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JENNY22074 - February 15

Has anyone heard from Tia?...Just wondering if she had the babies or not....

How is everyone else doing?


Maha - February 25

Hi!!! I am also in the same boat...I am 4 weeks pregnant throught IVF and I dont feel any symptoms yet, everyone says its still early, and tell me to wait it will happen, and when it does you'll wish it\'ll stop hehehe...The onl,y pain im feeling is from my progersterone shots is anyone taking them and does anyone have any advice as to how to lessen the pain, please help...


JENNY22074 - March 3

Hey everyone...Sorry I have not posted in a long time...My computer has beren down so I can only check things once a week from my mom's house for mnow...Hope all is well with everyone...MY doctor says that he will not let me go past my due date of April 1st so it looks like we will be having a bab probably at the end of March...Talk to you all next week...


JasJulesMom - March 7

Jenny how are you feeling any news yet on if the dr is going to induce


lili246 - March 7

Hi girls I am back I have talk to you girls in the past. I was out on maternity leave for 3 months and now I am back to work..UGH
My son will be 3 months old this march 10th.

Glad to hear that your lil ones are doing good.

You are almost there girl, good luck and keep us posted.

You are pregnant.....YAY congrats and best wishes!!

Love Lili


JasJulesMom - March 8

Thanks Lili I am so excited. How is the baby doing must be hard going back to work. Enjoy the time they grow tooo fast


lili246 - March 10

The baby is doing great. He is 3 months old today. They sure grow so fast.
It is hard coming back to work but they are in good hands with my mom she takes care of them which I feel comfortable :)

So when is your due date? How are you feeling? Any morning sickness?

Have a great day..


JENNY22074 - March 16

Sorry ladies I am still down a computer and only am getting out of the house one Sundays and Tuesdays...We have my sonogram and dr followup on Tuesday...Last week I had started to dilate and was at least a centimeter...My cervix is thinning on a daily basis and he is certainly putting much pressure down there...The days are getting longer for me and we will certainly be talking inducment at my doctor's visit in a couple days...I miss being here with you all each day and I hate having to play catch up once a week...It is so much to catch up on by the time I am on and able to write...Is there any other new preggo's or people on the 2 week wait...I will be back on in a couple days...Talk to you all then...The doctor is expecting Gabriel to be weighing in at 8 pounds or more come Tuesday and I will be 38 weeks at that point...He is certainly a big boy....Talk to you all in a couple days


jamielee - March 18

Hi lili,
I'm glad to hear you are doing well! I Know that going back to work is tough! I'm only working 3 nights a week but even that is tough sometimes. I wish that Tia would give us an update I felt so close to her during this whole process! I hope she is doing well!!

Jenny, you are sooo close girl!!! Can't wait to hear from you with news!

I can't believe how time flies!! My babies are 4 1/2 months already! They are so cute they hold hands when they sleep at night and they started cooing and baby talking to each other! I feel so lucky because they have been so good so far but I know when they move about it will get difficult!

Glad to hear everyone is doing well!!



lili246 - March 18

I know what you mean girl time goes by so fast that once you notice they are all grown up.
I am very happy with my little man aswell he sleeps great at night and he starts laughing and smiles alot. He also starts cooing and I just love that it is a wonderful feeling and I am very happy with my two little boys.

So are you going to try to concieve again soon?

I will wait for atleast 3 years and hope I can get the girl so that will be it for me. we shall see :)

Have a great day!!

Love Lili


RB - March 18


it's been 3 weeks and 2 days since ET and i am definitely 2nd beta came back at 594...but i have to convince myself at times that its true...i have no m/s and other than feeling more tired than usual and somewhat bloated...i have no major symptoms...i cant wait for my first u/s which is in another 3 weeks to be sure that everything is ok.



lili246 - March 18

Congrats girl I am so happy for you :)
I know sometimes you think it;s not true and can't believe it but it is girl have fun and good luck :)


RB - March 18

Thanks Lili :)

Dh and I are elated. After 10 years of marriage and about 5 years of serious trying, this is our very first pregnancy and on our first IVF too!!!...we feel very blessed already and are anxiously looking forward to being parents...i will cherish every moment...m/s and all :)



lili246 - March 18

Ofourse enjoy every moment of it everything is all worth it and having a baby is such a blessing and a wonderful thing. Those m/s are not the best but all worth it :) Enjoy it as much as you can and time goes by fast that once you notice you will be having your baby in your arms.
I am happy that you finnaly made it good job and god bless.

Love Lili


JENNY22074 - March 19

Hello everyone...It looks like the time has come for Gabriel to be born...FINALLY....We went to the doctor yesterday and he is almost 8 pounds and measuring 38 weeks and 5 days along...I was 38 weeks yesterday...So to not let him get to much bigger and possibly cause delivery complications the docotr is going to induce me next week...I don't have the day yet but we will know tomorrow what day they are going to induce me next week...So at some point next week I will finally see our baby boy and get to hold and kiss him...Such a long journey we have been on but was all worth it!!!!...I will let you know what date it will be on Sunday when I am at my mom's once again and able to utilize her computer...Take care....


lili246 - March 19

The best of luck girl I was induced aswell and it went just fine. Yeah you don't want your baby to keep growing and then have complications during delivery so inducement is a good idea. I bet you are very excited and can't wait to meet your little baby it will be a bless :)
Let us know

good luck and keep us posted



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