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jamielee - September 3

Jenny, is there anything I can't eat or drink before my glucose test?? Its tomorrow at 3:00 so I want to make sure I do it correctly!


JENNY22074 - September 3

With it being at 3:00 I would just try and stay away from real sugary foods right before. I would say like 2 hours before. I had not eaten anything since like 10pm the night before. But, I went first thing in the morning when the lab opened. I did not have mine scheduled. Good luck. But that is what I would make sure I did not have a lot of would be extra sugary prodocts since it may have an effect on the test. But just in case call your OB or even the lab and see what they recommend.


bdantonio - September 3

jamielee i was told to have like crackers dry toast, poached egg, nothing with sugar and not to eat anything 5-6 hrs before. Just water to make sure it does not come back high. Cause if it does youll have to do the 3-4 hr one and that sucks.


jamielee - September 3

Thanks, I just don't want to have to do it again for something I did!!


bdantonio - September 4

yeah the four hour one really sucks!


JENNY22074 - September 5

Jamielee - How did you make out today at your test? I was thinking about you. Hope all is well and that you are resting. That stuff was nasty wasn't it? Talk to you later.


jamielee - September 5

Hi Jenny, It wasn't that bad actually, I just chugged it! The babies heart beats were nice and strong, so I feel better plus I get to see them today!! I have a peri appointment for another level 2 u/s today!! My doctor said at my next appointment that she would see what position the babies are in and if one is still breech she is going to schedule a c-section. I guess its just standard but I will still have a chance for a vaginal delivery if they switch by then. I hope they do!! Hope your doing well!


JENNY22074 - September 5

Jaimelee - best wishes today. I agree that I would like to have a vaginal or at least try one but, I think I will be doing a c-section as well. Big babies tend to run in my family and my husband was 10.1 when he was born so I think I will have to do a c. As long as the way that it is done is healthiest for the baby I am fine and will deal with the decision. Okay I will talk to you later.


nadiaaboutaleb - September 5

good luck jamie let us know how your appointment went. I went for an ultrasound yesterday and all was well the baby is in the right position i hope he stays that way.


JENNY22074 - September 5

Hello all - My blood work came back in and all is within normal ranges. They were very happy and surprised especially at the B12 being normal because after gastric bypass it usually is not. Hope everyone is well.


jamielee - September 6

Hi everyone, The babies were both head down today! I couldn't believe it they haven't been head down at all so I'm hoping they are preparing for delivery! (not yet but you know) Thanks for the well wishes! Oh and they are both weighing 3lbs each! Thats like a 6 lb baby inside me!! So I have an appointment with my Dr. on the 25th THEN on the 1st I see the peri THEN on the 4th I see the peri THEN every mon and thurs I have a stress test with the peri until I deliver, with my normal every 2 week appointments with my Dr in between!!! Confused?? So am I!!! I am so confused with dates I hope I don't miss any!!


bdantonio - September 6

Jamie i carry a pocket calendar in my puse cause between all my apts my daughters and family events i would always be late or forget. Also have you taken my advise and ripped open those boxes yet?


jamielee - September 6

No I haven't. I opened one car seat, but everything else is still down there in a pile! I have all the clothes put away though!! I know that its nuts because I know I'm fine! The babies look perfect and they move all day long! I will as it gets a little closer! I still have to put my son upstairs in his new room, then I will start opening!


jamielee - September 6

Well I FAILED my glucose test!!! I am so upset and mad I seriously can't catch an f-ing break this whole pregnancy!!! Right when I feel things are better this happens! I've basically failed every test I've had so far never mind all the bleeding ER visits ect....... I am crying I am so upset! I'm sure I'm fine I just feel so mad that I can't have anything go my way!!


bdantonio - September 6

jaimee i failed my first glucose test cause of the stupidest thing i brushed my teeth that morning. Thats why i failed it according to the ob but i still had to do the 4 hr test. The only past that sucks about the four hour test is being poked four times and the wait. Just take someone with you try a friend that can keep a good conversation i took my sister in law and the time went by quick. Just remember chug the drink. Dont get upset i failed everything with my daughter they told me she had downs and everything and shes perfectly normal.


jamielee - September 7

Thanks Beth, I worked tonight and I'm feeling better. I also failed the downs test and I failed my beta strep test! Well thats all of them now I guess the next thing would be a c section! Since nothing goes right for me!

When is your due date???



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