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bdantonio - December 8

Im feeling pretty good bored as all hell. I cant wait to have this child and get out of bed.


jamielee - December 9

We watched Frosty too!!
Beth I hope it goes by fast for you!!


bdantonio - December 9

i thought wit the holidays it would go by faster then it is.


JENNY22074 - December 11

Everyone - Mostly Beth...I had a brown spot in my c/m today and called the doctor and they wanted my to come into labor and delivery which I did...They did an exam and said that my cervix was short so the on call doctor ordered an u/s...6 weeks ago when I had my 18 week anamoly screening my cervix measured 3.8 and now it measures 2.7 which they say it may be thinning already...I am supposed to take it easy for now and on the 31st go to see my doctor who will then check me a possibly decide if it warrants bedrest or not...What is your opinion?


bdantonio - December 11

They will prolly stictch you close if it gets too thin and put you on bedrest forthe remainder of the pregnancy to keep presure off your cervix join the club its so fun in bed lol.
well everyone i am back from the ob all is well cervix is still closed. Baby is low though. She also thinks she is really long. My ob does not think i will make it to me c-section day. I was havingcontractions while there. She said anytime after 36 weeks she will let me have the baby.


mjforney - December 11

Hang in there and tell that baby you are not ready! :) Take it easy and watch all the old X-mas movies you can! :)


bdantonio - December 11

mihelle im aloud of bedrest at 36weeks. since i can have the baby anytime from then on and its okay so 6 more weeks of the bed . At least the finish line is in sight now. She also thinks the baby is very long.


jamielee - December 14

Jenny how are you?? What did the doc say??


mjforney - December 15

Jenny... What is the status ??


jamielee - December 19

Nadia, I'm sure you had the baby by now. Let us know how things are. Hope all is well!!


nadiaaboutaleb - December 20

hi everyone. i had my baby on december 3rd, after a very long and tiring labor that ended in a c-section as the cord was wrapped around my baby's leg so everytime he tried to come out, it would pull him back in. it has been realy hard the first weeks. no sleep. and he is crying all the time. he is not not an easy one! but i am coping taking it one day at a time.


jamielee - December 21

Wow Nadia I guess you had a pretty rough delivery!! All that labor and then a section!!! I'm sorry honey! I guess he didn't want to come out yet!!
My twins were great the first month now I am exhausted!! They have been crying alot the past few days and we are not sleeping at all!! The only good thing is they are on the same schedule even when they cry, and they don't wake each other if the other one is crying! Hang in there it will get better!! I have been using a heating pad to warm the crib before I put them down and it has been working miracles! They fall asleep right away if its warm enough!! My first son was such a handful and I remember praying to get through all the crying! Then I looked back and realized how fast it really goes by!! So heres to looking back after we move forward!!


nadiaaboutaleb - December 21

warming the crib!!! great idea. how? My son doesn't like his bed cause it is not warm enough. how do you warm it?


bdantonio - December 21

My first daughter was soo picky when it came to sleeping still is. She will be 3 in January. She has to have those 100% cotton (jersey knit) sheets. If they hard stiff in any way she wont use them. As a baby it had to be gerber sheets, they were the softest and they never made her chilly they kept her warmer.


jamielee - December 21

I put a heating pad in the crib where the baby sleeps for about 5 mins. then I move it to the other side for the other one. I'm telling you its works great!!


mjforney - December 23

Jamie! Thanks for the fabulous idea!!!!! I am putting a heating pad on my shopping list!!!



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