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destinybaby - September 11

Jenny, you are very welcome, I will get that belt asap i think they had them at pea in a pod. Thanks for the tip.


jamielee - September 11

Tia, I'm so happy you are well!! I can't believe you are almost 17 weeks!! I've had that same pressure for quite some time!! Now remember when you get that really tight feeling in your belly and sometimes quite low its braxton hicks contractions. I was having them for a while and had no clue!! Lately I get them so much my doc wants me timing them! I found out the sex at 18 weeks. Trust me girl I still check the toilet paper every time I use the bathroom!! You are fine!!
I Have my 3 hour glucose test tomorrow! Not looking forward to it!


bdantonio - September 11

Well i checked the toilet paper with my daugther until the day i gave birth, it becomes routine. I think constipation is worse then diharria i would rather go to much then not at all. Also tia the preasure could be your round ligament being pulled im 17 weeks and i have it. Your stomache just weels heavy like gravity is hitting. You feel like you have gained more then you have from the pull down effect. Also read the belts before getting htem there are like 5 different ones and each one gives you different kind of support i believe there is one that is made for carrying twins. well talk to all later.


jamielee - September 11

Well the test was horrible! I only had to drink the stuff once and had blood drawn 4 times but I kept dry heaving I almost threw up like 3 times! I think because I was so tired and sooooo thirsty! Thank god there was a lounge chair so I laid down for just about the whole 3 hours! The lady told me DON'T throw up or you have to start all over, so believe me it was tough but I did it and now its over thank god!! Beth I have had diarrhea after everything I eat for the past week! It sucks!! Not sure where its coming from, I know thats TMI but just thought I'd share.


bdantonio - September 11

better watch that you can dehydrate and that can cause pretermlabor


bdantonio - September 11

well now i know if i vomitt during that test i wont tell them


jamielee - September 11

Trust me I drink tons of water but I was not allowed today!


bdantonio - September 11

y couldnt u drink water i was always told that it was okay to drink water i did with all my tests


jamielee - September 12

No nothing to eat or drink after midnight before the test! I wonder when they will call me with the results? I hope it went ok!!


lili246 - September 12

Good Luck on your test I hope that everything comes out good.


JENNY22074 - September 12

Jaimelee - Sorry to hear you had to take a three hour..I know I will have to also in a few months...That is crazy that they stick you 4 times..I hope you get a good result this time...Talk to you all later.


bdantonio - September 13

yeah jenny it does suck. I hate the three hour one i have the worst veins.


nadiaaboutaleb - September 13

my glucose test is tomorrow... wish me luck girls.


JENNY22074 - September 14

Good luck and best wishes on your glucose test tomorrow..Let us know how it goes.

Jamielee - did you get your results? Hope all is well.

Talk to you all later.


jamielee - September 14

My test came back normal thank god! I knew I had to do it for nothing. Good luck Nadia!


JENNY22074 - September 14

Jaimelee - that is great news to hear.

Anyone that can help with this...I have had a migraine (I think) since yesterday...So this is the second day...I have tried Tylenol, caffeine, chocolate...No help...I am waiting for the dr's office to call but until then just wanted to know if there were any recomendations from any of you...I have never suffered from migraines so I am sure it was brought on by pregnancy hormones...Any advice is appreciated...Thanks in advance...Also, should i be concerned that there may be a problem with the baby?..Talk to you all soon.



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