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jamielee - July 31

Its normal to have the cramping at that time, some pretty intense which I experienced! I wouldn't worry that something is wrong because its standard to do the u/s to see the baby or babies after IVF. Try not to worry! Your numbers sound great for twins or a single!! Good luck I'm sure your fine!


JENNY22074 - July 31

Anyone - I was just wondering if there would be concern as to why my RE has scheduled me for an US on the 6th at 10:45 am. Everyone else seems to be going a lot later then me. Should there be cause for concern? My 1st lvels were 336 and then 4 days later they are 1570. Should I be worried or is it that my doctor is confident enough that we should be able to see that everything is fine on Monday?

jamielee - thank you for your fast response tomy inquiry. I see that everyone else has to wait 2-3 weeks before being able to see the pregnancy. Are you sure there is no concern with having one within a week after the second lab results? Like I said I think that my past failures have just made me over worry. I feel like I am in a dream or on candid camera and I am either going to wake up soon or they are goign to say that it is a joke. Talking,/chatting with people like us is helping a little. I am just trying to be as confident as the DH, the best friend and my family. Thanks for listening.


Frisbee Girl - July 31

Jenny, when I went through my first and second IVF, the clinic's normal procedure was to have an U/S 2 weeks after the blood was drawn. Sounds like yours is just under 2 weeks, July 26 to Aug 6. Your blood test might not have been exactly 2 weeks after your transfer, or was it? Sometimes if your 2ww ends on a Friday, they schedule you for a blood test that following Monday. So, all in all, you're still in the window for normal checking-outage. My current re said "See you in a month!" and i was more worried that I wasn't going to have that 2-week u/s. Bottom line, there's always something to worry about.

My only other guess is that maybe they are looking for reasons for you to be cramping, if you weren't cramping before (but I'd be surprised at this... usually they are more concerned when there's cramping and blood, but you're not bleeding, so that's out). But in that case, they might be looknig for something like a subchorionic hemorrage or something. But, again, there's no blood, so that can't be it. I would chalk it up to just another routine checkup and be happy that you get one sooner than the rest of us, who have to wait a whole month before we know ANYthing. :) I do believe the 4ww after the 2ww is worse than the 2ww!! :)

Keep us posted here as to why there were concerned once you find out, okay? Good luck and TRY not to stress! More information is always a good thing!


JENNY22074 - July 31

Here is my timeline and maybe we can figure out if it is normal or a cause for concern. On 07-11-2007 I went in for my retreival. On 07-16-2007 I had a 5 day transfer with 2 spectacular looking blasts. On 07-26-2007 I had my first draw which was 336. Then on 07-30-2007 I had my second draw which presented at 1570 and they told the DH that I needed to schedule an ultrasound for Monday 08-06-2007. I did not know that the U/S was 2 weeks past the first blood. I thought it would be more around your 6 week point because of the possiblity of seeing the heartbeat. Thank you for putting some of my fears to rest about the u/s and bloodwork. Also this mornign when I called the office about the time of the u/s I asked about the cramping and they said it is normal for that to happen when you would have been expecting AF to visit. Sometimes women even exeperience a little spotting with it. They said that it is all perfectly normal. I guess I just find it hard to believe.


nadiaaboutaleb - August 1

hello girls...been out of the country for 2 weeks in greece we had our last vacation before the arrival of little Tarek. I hope you are all well. Jamie did you decide on the names? what about you jane? Hi Jenny congratulations on your BFP, don't worry at all your numbers are good for one baby or maybe even twins. Cramping is totally fine as well as some spotting. You have nothing to worry about so be positive and take it easy till your second trimester. Tia i really hope you feel better.
My little one is kicking all the time it is amazing. I feel sometimes it is to early to feel him this much but i really feel him all the time he even wakes me up in the middle of the night. My DH can feel him everyday too. But i love it. I think it is the nicest feeling ever.



jamielee - August 1

Thats so great Nadia!! I love feeling them move! When I have a day that they don't move as much it makes me nervous! Last week they were pretty quiet but the past few days they have been crazy!! We went to the beach yesterday and there was a lady with a 4 year old an 2 year old twins all boys! She was running in every direction!! I told her that will be me in a few years!!

Tia where are you?? I hope your doing OK!!


destinybaby - August 1

Hi Ladies,

Sorry i have been MIA. I had a couple of scares with bleeding and cramping, but it ok now, my bleeding/spotting pretty much stopped. The twins are getting really big quickly and so am i most people can see that i am pregnant. I am 11 weeks today :D, not too much cramping. I am so happy that i did not get m/s that would have been too much for me i think. Do you ladies think i can still get it (m/s). oh had to go shopping in the motherhood store, what fun, those clothes are soooo comfortable.

Congrats to all the new moms on the board.

