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bdantonio - August 4

well if i go by re i am 11 weeks pregnate but the baby measure 12 weeks which is right by my calcualtions. Its weird to me that everyone i talk to has not had ultrasounds alot or as early as my i Had my first u/s the week after my positive hcg and my positve hcg was two weeks after my procedure. I have had one every week since and now that i am 12 weeks and back with my ob i get one everyother week.


JENNY22074 - August 5

bdantonio - Where do you live and who is your doctor. LOL!!! I may think about moving there. My RE says that once they see the level going up properly they schedule an u/s the next week. Then there will be one 10 days later to see the heartbeat(s) and then another one 10 days later to make sure everythign is okay and then they release you to an ob. My BFP was done 10 days after my transfer. Talk to you later.

Frisbee Girl - How is the weekend treating you? How are you feeling? Talk to you later.


Frisbee Girl - August 5

I'm good, Jenny! Sounds like your clinic is terrific with the ultrasounds! I get my first one as you know on week 8. Ack! That's riddick! So, i scheduled another HcG and Progesterone test this Monday. I just want to know we're on the right track. I have to say I'm in the "little-to-no symptoms" category, however, I still have that little "flurry" stuff in my lower tummy... just a reminder that "something's there." I am a freak about checking my bbs and their soreness, too. ::) They have not gotten any bigger or sorer since my BPF and yet they have maintained whatever I did gain. And they are a tad sore if I poke around them... TMI. :) I did have a blighted ovum my first IVF, and I remember the boob thing went way down before I had my first disappointing u/s. So I keep that as a barometer. Also, with my two unsuccessful IVFs I never had this constant "tummy flutter" that I currently have. And I can say I'm a wee bit more tired, or maybe it can be considered "energyless." I'm an avid runner and sports person who is rarely off her feet during the day, and now I can actually look at the couch and think it's pretty inviting. As far as hunger and food, great appetite, nothing different there, no cravings, no extra-smell powers, no constipation, no nothing that they say you have at this point *sigh*. I with SOMEthing was different in that area.

Well, that's about it. What are YOU feeling?


jamielee - August 5

Hi girls,
Frisbee- My bbs were sore only the week before my BFP and gradually went away a week before my first u/s so don't worry if that happens and NO symptoms for me until about 8 weeks!

I have the worst swollen cankles!! I cannot even bend my ankles for the last 2 days without resistance! I also have veins popping out ALL over my legs! I can only wear capris and even then I am embarrassed! Maybe just the heat causing it but it SUCKS! I have an u/s on wed. I'm so excited to see them so I can have some "worry free" time! Even though they are moving around a bunch. Its still only one side and when you are preg with twins you wonder is that 1 or 2??


JENNY22074 - August 5

Good evening girls. Well, I woke up today and up until about 3 this afternoon I felt queasy to my stomach and have slept pretty much throughout the day. I guess all I can really say is that I wanted to be sick so now maybe my prayer has come true. Oh and I have been constipated (sorry it may be TMI) off and on the last few days. I think I only do #2 every other day. My bbs are the same and then I am running t the bathroom like crazy every 2 hours most times. So how are you ladies doing? HOw are the babies treating their mommies? Okay well I will talk to you all later. Today I definitely feel like I am pregnant. Sports bras are amazing and make your bbs feel less sore. Make sure you wear them at night too. Also I think my gastric bypass 2 years ago may have something to do with my lack of symptoms until recently. I will ask my RE tomorrow. I am so scared that soemthing is wrong still. Best wishes everyone.


destinybaby - August 6

Hi Everyone,

Just when i start to feel much better with no spotting, early this morning I went to the bathroom and it just came out and kept coming (clots, TMI) I have never been so scared we were in the hospital for 5 hours. It turns out my sub Hemorriage is back, i am so sick of this, and because i am only going on 12 weeks they (docs, nurses) seem to think its all too early to be considered to be a viable pregnancy.

the u/s tech is surely not a morning person she was mean as hell, she would not let me hear the heart beats when she was checking, and would not tell me anything at all, procedure she said, what a B....

Anyway, babies are doing ok, :D, but... we have to wait and see, i swear my girlfriends who have kids just made being pregnant seems so easy, I found out they never even had u/s until 15 weeks, not to mention all this ER stuff, bleeding, spotting, clots, etc. such lucky gals

Anyway, back to more worry, it seems it like it never ends. I will see my ob this week.

I pray my babies stay comfy and continue to fight with me to be born.

Sticky Baby Dust To All


jamielee - August 6

Oh Tia I am so sorry to hear of more bleeding!! So scary! I had just the one heavy bleed w/ clots and it freaked me out soooo much so I totally feel your pain! The babies are still doing ok so remember that! Screw that u/s tech I swear they can be so mean!! I can't believe they would say that its possibly not a viable pregnancy!! I mean your 12 weeks! After my bleed they made me feel very at ease and said the babies look good and I was 10 weeks!!
Just take it easy and let the babies remain nice and cozy! I will be praying for you hang in there!!


JENNY22074 - August 6

Tia - I am so sorry to hear of the incompentence of the u/s tech at the er. Just to share my story real quick with you. My second pregnancy was a result of an IUI. It was not going good from the beginning. I started at a 39 and raised only to an 84 4 days later. My RE started me on Methotrexate so I would not have to have a second D/C. I went to an amusement park and started cramping really bad on the way home. I went to the local ER since I live out of state from my RE and they did a u/s and said that the pregnancy must have d/c because they no longer saw anything in my uterus. The next day I followed up with my RE and the u/s tech was completely wrong. The pregnancy was starting to d/c but was still in there. I know that is a kind of sad type of story I just hope that it made you think twice about what the er tech told you. They are not as trained as your RE's office staff is. I will only trust them at this point. I knw it is hard and try to hang in there. You are in my thought s and prayers and I am sure those babies are just fine. Sticky babydust hon.

