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JENNY22074 - September 19

Good morning fellow mommies. How is everyone doing today? I have the first trimester screenign today so I am a little worried. Most of my symptoms seem to come and go now. The only thing that I seem to have a lot of is cramping (like gas). Some days it seems neverending. I still check the toilet paper after wiping each trip I make to the bathroom. I actually sleep 7 hours straight with no wakening to use the bathroom. I am just praying that the little one is still haning out and growing. I turned 12 weeks yesterday and have not had the opportunity to hear the baby'S heartbeat for 3 weeks now. This is the main reason we decided to have the screening. This wait is horrible. Does anyone know if they will print pictures to take home when we have this done? Alright, I will talk to you all later. My appointment is at 1:30 for the bloodwork and then 1:45 for the ultrasound.


jamielee - September 19

Hi Jenny, Don't worry I had alot of cramping also! Just ask for a picture when you go and I'm sure they will give it to you! Good luck today I'm sure all is well!


JENNY22074 - September 19

Thanks. Might they be able to see the sex today? I saw on one of the pregnancy websites that you can tell if you have genetic tesing at this gestation. I thought maybe we might have a chance. I am so glad that someone else was real crampy as well. I called the dr's office yesterday and they said since I was not bleeding it was most likely something I ate or just the uterus growing. Talk to you later.


nadiaaboutaleb - September 19

Jenny it is very difficult to know the sex at 12 weeks not before another month when you can know the sex.


JENNY22074 - September 19

Yeah we found that out when we asked them when we got there. Everything is normal readings. The heartbeat is 161 beats per minute. The little one was not very cooperative for the longest time. It either wanted to dance or sleep and when it was sleeping it was not in the right position to get measurements. It was funny to see some of the movements it was making. We most of the time were laughing. Thank you all for your support. I will talk to you all later.


jamielee - September 20

I'm glad your little one looked well! I love seeing them on u/s! I have been so spoiled with u/s since the beginning! I think I have had at least 15! Now I can't wait for a week to see them again! It just makes you want to hold them!
I feel like I should be doing more to get ready! I have to set up the crib and do the babies room (when my son moves upstairs) set up the bouncers ect... I think maybe I should get moving! (or get DH moving) We have a side business renting inflatables, dunk tanks cotton candy ect.. and its soooo busy right now that we are dealing with that first. and I'm still waitressing! Which is great because I am getting great tips! LOL


keisha - September 20

Jenny i have had both natural delivery and c sections and breastfed all three of mine consider getting a good pump so you can have milk to bottle feed one while breastfeeding the other and also consider the football hold it will make it easier to hold two and feed them at the same time i realized this cause i would hold my 15mos daughter on one side of me and read a book while my other daughter fed on the other side that would work pretty good until they get bigger i knew a woman that was bfeeding trips while my daughter was in hospital and she pumped her milk so someone else could bottle feed one while she bfed the other two it worked for her at the time Good Luck and i totally understand your dread of c section i did so much better after natural birth i came home from hospital settled baby in and started sweeping and moping lol i dont reccomend that to anyone else i should have enjoyed my chance to relax but hub at the time was useless and i wanted my house clean lol have new dh now he is great!!


jamielee - September 21

Hi keisha, Thanks for the advice! I did breastfeed my son and had a very easy time with it! I actually might breastfeed one and bottle feed the other and then switch them every time, depending on how it goes.

I'm 30 weeks guys!!


keisha - September 21

The most important thing is that you keep it simple and the easier you make it on yourself the more time and energy you will have for your children good luck i always see 30 weeks as a great mildstone cause i had one at 29 weeks and she weighed 2lbs 10 oz she is very healthy strong active 8 yr old now so congrats !!!!!!


bdantonio - September 22

WEll everyone im 19 weeks tomorrow. I went to Dr on thursday baby is doing great. Hae a level one u/s on oct 3 and getting a level two done in nov and a cardioechograhm also as precaution. So hopefully in two weeks i will know if it is a girl or boy. Everyone thinks its a boy. However i have been pretty ill my m/s is back and bad i have been getting sick 3-4times a day they think i am relapsing with my hypermesis. Which i keep praying that im not. I dont want to spend time in the hospital nor do i want another picc line. Im hoping its just a little set back. However when i went to my dr apt i lost more weight. I have now lost over 30 lbs all together, and thats counting the few pounds i started to gain back. I can not wait till feb 13 to have this child.


nadiaaboutaleb - September 22

i had a 3d ultrasound today. everything is great thank god. my little one is 3.74 pounds already. :)


jamielee - September 22

3D thats great! I would love to have one of those! I have level 2 u/s every month but they are not as detailed as the 3D. Wow 3.74 pounds is great! I wonder if he will be a big baby? Both my babies were measuring 3 lbs on sept. 5 so I am anxious to see how big they are now! I hoping around 4 lbs. or like yours nadia. It makes me less worried when they are nice and big!

I read online today that there is a major crib recall! So please check it out. Not sure the exact brand think its graco simplicity. 3 babies died very sad!


JENNY22074 - September 23

Hello everyone - How are mommies and babies today? Well we had a little bit of a scare yesterday. I was in the grocery store around 8pm and got a really bad A/F type cramp that almost made me double over in the store. We quickly came home and I laid down, put my feet up and tried to relax. Nothing was working not even laying on my left side. I called the on call and they had me come right in. No bleeding was going on either. Baby's heartbeat was fine after they were able to locate the little one. They finally think it was either over exertion, dehydration or abdominal muscle seperation because of the uterus growing. Also could have been a little bit of all three. The cramp continued for like 4 hours last night. I kinow this is going to sound strange when I ask but is it possible for the placenta to also move around? The reason I ask is that when we had the screening on Wednesday the placenta was way up in the back and last night the placenta was in the way of seeing the baby. Does that sound right? I did not question it last night because I was so worried and then relieved about the baby being okay. Thank you all for your help. Talk to you later.


bdantonio - September 23

well jenny the placenta can move it has to as your uterus stretches. IT can not stay in the exact same place i have never seen it move that much in a short period. But not worry


jamielee - September 23

Hi Jenny, I remember having really bad, sharp pains as my uterus was stretching. Not so much this pregnancy but alot during my first! It can be very painful, thats most likely what it is.


Eddie - September 23

Jenny - hope you are doing ok, I have had a few sharp pains here and there and I have heard that is normal. I also had a nasty scare and am still unsure about things at the moment. On tuesday of last week I started bleeding, it started out brown and was enough to cover a pad and I had one episode of pink that night. Called me RE and she did a scan and baby looked ok. But I have continued to spot brown all week and am still spotting. I don't know what it could be. I have my nuchal scan tomorrow...............fingers crossed it is ok.

Any of you other ladies have any brown spotting thoughout your pregnancy, I am nearly 13 wks.



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