To the other moms you are half way there :D

Sometimes i can't believe i am pregnant :o

Nadia, wow greece sounds like a wonderful vacation, we are planning to take a trip to Jamaica as well just for a few days.

Thank you all for your support and well wishes I am feeling much better.



jamielee - August 2

Hi Tia, I am so glad you are feeling better! I can't believe you are 11 weeks already! Wow and no m/s awesome!! Hopefully that horrible bleeding has stopped! Its so scary!

Hi Nadia, You are surely getting some great traveling time before the baby comes! Thats great! I know I won't have a vacation for quite some time! I'm still not sure on the second name, I'm starting to really like Jacob now, but DH has to agree so we will see!

Hi Jane!!


JENNY22074 - August 2

My RE emailed the pregnancy protocol. He said that 10 days or so after my first ultrasound I will have a second ultrasound to look for heartbeat(s). Then they said 10 or so days after that they will make sure that there is still heartbeat(s) and then release me to my OB. Does that sound about right? Hope all is well with everyone and that all the babies are doing great and getting big and strong. Talk to you all later.


JENNY22074 - August 2

Just wondering if you could help me out and tell me what m/s stands for? I looked in the abbreviations area and there is nothing there. I hope it is not a stupid question.


jamielee - August 3

Hi Jenny, it sounds fine to me. I only had 1 u/s at 7 weeks but I'm sure they have a different way about it! Maybe because you have had previous m/c? and at least you don't have to wait long to see the baby!
m/s is morning sickness, hopefully you won't need to use that abbreviation!!
I'm sure your fine, hang in there!


bdantonio - August 3

i had my first u/s at 3 weeks


Frisbee Girl - August 3

You know what's really weird? I don't know how truly far along I am! My re says one thing, my past RE (from other failed IVFs before we switched) calculated it differently, and the Internet says yet another thing! Whom do I trust? I know once we get our first U/S on August 15 (12 lo-o-o-o-o-ong days from now) we'll be able to pin point it, but... seems like if you KNOW when the eggs were fertilized, you'd "know" how far along you are!

For me, retrieval was Fri July 6, fertilization overnight, so July 7, then went to 5 day blasts, so transferred two on Wed July 11. First HcG level was 409 on July 23 which was 12 day post 5-day transfer. Internet says now (Aug 3) I am 6 weeks, my re says I'm 5 weeks, and my ex-RE said I was 4 weeks at this time. Ack!

Also, whenever you hear people referencing what week they are in... is that gestational weeks or pregnancy weeks? Is it standard for everyone to be going by the one which is 2 weeks older than the baby really is?


Frisbee Girl - August 4

Thanks, Jenny! That helps a lot. That's what the Internet says, but my RE doesn't. I'm still going with what the Internet says... just because it makes sense. They are consistent, website after website. You are exactly one week behind me! I'm so jealous... you get an U/S this Monday! :P I have to wait so long, but my re says, because my numbers were "great" that they don't even care to see anyone until they can see "everything," which is heartbeat, face forming, etc. I'll be almost 8 weeks when I go for my first U/S. Your numbers are great, too, and your clinic sounds just like mine: they really only waited 10 days after a positive HcG for your U/S. I can't wait to hear what they see!

I'm not having any symptoms except a constant, dull, mild AF-type squeeze in my tummy. Just a constant nag/reminder that "something's there." I have read Jamie's many posts weeks and weeks ago when she first got her BFP and her numbers were off the charts and still she had zero symptoms, and even her bbs got less sore. Mine have, too, but they are still bigger than before (altho my DH says "heh, they're not that big"). ;)


JENNY22074 - August 4

Hey Frisbee Girl, yeah the internet makes more sense because everything is happening the same way as it would naturally it is just ours happens outside of the body. I believe that if the dates match up better then what the RE says then go with that. The only symptoms that I am having are the frequent bathroom breaks and sore bbs. However, they are not any more sore then before my BFP. Which of course makes me nervous and scared. My first 2 pregnancys I had m/s and they ended up in a m/c. I had m/s on the second one when my beta was only a 39 to start. I am just so scared. I try to think positive but the past hits and then it is just like oh no. WHAT IF?!?!? I just don't know what to do. They keep telling me that my numbers are good and I believe that because I see that. However my numbers were good in my first pregnancy and it was a blighted ovum. I wonder if there is a chance of that after in-vitro or is that just something that occurs in a natural conception state. I have no cramping, just some twinges every now and again. If anyone wished for m/s at this point it is me. Talk to you again later.


bdantonio - August 4

well if i go by re i am 11 weeks pregnate but the baby measure 12 weeks which is right by my calcualtions. Its weird to me that everyone i talk to has not had ultrasounds alot or as early as my i Had my first u/s the week after my positive hcg and my positve hcg was two weeks after my procedure. I have had one every week since and now that i am 12 weeks and back with my ob i get one everyother week.



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