Hello eveeryone - Today is the day of my ultrasound and I am scared to death. I have never made it past 6 weeks and I don't know how to feel. My nerves are a complete mess right now. I just needed to vent a little. Thank you all for listening. Talk to you all real soon. My appoint ment is in an hour and 45 minutes.

Here is to all of us and our babies. Prayers and best wishes.


jamielee - August 6

Jenny Good luck!! Let us know how it goes!


Frisbee Girl - August 6

Jamie - you've got cankles? That's funny (sorry!), but it's hard to imagine because I do remember at one point locking in that you are tall and thin (blessed by your father's gene). I too have been blessed with that gene, 5'11 and 130 lbs. I'm also a runner, hiker, biker, frisbee player, etc. Very active, eat like a horse. So I'm wondering what happens with the ankles swelling... water retention, to be sure. Are you getting to exercise? I hope that and your veins go down... they are supposed to go away, but I'm sure they are uncomfortable now and probably way worse looking to you than to anyone else. Let's hope! :-\

Jenny -- let us know what you see in the u/s! I'm so jealous. 10 more days for us. My baby will be in college by then, lol.

Tia -- did they diagnose a subchorionic hematoma? If so, there is a fantastic support group at yahoo Groups called "schgroup". Also, here's a good forum with a ton of personal insight:
I've read that 30% of pregnancies bleed and 50-80% of those go on to full term beautiful babies. That's a lot of hope! But bed rest, bed rest, bed rest until you know why you bled!


jamielee - August 6

Yes CANKLES!! They actually went down today but tomorrow we are going to an amusement park and they will be back for sure!! I'm not exercising because my doc said no. I'm waitressing 4 nights a week at a busy restaurant so that is considered my exercise to my doctor. Its getting very difficult to work! I am in pain only 2 hours into my shift. (my feet and pelvic area) I'm not lifting anything or running around just being on my feet back and forth to my tables is all it takes.


JENNY22074 - August 6

Good afternoon ladies - I am great. Worries are in the back of my mind. I am exactly where I should be. Minus a day or two. My thing on the interenet says I should be 5wks 4 days and I am 5wks 2days. The sac with the yolk is right where it should be. I was so happy. There is only one. But, they did say that they would not be surprised if another was showing by my next ultrasound in 10 days. I get to see the heartbeat on the 16th. Not much to look at on the ultrasound picture to a normal person but it is soo much to look at for me. I just can't believe it. I am very happy. One is great.!!! Thank you all for your support over the last few days. Talk to you later.


JENNY22074 - August 8

Frisbee Girl - I asked about your question that you talked about in the first post on page 14. According to my RE office we are not supposed to go by the date of our last periods on an IVF cycle. Since they a manipulating our bodies so much with drugs they go by 2 weeks before your transfer. So me being at 5 weeks and a couple days on Monday at my ultrasound is perfectly normal. Apparently we can only use the online pregnancy due date calculators as a guess. I hope this helps. I know it helped me. I thought after re-reading your question and then having pretty much the same thing in the back of my mind that I would ask my RE as well. So, I hope that makes you worry a little less and that you are doing well and seems that we are both right on track despite what we originally thought. So technically I am due April 8 instead of April 2. Talk to you later. Ssticky babydust to us both.


cvargas76 - August 8

Hello Jenny and everyone else

I guess i am right with you then. Because the transfer was on the 16th and they were 5 day old embryos putting conception at 7/11. How are you feel. I am starting to have some upset stomaches but it only seems like it happens if i am in the car too long like more the 10 minutes or so. The drive to work is about 20 minutes and by the time i get here i feel horrible then the same thing on the way home from work. LOL i wanted symptoms. Well i still have 5 more days until my first u/s. I cant wait i am scared and excited all at the same time. Well have a great day ladies and baby dust too all.



JENNY22074 - August 8

Hey Christie - I am feeling the same. My bbs are still sore and today I have had a lingering headache since I woke up this morning. I have had a couple of days where I felt sick. My RE's office said that symptoms will come and go and not to worry to much about what we do or don't have this or that day. That was something that I really needed to hear. Are you getting excited about your first u/s? I am getting more and more excited about the heartbeat one each day. I have an audience prepared to go with me and the DH. I still go to the bathroom frequently and it feels like my pants are getting a little smaller. Then again I started this as a big girl so I am sure thigs will show earlier and differently on me. My belly muscles already seem and little tight. And of course I am very moody. I was a little gas crampy yesterday but without the gas. LOL!!! Hope all is well. Have you told anyone? If so, who? Talk to you later.


cvargas76 - August 8

I am getting very excited for my first u/s. I am also a larger woman so i know what you mean. I have been working thru all of this so most everyone at work knew what we were doing. I had taken a vacation on the week of the 16th so that i would not have to worry with that and i could stay in bed for the week. Everyone that does know at work are very excited because they know how badly me and my DH wanted a baby. I have been getting REALLY gasy. LOL. The DH said he is going to start sleeping on the cough LOL. I am not too moody only when i get really tired. Talk to you later. I hope you are having a good day.




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