy, 4 or 5 days makes a world of difference.

I asked the ob/gyn about my low HCG numbers ....his answer...."you have to start somewhere". I asked him if he was concerned about the numbers being so low....he said no.....they doubled after each blood test so that's all that matters.

He then decided NOT to do another HCG blood test. He said...why bother? You should be at 1200 or better but if you're at 2000 we should see more development. Either way, we do nothing and know nothing until we do another scan next week.
He said the HCG would only mess with my nerves and sanity.

So, I still know nothing. I guess I do know that there is at least a sac...that rules out chemical pregnancy.

My IVF doctor called and agreed that this scan was probably too early.
Frankly, I'd rather have waited. Now I've got another week.....both Doctors say we will know for sure then.

Seems like all I do is wait.
Now I really wish I'd throw up!!



doglover - April 5

Hi Valerie
I am sorry-that is such a difficult place to be. I am actually surprised that they did not repeat the hcg level. I had a similar situation with my m/c. Only a sac was seen when we had hoped to see a bit more. The only difference is that it was an unexpected pregnancy, and we did not know how far along I was because my periods were abnormal. They told us it was probably too early to see anything else. When we repeated the u/s, they confirmed there was no change. I actually started to have decreasing hcg numbers at that point. It was heartbreaking. I pray that it is still too early for you. Hang in there. I am sure that next week cannot come soon enough.
Take care,


Sikora - April 5

Hi All
I just has my first IUI on Monday and was wondering if there are things I can look for....I am new to all the "short hand" and lingo in the chat rooms so I feel a little lost. This is the first one I have joined


valerie - April 5


Thanks. Yeah, it's definately a hard place to be. One thing that gave me hope.....when I called my ob/gyn to schedule the ultrasound...the nurses all argued with me and said it was too early....they finally relented.

When I got there today...prior to the ultrasound, the tech said she thought it was too early and she didn't expect anything to show on the scan. The fact that she said this before and not after, gives me some hope.

I do wish they would have done the HCG and now Wednesday seems like a year away.
Has anyone else had this?

Also Lindsey....on a personal note....I'm a dog lover too and have a beautiful German Shepard.....his only fault.....he sheds like crazy!!


RGerber - April 5


Hi Sikora,

I hear you! The attached link is another site that I don't like as much as this one but they do have a page dedicted to the definitions of all the lingo. Very helpful!
I can't tell you what symptoms to look for as I did IVF and I think it is very different. I do wish you loads of luck and good baby vibes!


JaneX - April 5

Valerie - isn't it awful to be sent away and told you need to wait for more time! I feel like I am forever waiting. When I went for my first scan at 5w5d they all were sacks and yolks but in one of them you could hardley see the yolk - I couldn't see it the doctor had to point it out to me and even then I was like 'Ok whatever you say'. It just looked like an empty sack to me so I am not suprised it was too early to see the yolk at your scan. Anyway, hopefully the next week does not drag out too much for you.



jamielee - April 5

Hi Valerie, I called 2 days in a row and asked for my bloodwork because I couldn't wait for 2 weeks! I know its hard but it really is to early!! and if your hcg is still climbing it might take a little longer. You have come so far it will be OK! I hear alot of people only see the sack at this point! My ultrasound isn't until 4/16 ahhhhhhh!!

Lindsay, I still don't feel pregnant so don't worry! No sore boobs, the little tired I felt is gone and no nausea!! I have had a few headaches though! Can you see why I needed that bloodwork!! I feel good and it doesn't feel right!? Your wait is almost over!! Are you going on sat. or mon.?? I am praying for you!! Your 2ww feels longer than mine!!


nadiaaboutaleb - April 5

Valerie so sorry you have to wait another week. but now you prepared me not to see much as i am going next wednesday for my first scan and i will be by then 5w7d so almost like you. Hang in there at least you saw a sac and your numbers are good. everything will be just fine i am sure.


caab - April 6

Hello everyone,

I have not checked in for awhile. I recvd a BFP on 2-15. I wanted to check and see how everyone is doing.

AnnieKate, I am very happy for you and how exciting to see the results tomorrow.


I hope you are doing well and apologize for not checking in, the 1st 3 months has been a very stressful time, I have had a couple of scares, all is well. Hope you are great and enjoying this time. Keep me updated at [email protected]

To all other ladies, the journey is hard but worth it when you receive that BFP. Your time will come.



trababy - April 6

Hi Chris, it is nice to hear from you. Happy to hear all is well. I guess the worrying never subsides hah? Wait til their driving :) I thought of AnnieKate too the last few days. She finds out soon if she is having twins. Best wishes to all.


doglover - April 6

Hi Valerie

I have 2 German Shepards-a male and female. They are my favorite breed!!! I have been thinking of you. Let me know how your next appointment goes.

On the other hand, I am dreading the next few days when I get my beta test done. I have had a lot of my same PMS signs although less dramatic than normal. I have definitely had a low grade headache the past few days. I get one before my period but usually stronger. Because I am on a higher dose of progesterone this round, I attribute these differences to this change.

Robin, how are you? I did not do a hpt and do not think I will do one...



VTB - April 6

Hi All,

I'm back. Everyone here is new since the last time I posted back in February. I will be going for my second IUI on Sunday. I can't believe how fast the time goes. Looks like I will be joining all of you here once more for the dreaded tww. This time will be longer as dh is going out of town on business for a week - so I will only have you ladies to drive nuts with my symptoms and questions. LOL.
This cycle my RE prescribed the Prometrium suppositories. Anyone have any info on this for me? I have to take it three times a day - just wondering are there any bad side effects?

Thanks and baby dust to all! Congrats to all the BFP's!


anniekate - April 6

Hi friends! I haven't posted here in awhile, but I wanted to give you all an update. We went for the ultrasound this morning and it was just great.

We have TWINS!!! They measured perfectly for 8wks2days at 8.2 and 8.4 and hearbeats were both strong at 160 and 175! The doctor said they looked great.

As some of you know I had been very concerned over the last three weeks of waiting because I went in at one day under 5 weeks due to severe abdominal pain on the right side. They thought the pain was probably my overstimulated right ovary, but they couldn't see anything on the u/s. they seemed fine and said it was just too early and my numbers were doubling. So, I didn't know until today, but all really was fine! So that's my encouragment to those of you who got scanned early and didn't see much. SO much happens in a few weeks, even a few days. today everything was just awesome. So be encouraged that you will most likely see much more next time, especially if your numbers are good.

I would love to hear updates from any of you. Hope all is well.

AnnieKate :) :)


RGerber - April 6

Hi Annie Kate -

I'm new on here but want to say congratulations! How happy!
I did IVF on March 25th. I find out on Monday, April 9th if I am pregnant. Hopefully I'll have some good news like yours one day!

All the best! :)



destinybaby - April 6

Hi ladies,

so much good news can't keep up, Lili I meant you deserve that BFP and I am sure you will get it. Any line is a good sign an dI meant what I said you have been such a support for so many of us you deserve the BFP.

Anni Kate. GONGRATS!!! ON YOUR TWINS!!! WOW HOW WONDERFUL . What a wonderful Easter Gift.

Double the fun.



vw79girl - April 7

Annie Kate...
Just want to say...Congratulations! When will you be able to find out the sexes of your twins?
Get lots of rest!

Robin~ good luck on Monday!




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