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jamielee - September 7

Thanks Beth, I worked tonight and I'm feeling better. I also failed the downs test and I failed my beta strep test! Well thats all of them now I guess the next thing would be a c section! Since nothing goes right for me!

When is your due date???


nadiaaboutaleb - September 7

jamie don't be upset girl. mistakes happen all the time. and even if you failed the test that doesn't mean that the babies will not be fine you will just have to take care of your diet and exercise for next few month till you have the babies. I know it is so frustrating that every test you do turns out bad but you are ok and your babies are fine so always put this in mind. i am here for you. and i am doing the test next week and will keep you posted.


bdantonio - September 7

I am due on 2/20/08 but my c-section is scheduled for 2/13/08 at 930am. Yeah i had a c-section with my daughter to. And my strep test came back bad with her and like i said she is normal, actually she is advnce for her age. So you can not believe those tests. And the tests for downs and all are only telling you if it is likely not that it is definite. I believed with my daughter that i would not lose 3 babies before her then not know if she was sick. I just knew she was okay i followed my gut feeling and i also kept it in my mind that if there was something wrong i would deal with it and then it was meant to be.


jamielee - September 7

Thanks Nadia and Beth, The thing is my diet is excellent I crave salads not sugar, so I'm a bit confused because I am eating pretty healthy! Its just frustrating to not get anything right! But I'm better today over it I guess!


lili246 - September 7

hey girl you need to be positive. I am sure that everything will be just fine. I had the test done aswell yesturday and praying that everything comes back normal.
What results did you girls get for that screening APS I think it's called, to check for any birth defects? Well I had mine and everything cambe back normal thanks god. :)

I have a questions for all of you girls? I am having a pain in my right upper belly just in one spot and it feels like something burning, I've had that since yesturday and I need to be careful when I move or else it will hurt. I know Ihad this feeling when I was pregnant with my son and I told the doctor and he said that is was a bone of the baby that was sticking out and rubbing my skin and that was the pain for. I am just curious if any of you had this feeling before. I feel uncomfortable because it hurts but I guess I have to deal with it..

Have a great weekend!!

Love Lili


JENNY22074 - September 7

Hello everyone - Jaimelee sorry to hear about your glucose test. Are they going to have you test again and if so when? See if they can do it first thing in the morning maybe that will help. Hey Beth if you wait until the 20th the baby and I will share the birthdate. I thought it was funny that you were due on my birthday and forgot to mention it to you earlier. Hope everyone is well and I will talk to you all soon.


bdantonio - September 8

lili: its probably what they call round ligament pain its the pain that you get when your uturus and baby grow, i felt like i would die with my daugther went to er and everything it was nothing.

Jenny: They wont wait if you are having a repeat c-section they always do it a week before your due date it safer to have a scheduled c-section then to have one when your are already in labor, especially cause i want my tubes tied during it.


JENNY22074 - September 8

Beth - I guess we can just sum it up to wishful thinking...So you are definitely set on the tubes being tied?...Talk to you again soon.


bdantonio - September 8

yes there is no way i would do it again. I wouldnt mind never vomitting or being constipated again. I look at it this way i have been pregnate 7 times I have will have two children that is good enough, they can shut down the baby factory and turn it into a playground. I just dont want to take the chance of not doing it and 10yrs from now turn up pregnate and either loosing another or starting all over. Two is enough i never wanted an only child and i wont have one so that is good enough for me. This pregnancy is taking so much out of me to that i do not think i would ever do this again either. From all the meds im on to just control my vomitting to everything else i cant stand it. I know so many people that say they feel healthier when they are pregnate, i feel like im dying when im pregnate, i dont feel healthy at all. The only good thing is to feel the baby move thats it, pregnancy is like torture to me. Sorry if im scary anyone.


jamielee - September 10

Beth I agree with you, I have never been so stressed in my life as I was in this pregnancy! Also I was so sick in the beginning!! I would throw up all day!! (not as bad as your got) but still really bad! I will have 3 children when all is said and done and I think thats enough! I still have not made a FINAL decision yet but I am pretty sure I'm done! I had both my tubes removed prior to this IVF (one from ectopic) so my only choice would be IVF. So no worries about any birth control (not like I've thought about that in years) I have 7 frozen embies so just knowing they exist already makes me think about it!

TIA- Whats up I would really love to hear from you!! I hope you are OK!!!!


JENNY22074 - September 10

Hello ladies - How is everyone doing? I have a question that may seem a bit on the TMI side but we are all in this together RIGHT?!?!..Okay has anyone had dry skin on their bbs particularly in the nipple area?...If so, what can I do about it and what is it caused from?..Thank you all for your time...Talk to you later...Hope the mommies and their babies are just fine.


bdantonio - September 10

jenny part of pregnancy try lotion


JENNY22074 - September 10

Thanks Beth for your reply...By the way does anyone have a recommendation since I will most likley be using it after the baby is born....Talk to you all later....Thanks again


destinybaby - September 11

Hi Ladies,

I have been MIA I know.

Jamielee, hey girl happy to see you are still doing well. Thank you for always thinkng of me. I read about your tests :( like the other ladies said don't worry about it. How wonderful that your babies are in the down position that amazing. :D I am so happy for you.

As for me, i am doing ok, someday girl it hard to even walk the pressure i am holding the bottom of my belly its crazy. The good news is I am going on 17 weeks now and the peri said my cervix is closed and long so things looks good so far I am holding on to them. I can't wait for them to get here.

when did you find out the sex of the babies, DH does not want to know, but i really think i need to know. I tell you there is never a day when i use the bathroom i don't look to see if all is well, i try not worry but its really hard.

Beth, hey how are you doing. I with you when you say the baby factory is closed, thank God I am blessed with 2 at the same time i really don't think i have strength to go through this again. yes constipation, pain in the lower abdomen etc.

Jenny regarding the dry bbs i get that sometimes and it itches i guess they are growing too. I use coco butter with shea its really good for your skin even after pregnancy .



JENNY22074 - September 11

Tia - thanks for the heads up on the cocoa butter I think I have exactly what you prescribed...I have heard that a belly belt wil help with the tummy...You can get them at Babies R Us (at least that is where I have seen them)...Not sure where else they may be able to be purchased...Thank you again...Talk to you all soon.


destinybaby - September 11

Jenny, you are very welcome, I will get that belt asap i think they had them at pea in a pod. Thanks for the tip.



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