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mjforney - December 23

Jamie! Thanks for the fabulous idea!!!!! I am putting a heating pad on my shopping list!!!


JENNY22074 - December 24

Just stopping in to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas...Talk to you all soon.


Tracy1 - December 30


My baby was conceived through IVF and I had a weird dizzy spell in the second week that made me think I could be pregnant. By week 4 I was just feeling weird in the tummy and week 6-8 I had 2 weeks of nausea but that's it.
It wasn't really til week 16 that I actually felt pregnant other than that.



bdantonio - December 31

hats normal with most pregnancies


Tracy1 - January 8


Hope evrything is ok.

I also had that cramping in the first few months off and on and sometimes if I sneezed and then it just got less and less.


[quote author=anniekate link=board=9;threadid=4022;start=0#34299 date=1175478043]
Your numbers are good for a singleton! Very solid.

I have a question. I read on another post that you went through a tubal pregnancy. I have had a little fear that I might have one,...although the doctors checked me out the day after my pregnancy test and seemed to think it was unlikely. I'd like to share my symptoms with you and get your feed back. Ultimately, I'll find out concrete info. this Friday when they do my 8 1/2 week ultrasound, but I've just been waiting so long to get there and haven't had anyone to discuss this with who has any experience. Here goes.

The week before my pregnancy test I had severe cramping on Wed. with some noticeable pain on my right side. Then on Sunday night, the day before my 14 day past e.t. preg. test, I had severe pain on my right side. It lasted about 20 minutes. I started to think about going to the emergency room but it subsided. Take note that this was VERY early on, even before the pregnancy test. It felt like something was rupturing. Then it stopped.

The next day I told the nurse. When my preg. test came back positive, she had me come in the next day to get examined. Again, I was just 4 1/2 weeks. The doctor looked at my ovaries and said they were HUGE and that he really suspected that the pain was a overstimulated ovary, and probably a corpus luteum cyst that ruptured, which is very painful but they typically resolve on their own. He didn't see any other evidence of an ectopic. However, since I was so early, he didn't see anything in the uterus yet either, except a "stripe", (I think it's some sort of thickening of the uterus that happens early in a pregnancy where the embryos would have implanted but can't be seen yet. The fact that he didn't see sacs yet worry him since it was so early and he said most people aren't even scanned that early. So he just told the nurse to do another beta on me and the next day (48 hours from the original blood test), my numbers had more than doubled from 2650 to 5708. I guess one sign of a possible ectopic is declining or sporadic patterns in the HCG levels, versus doubling every 48 hours. I think based on that, they said just come back in three weeks for the ultrasound and didn't think there was a problem. Also, the pain subsided to just occasional mild pain in the same place I had it before. It has become less and less and now it rarely happens. The only reason I continue to worry is that I read online that the pain with an ectopic can vary in intensity, and since, technically, they didn't see anything in my uterus, I'm not totally reassured yet that it's okay. Anyway, I'm thinking it's probably okay, but every once in a while I'll read something where a person saw a sac at 4.5 weeks and I get anxious. I guess I would like to either be reassured or to get feedback on the pattern of your ectopic in case this is could be one.
This is such a delicate and sensitive time. It's hard not to over analyze everyting. I hope you are reassured in your situation, too. I really think your numbers tell it all, although I'm no doctor.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.



destinybaby - January 9

Hi Jamie

How are you doing with those beautiful babies of yours. I am getting myself prepared for my delivery soon.

I am having a problem choosing a stroller for twins and since I am a 1st time mom it makes it so much harder. which one did you get? also, which car seat did you get?

Gosh there is so much to know

I just had my shower, it was sooo much fun I got a lot of stuff that i really needed including 4 bassinets. 2 will be going back. Are you using a bassinet for the boys?

How did you manage with the c-section and caring for the boys?

sorry for the many questions, its gettng so close and I am freaking out and I thought you may have some answers for me.

Hope all is well.



jamielee - January 9

Hi Tia, I'm so happy to hear from you!! You will have those babies very soon!! I actually set up one of the babies cribs in my room and put it right against the bed with the rail down so I can roll over and reach right in if I need to! Although they do end up in my bed some mornings.

The c-section took about a week to feel well, its still sore after that but its not to bad, just take your meds and its really not to bad. In the hospital I would get up every 3 hours to go down to special care to breastfeed Jace. By day 2 I would walk while pushing Jacob's bassinet down to the nursery, I guess I used him as a walker! So while it is a major surgery if you get up and move around its better for you!

I have not bought a stroller yet!! I was having the same problem myself and since its winter I am just going to wait until spring! (we don't get out much) I have a single stroller from my son that fits our car seat so if needed I will put one in the carrier that you wear and the other in the stroller.

Please keep me posted!!!



bdantonio - January 9

i had a c-section with my first nd your right getting up and moving helps alot. I actually thought a c-section was not bad at all long as you do as you are told.


JulieC - January 9

I am not having twins but a friend of mine is and the only advice I had heard was to get one that lets them ride one behind the other or one on top of the other because the side by side versions can't get through most door ways.
Good Luck!


JENNY22074 - January 9

I have seen on some websites the twin strollers where the babies face each other....If I were having twins this wousl seem ideal to me...I actually looked into getting it for my mom when I have this baby since my niece who will be about a year older then Gabriel comes to visits sometimes..Best of luck with your delivery and your blessed event.


destinybaby - January 18

Hi Ladies,

Sorry for the delay in replying. I was having some problems getting on the site.

Thank you all so much for you awsome advice on c-section and the stroller for the twins.

I am sooo uncomfortable at night, no sleep for me. These babies are up alllll night. I am so ready for them to come.



bdantonio - January 18

destiny im with you the sooner the better for my c-section


jamielee - January 29

Hi Tia, Wondering if you had any news yet!! Any time now! I bet you are so ready! Although my babies are nearly 3 months I feel like it was so long ago I was pregnant!! Time flies!! I'm still really tired the babies are still eating EVERY 3 hours!!!! The past 2 nights they slept from 12 to 7 am so hopefully this is the beginning of more sleep! I am still breastfeeding both which is going pretty well just pumping and bottle feeding but all breast milk except 3 nights a week they have 1 bottle of formula when I work! I just never have any to spare. They are full of smiles and sound as though they are beginning to laugh a bit!! Sooo cute!

Well good luck ladies thinking of you all and you are all so close so hang in there!!



JENNY22074 - January 29

Hey just wanted to let those of you know that Gabriel is weighing in at 4.8 pounds and is measuring at 32.4 weeks in gestation...Also we have another sonogram scheduled for February 25 where he will be measured and weighed once again...At this point in time there is talk about moving his due date to sometime in March...He looks good and is doing well...We have technically hit single digits in our countdown...We are at 9 weeks left and counting...Hope everyone is happy and healthy and in good spirits...Talk to you all later...


lisa13 - January 30

that sounds great. so glad your doing well.


JENNY22074 - February 15

Has anyone heard from Tia?...Just wondering if she had the babies or not....

How is everyone else doing?



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