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nadiaaboutaleb - September 29

congrats snoopy. i hope everything goes well for you.



snooppy707 - September 30

Thank you!!!!!

We are soooooooo excited. I didn't have any symptons really. This evening I started feeling a little nausea but it went away. DH keeps asking if i'm okay every two hours. He sleeps more than I do. He has been sleeping like no more than five or six hours for the last four years. But, now he is sleeping like eleven or twelve hours a day. Not like him at all. My appetite is almost non existant. I have to make myself eat at least once a day a sandwich or something. I'm not really sure what is going on.


bdantonio - September 30

snoopy even though your not hungrey you should try to eat 5 -6 small meals a day. Your still early and m/s could still hit and you dont want to not eat now and then lose weight when or if you get m/s. I lost over 30lbs i am 20weeks and i have only gained 2 lbs all together not good.


jamielee - October 1

snoopy, it sounds like your dh is finally having a bit of peace with the pregnancy news! That is to cute that he is getting some rest! I hope you don't get the m/s! I started out with no appetite then I was throwing up all day!!

Wow Beth 2 lbs, thats crazy!! I think I'm at 40 pounds!! I gained 50 with my son, so I'm hoping to not gain to much more than that! AHHH, I don't even want to think about it! I'm sure breastfeeding twins will melt the pounds away. The crazy part is that I'm not eating any different than before I was pregnant. My Dr. says I'm retaining alot of water.
Well I have my first stress test tomorrow, wish me luck!


JENNY22074 - October 1

jaimelee how did the stress test go today? Hope all is well.

Snoopy - I am almost 14 weeks and did not have any symptoms. I had a couple nights of a little sick feeling but other then that it was a very huge appetite and frequent bathroom breaks. Sounds like the hubby is in this with you since he is the one sleeping. Lets call is sympathy sleep instead of sympathy pains. I had no troubles falling asleep with the pregnancy hormones and progesterone supplements. How is everything else going?

Beth - how are your feeling honey? Is the medications helping any? Hope all is going better.

How is everyone else? Talk to you all soon.


jamielee - October 1

I had a level 2 u/s today so I didn't need the stress test, but I do have one on Thursday! Baby A is 4lbs 1oz. and Baby B is 4lbs 7oz. I can't believe it!! Its like I have a 8 1/2 lb baby in me! I'm scared they are going to be huge for twins! The Dr said they will not stop labor after 35 weeks. That means its "possible" these guys will be here in 3 weeks!! I'm sure they won't, but still its exciting!! Oh and the bad news is Baby B is back to a breech position so back to c section possibilities!


JENNY22074 - October 1

Jaimelee - Sounds like those babies are doing just great. I know what you mean about the c section. I have already discussed with our OB that I want to go into labor. I just don't want to be scheduled for a c section. If I have to have one I want it to be decided after I am in labor. Does that sound weird? Anyway things sound like they are going good for you. Talk to you all later. Let us know what all goes on in the stress test on Thursday.


lili246 - October 1

wow you have only gain 2 lbs that is amazing. I am 29 weeks pregnant and I have gain 20 punds already can you believe it. Yeah at first I did get m/s and felt terrible and lost 4pounds but then I gain alot and my doctor told me that was not good. So I have to do some kind of exercize so that I won't gain more weight.

wow so you might have your babies sooner? wow that sure sounds like more than 8 lbs baby. wowo that is big hope that both babies can be born natural but hey as long as they come out ok that is all it matters. Good Luck!

Have a great evening.

Love Lili


bdantonio - October 2

well i have what they call hypermesis grandvilum its a rare but serious form of m/s you can lose up to 20% of your body weight. I look very pregnate but i am not putting the weight on. I lost a total of 33 and i have gained 2lbs as of my 18 week checkup.

Jenny i went to er today had cramping but everything is okay had a u/s while there they are pretty sure its another little girl. they told me to have the level two tech on thursday to double check though. But i say her good its a girl. she was moving around good and all. Last nigh dh got to feel the baby kick.


JENNY22074 - October 3

Can anyone tell me how long it takes to get the trople screen results back. Apparently I had that done yesterday and was not aware that it is not a mandatory blood test. Has anyone else had theirs done? What is it really for? Thank you for help and answers. How is everyone doing? Talk to you later.


JENNY22074 - October 3

Another girl Beth?!?!? I bet that eases you a little more. How is DH with that? He will be surrounded by females. I am glad that all is well and sorry to hear you had to go to the ER. Talk to you later.


bdantonio - October 3

dh is fine with it being a girl he wanted another girl at first then said a boy but hes said hes happy with two girls. Also a triple screen takes about a week. I had one, but didnt you have the first trimester scrrening also. If so then you only really needed the spindibifida part. thats all i had done with my triple screen cause the first trimester screening did all the rest. My level 2 u/s is tomorrow at 1pm. Im so excited i get to see the baby for like 2hrs.


JENNY22074 - October 3

The test they did yesterday was called something like an MSAFP. Does that sound about right? They had to date me against the computer and all. SOmething about the maternal serum something or other. When I looked it up it said triple screen. But, yeah I did have the first trimester screening u/s.


jamielee - October 4

I hate all those tests I had the worst luck this time around!
Today is my first official stress test. I am anxious to see how it goes. I feel pretty good this past week, still waitressing! My last day is the 26th. I can't believe I have 6 weeks left! Well she told me that I would go 2 weeks early. I am scheduling my c section on Tuesday just in case.

Beth you would be proud of me, I took all the tags off the baby clothes and washed them all! I still haven't opened any boxes though. I know I need to get moving but I'm still nervous! I have to move my son upstairs to his new room so I can get the babies room going!

Good luck on your tests Jenny!!


lili246 - October 4

Why do you get that long u/s? I had only had one u/s since my pregnancy and the doctor told me that I would have another u/s at 7 months and still no u/s I will ask her again this wednesday at my appointment.

Hey girl you are 6 weeks apart? wow time is going by so fast. So when did they give you your due date? Iknow having a c-section they give you what day they want you in. Are you nervous? So when are you scheduling for? Is this your first babies?
Well good luck and keep us posted :)

Love Lili


jamielee - October 5

Hi lili,
I will find out on Tuesday when it will be, I hope they give me a say in it but probably not! I can't believe only one u/s!! I have had at least 15 only because of being high risk due to twins and all the bleeding in the beginning!
I have a 4 1/2 year old son who is really excited about having 2 brothers! I think we talked about being the only girls in the house!! All boys here!
well talk to you later



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