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lili246 - October 8

My most sincere condolenses for you and dh. I know how you are feeling and I respect your feeling right now. I went through the same thing last year aswell in october 31 I will never forget that day either. it is a worse nightmare and I will pray for your lii angel in heaven. I know it takes time to recuperate and to find the light again and it is all normal Please let us know if we can help in anything and you know that we will be here for you girl.
I am sorry and hope that you recuperate soon.

Love ya


snooppy707 - October 8

Hello everyone,

Well we are at it again. They said it was okay to start again. I'm going to go back to my re to see what he says about the progesterone. Thanks everyone.


bdantonio - October 8

snoopy how long has it been since your m/s. Has itbeen 3mths? they always told me to wait 3mths.


lili246 - October 8

My doctor told me after my last m/c to wait atleast 2 months so we highly recommend to wait atleast that 2 months just to make sure your body is all ready to start again.

What are you taking for that cold? I have a cold and don't want to take anything at 7 months pregnant which the doctor said it is ok to take sudafed..


bdantonio - October 9

llili you can take sudafed i did up until the day i delivered my daughter. ALso tylenol products are ok.


lili246 - October 9

Thanks Beth!!! I am feeling much better though. I had some lemon juice for 2 days and that seemed to help. I did buy the sudafed just in case I got worse.



JENNY22074 - October 10

Hello Eddie - How are you feelng these days? Hope you are feeling better. WHen is your next appointment and or ultrasound? Are you going to find out what it is? Mine is November 1st and I am dreading the next 3 weeks. I will have gone 5 weeks in between the next and last appointment. I don't like that at all.

Good morning Beth - How are you feeling? YOu still taking the medication that the doctor prescribed? Hope all is well with you and that precious little girl.

Has anyone heard from Snoopy and know how she is doing?

Lili246 - How is that cold of yours? I hope it jas pretty much diminished by now.

How is everyone else doing? Most of you are probably getting really excited about the upcoming births!!!!! I can't wait until I hit that mark next year. It sounds so far away though. I am just anxiously awaiting that first flutter/movement.


lili246 - October 10

Thanks Jenny,
My cold is almost gone. I didn't take the sudafed I instead had some lemons. I sqeeze about 3 lemons on a cup and heated it up alittle and drank it. I did this for 2 days and I think this helped me alot because I am feeling way better today.
I have a doctor's appointmen today hope everything goes well.
Don't worry time is going by so fast that once you notice you will be holding your baby. I am getting closer and closer each day and I just can't wait to meet my lil one :)

Have a great day!!



bdantonio - October 10

Jenny yeah im still one the meds they are helping thank goodness. My next ob apt is 10/19.

Question for the room: i am 6 mths and my breast have started to leak with my daughter it started at eight anyone else have this at 6 mths?

I think this is the first questions i didnt know the answer too.


Eddie - October 10

Hi Jenny- still feel like crap, this cold had really settled in and all I do is blow my nose and cough in between working of sucks. I am still waiting for that glowing feeling you are supposed to get.

My next check up with my ob is 22 of Oct which seems forever as well. It has been awhile since I have seen her and I don't like it either. My next big scan is 11/8 so looking forward to that.

They also changed my due date at my last scan to Aprils Fools Day, everybody thinks it is hilarious. I think it is kinda of cool.

Beth- in my books it said colostrum can leak at 14 wks so I guess you are right on track.........


bdantonio - October 11

thanks eddie i looked it up in the books a little while later. I was like well i get eveyother symptom why not. Something else to add to my list.


lili246 - October 11

Hey girls well my new due date is 12-2-07 instead of 12-14-07 what a difference ha.
Well I have a question my doctor sent me yesturday to the hospital to have an u/s done because I told her that my baby wasn't moving as much as usually so she order a u/s and a non stress test.
I saw my baby's heartbeat and the stress test came back normal and the baby was very active.
But the nurse gave me a paper with the results of the u.s and she stuck it on an envelope and told me to give it to my doctor at my next doctor's appointment which I go next wednesday.
But at the bottom of the paper it says:
Bilat dilated renal calyces vs. polycystic kidney disease and show a number 18.3cm AFI. I really don't know what this means and I am worry about it. I can't called my doctor and tell her what this means because I don't think that I was suppose to open that envelope but I did and now I am stressing and concern if there is something wrong with my baby.
Which I hope and pray to god that nothing is wrong with my baby.
If you girls have any idea of what this might be please help me take this stress away.

Thank you so much

Love Lili


mjforney - October 12


Did you hear from your Dr. yet?


bdantonio - October 12

llil i would call the dr so what if you should not of opened it.


JENNY22074 - October 12

Hello all. Lili did you contact the doctor's office? If so, what did they say about the paperwork. Hope all is well with everyone else and talk to you all soon.


lili246 - October 12

Hello ladies,
well keeping you posted I just called my doctor's office and told them that I had an envelope for the doctor she said to bring that with me at my next appointment they were the results of the u/s then that was when I told her I wanted to know if everything was ok with the baby and she said it was. I did mention about me reading on those papers that is said something about kidney problems and I was concern that my baby had a problem, she said if there was a problem they would of told my doctor yesturday after my u/s which I know they called her but never mention anything about the kidney and she said if there was something wrong the doctor would of called me to get me in right away to talk about the results if there was a problem but she said everything is fine I guess no news is good news.
I am just praying for the best and I I always tell the other ladies have faith and trust in god now it;s my turn to do that and be faithful. Which I am it made me feel better talking to that girl in the doctor's office but I think I will be more relax when I see her next wednesday hope that times goes by fast.

Isn't it nice that my due date used to be 12-14 now it is 12-2 that is wonderful and it sounds like the baby is doing good, growing like it's suppose to be don't you think ladies?

Thanks for everything have a great weekend..

Love Lili



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