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lili246 - October 12

Hello ladies,
well keeping you posted I just called my doctor's office and told them that I had an envelope for the doctor she said to bring that with me at my next appointment they were the results of the u/s then that was when I told her I wanted to know if everything was ok with the baby and she said it was. I did mention about me reading on those papers that is said something about kidney problems and I was concern that my baby had a problem, she said if there was a problem they would of told my doctor yesturday after my u/s which I know they called her but never mention anything about the kidney and she said if there was something wrong the doctor would of called me to get me in right away to talk about the results if there was a problem but she said everything is fine I guess no news is good news.
I am just praying for the best and I I always tell the other ladies have faith and trust in god now it;s my turn to do that and be faithful. Which I am it made me feel better talking to that girl in the doctor's office but I think I will be more relax when I see her next wednesday hope that times goes by fast.

Isn't it nice that my due date used to be 12-14 now it is 12-2 that is wonderful and it sounds like the baby is doing good, growing like it's suppose to be don't you think ladies?

Thanks for everything have a great weekend..

Love Lili


mjforney - October 13

H Lili:
Thanks for sharing. I am so glad you got the answer you needed!!!

Best wishes!!!



JENNY22074 - October 13

Sounds like good news to me Lili. I hope you can enjoy your weekend now. Talk to you later.


lili246 - October 15

Thanks girl for your support. I will be going to the doctor this wednesday to make sure everything is ok. I will keep you posted, praying that everything is ok with my baby.

Love Lili


JENNY22074 - October 16

Best of luck Lili and you will be in my prayers on Wednesday. Talk to you all soon.


bdantonio - October 16

well my six month apt is friday at 10:20 am. Im happy that i made it this far but i cant wait till the end.


JENNY22074 - October 17

Hello everyone. How is everyone feeling these days? I have a question I guess maybe for those of you who are on their first time aroudn or can remember their first time around. WHen did you first feel that movement and what did it feel like? I think I may have already felt it and I am just not sure. If I have it certainly was not that magical moment that I thought it would be. Also, should I be feeling the round ligament pains already? I just turned 16 weeks today. Thanks for your help and I will talk to you all later.


bdantonio - October 17

Jenny: yes you would be feeling round ligament pain right around then. My first movement felt like a bubble popping in my stomache. i still get them. Your first movements are not as you would think, and only you get to enjoy them until about 6 mths. You move then likely will only feel them inside not from the outside. 16 weeks is about when i felt it the first time.


lili246 - October 17

Beth is right, at the begining it is kinda hard to determine if that was the baby moving. So you don't feel much and it's not what you expected. But once you get further along in your pregnancy your lil one will move and kick and that is what you will be expecting that movement that will make you smile everytime you feel your lil one move. At the begining it is hard to know if it was him/her that kicked. But you will feel it stronger later.
I started feeling my baby move around 18 weeks or so just very little and about 20 weeks they became very familliar.
Have fun!! :)



JENNY22074 - October 17

Hello everyone thank you for your responses. I went to labor and delivery today since I was leaking fluid. Or at least I thought I was leaking fluid. Everything is fine and normal. The amniotic fluid is the normal amount, the baby was moving and the heartrate is now 149. We did try to find out but our little one was stubborn and at first had the legs crossed and then when they did a transvaginal u/s to check the cervix they were closed tight. So he/she is not ready to reveal itself just yet. They did tell me that my cervix is measuring small for the age of the pregnancy. Anyone know what that may mean? THe dh thinks it may mean a c-section for sure. How are you doing Lili? How did your appointment go? Talk to you all soon.


bdantonio - October 17

well jenny according to the old saying if the baby was awake and the heartrate is 140s its a girl. Came true for both mine


nadiaaboutaleb - October 18

hello everyone, glad everyone is doing great. i have a question. does anyone know how to differentiate between normal back pain and labor back pain? My lower back is killing me and i am not sure if this is normal. does maternity belt help? anyone tried it before? thanx and have a great weekend.



bdantonio - October 18

Nadia i had back labor with daughter it hurt to stand and i felt it to my belly and my legs


destinybaby - October 18

Hello Ladies,

It been a a while since i did a post. I see lots of activity on the board that's great.

well, for me its been just a bit too much excitement going on. On my 20 week visit to my Peri they found that my cervix was open and funneling (some placenta coming through) :( I was then sent to the hospital where they admitted, had to sleep basically upside down and the next morning I had surgery to close my cervix so now i am partial bed rest.

This has been such a trying time for me and DH because we just found out that its a boy and a girl :) so now I am trying to keep them in the oven for the next 4 months.

the good thing is we just moved into our new home so i feel more comfortable .

With everything DH and I have gone througn its seems not to get any easier. So far babies are doing fine moving around alot. Its amazing.

Lots of baby dust to all


lili246 - October 18

Hello girls,
Hey girl well I don't have really good news. I went to the doctor yesturday and had to wait for the doctor because she had to leave to the hospital, she did come back and then when she checked on me she did like a papsmear it is to check if I have any infection. I guess I will get the results next week. Hope that there is no infection.

Then she said that the u/s came back ok.

I told her that I was concern about something that I had read, and she said that they saw that the kidney was dilated? I don't really know what this meant and I told her if it was something bad for the baby and they said no. She said that theyw ere going to send me to a specialist to have like a 3D u/s so that they can make sure. She said those normal u/s are not 100% accurate so she will send me to a specialist so that they can check to see if the baby was something on his kidneys.

The nurse said when she was giving me another appointment she said if I knew that the baby had cycst on his kidneys which I didn't know and I guess that was what the doctor meant. So the doctor explain that it might be cycst thats why she wants to make sure and send me to have another u/s. But it could be and I told her that if it was something bad and she said that it wasn't she said that it is very common in a pregnancy and if for some reason the baby has it once he is born they will check him agian and maker sure if he has that and then cure him for that.

So well see what it really is. I really pray that it is nothing bad with his kidneys. I really trust in god and I know that he will send me a healthy baby.

Please help me pray for this lil one.

get plenty of rest girl you need it for those lil ones. I am glad that they are moving around and hope that you get all the way to those 4 months left. Hang in there and everything will be alright.

Have a great day

Love Lili


bdantonio - October 19

destiny: i have been bed riden since 3 weeks it sucks.

lili: i will pray for you.

Well went to my 6mths check up today i ahve a bladder infection. And the baby is still breach but it doesnt matter since im a scheduled c-section anyways. THe only part that sucks is her feet stay kicking my bladder and it hurts alot since i have a bladder infection. Well talk to you all soon



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