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Eddie - September 23

Jenny - hope you are doing ok, I have had a few sharp pains here and there and I have heard that is normal. I also had a nasty scare and am still unsure about things at the moment. On tuesday of last week I started bleeding, it started out brown and was enough to cover a pad and I had one episode of pink that night. Called me RE and she did a scan and baby looked ok. But I have continued to spot brown all week and am still spotting. I don't know what it could be. I have my nuchal scan tomorrow...............fingers crossed it is ok.

Any of you other ladies have any brown spotting thoughout your pregnancy, I am nearly 13 wks.


jamielee - September 24

Hi Eddie, I'm not sure if you have seen my posts about spotting, I had ALOT of it!! I had a very heavy bleed with clots at 10 weeks and then spotted slightly every other day until 14 weeks, I know how scary it is! The entire first 14 weeks of my pregnancy I wore a pantyliner! I would only spot a little, brown or bright red but it was always there! They still don't know why maybe because of having twins or one of the placentas was over my cervix. I also had a bad bladder infection that I was unaware of which was also causing spotting. My babies are just fine and if the doctor says the baby looks ok I'm sure they are right! Hope this helps a bit, I know I was a wreck dealing with not knowing what was causing it.



bdantonio - September 24

eddie ask the your re about subcortal bleed i had one. Its a pocket of blood that gets trapped from your last period. Your body will eventually either dissovle it or release it no danger to baby though. Its brownish usually with some pink due to it being old blood. Usually if your body does not release it then you will bleed it aroung the end of 1st triemster to the beginning of 2nds. When your uterus gets bigger and baby grows and puts pressure on the baby. Mine with this pregnancy slowly dissolved but it took till i was 16 weeks to go away. Dont freak out alot of women get it. I was jsut lucky that this time they say it before i bleed so i wouldnt freak but after 5 m.c i prolly still would of freaked.


JENNY22074 - September 24

Eddie - I am sure all wil be well at the nuchal. I enjoyed having mine and getting to see the baby move around so much and such a small size. It is amazing.

Hello all and thanks for the responses to my last post. I am feeling much beter now that I know things are pretty normal and it is mostly probably because this is my first pregnancy that has gone this far that I am freaking out and noticing everything. I am so grateful to have you all here to listen and offer advice. I follow up with my OB on my regular visit this Thursday.

How is everyone else. I see many of you are getting really close to the big day. I can't wait to be at that point myself. Best wishes and I will talk to you all later.


Eddie - September 25

Hi Jamie, Beth and jenny - thank you for your previous experiences and reassuring me that it is ok. i had my nuchal scan today and feel alot more relaxed. We are low risk and the baby was doing all the right things and i even got a DVD of it which is cool.

Other than that I threw up for the first time tonight. I have felt sick but never threw up. I thought this was suppose to get better. It is all part and parcel.

How many weeks are you all? I am 13weeks and counting.


bdantonio - September 25

eddie i am 19 weeks 2 days and cant wait to have it and be done


jamielee - September 25

I am HUGE! People tell me I should be bigger for twins but let me tell you I can't fit into anything!! All my maternity clothes I wore at 9 months pregnant with my son do not cover my belly! My belly button is sooo sore, it really hurts from stretching! I have no stretch marks but I am starting to worry that if I get much bigger I might get a few!!

I am with you Beth I am so ready! I can't breath so well the last week from all the pressure on my lungs. I am starting to become VERY uncomfortable. The babies have their feet in my rib cage so I am constantly pressing on them to get them to move.


nadiaaboutaleb - September 25

jamie i have the same feeling, i can't breath right and i can't sleep well at night cause i feel the baby pressing on my lungs or my rib cage. i can't wait to feel normal again.


bdantonio - September 26

jamie my last few weeks when i had my daughter i kept complainging of rib pain they told me it was just pressure from the baby. After my c-section and i told them my ribs still hurt. I found out that she cracked three ribs. Pregnancy is not as fun as some people think it will be.


JENNY22074 - September 26

Eddie - glad to hear that all is well. That is awesome that you were able to get a dvd.

Pregnancy seems to do weird stuff to everyone. So it is not all it is cracked up to be most times. That is weird. Boy did I have a different idea of it. I am still very tired all the time and the bathroom breaks seems worse some days.

Other then that I have my 2nd OB appointment tomorrow at 10:45am.

Talk to you all later.


bdantonio - September 27

My pregnancy with my daughter was no walk in the oark but it was not as hard as this one. I am just so glad that this will be my last. My sister-in-law has three kids and had the walk through the park pregnancy no m/s or anything. She was never even in labor more then 4 hrs. She had everyone all natural her last one she had in less then 2hrs. I love but hate her at the same time. However i kick myself all the time she was going to carry this one for me and i decided to try myself again i should of let her. I would just get to go to apts and enjoy the baby. MAn was i stupid. Well hope everyone is good.



lili246 - September 27

hey that is great that your sister didnt suffer at all while she was pregnant or while giving birth. She must of have done something different that we don't know. Can you tell her what she would do those last months and while she was at the hospital in order for her to deliver fast. SHe is very luck and I wish this pregnancy goes smoothly while in labor.

Have a great night.


snooppy707 - September 27

Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum and happy i'm here. I had a HSG done in June. They told me that my tubes were severely blocked and he tried to clear them as best he could. And I know he tried because it was the worst pain I ever had and lasted for three days along with heavy bleeding. I cried the entire three hour ride home only from the news not the pain. Did all the research and everything and started paying for the IVF. Missed AF last week and decided to test today. I got a BFP. We were both so excited. My first OB appointment will be wednesday of next week.


lili246 - September 27

Congratulations girl, I am so happy for you. That is such a blessing, what wonderful news. I bet you are as happy as you can be.
Hope you have such a blessing pregnancy and take good care of yourself.


jamielee - September 28

Congrats snoopy! That is truly a blessing!

Hi lili, How are you feeling?? Getting close!


nadiaaboutaleb - September 29

congrats snoopy. i hope everything goes well for you.




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