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cvargas76 - August 8

I am getting very excited for my first u/s. I am also a larger woman so i know what you mean. I have been working thru all of this so most everyone at work knew what we were doing. I had taken a vacation on the week of the 16th so that i would not have to worry with that and i could stay in bed for the week. Everyone that does know at work are very excited because they know how badly me and my DH wanted a baby. I have been getting REALLY gasy. LOL. The DH said he is going to start sleeping on the cough LOL. I am not too moody only when i get really tired. Talk to you later. I hope you are having a good day.



bdantonio - August 8

try eating mints in the car it worked for me with my daughter or you can go to babys r us or anywhere that has a big baby department and they have lollypops and hard candies called preggie drops or preggy pops they help for car rides


JENNY22074 - August 9

Christie - I understand gassy. LOL!!! The only thing is I am having it more at night. Much to the dismay of the poor DH. He is saying that I can put most men to shame right about now. I am also having night hot flashes. I wake up and I am hot and the bedroom is like 66 degrees and even the dog is under the covers with the DH and I am HOT!!! I also have bouts of insomnia. When I wake to do my suppository I can't seem to get right back to sleep. And forget alarm clocks I don't even need one anymore. It is strange. Yet I wake and I am exhausted. So for me it is more of the bbs, feeling tired, going to the bathroom, night hot flashes and insomnia. So I guess I really have more then what I thought. Even though I have been told that you can trade one symptom for another, they can come and go. It is weird this journey that we are on. But, I would not have it any other way. Okay I will close for now. By the way do you have a store near you named Kohl's? If you do they are having a great sale this weekend. I was thinking on getting soem maternity clothes adn maybe something for baby as well this weekend. It is an extra 15% off even if it is already markes down. My mom said there are some baby items there that are already 75% off. I may hit it up this weekend. It is Friday thru Sunday if anyone else has a Kohl's near them. Take to you all later. Love, Hugs, Prayers and kisses for all the mommies and babies.


jamielee - August 9

Hi everyone!
Christie congratulations!! I read you have 2 boys, I have a son naturally and 2 more boys on the way!

Jenny, so happy to hear your u/s went well! I know the heartbeat one is the big one to look forward to! I have still not bought anything for the babies, just their bedding sets! I am scared I will jinx myself or something. Every time i want to buy something I put it back because I feel I shouldn't yet. I know I'm crazy!

I had a great day today!! I saw the babies and they look great! One actually yawned stretched then put his thumb in his mouth!! It was so cute!! I actually saw him yawning!! I feel good seeing them, I mean I actually physically feel better its really weird!

Tia hows it going???


cvargas76 - August 9

Jenny- We are at the same point. At night i have the DH turn down the A/C to 65 then i have the ceiling fan on plus the fan next to me on and i am still waking up in the middle of the night sweating.

Jaimelee - Congrads, with you twin boys. Your posts are what has made me feel better. I was not having any symptoms so i was so scared that something was wrong. After reading that you were having twins and you were not having any symptoms until you were about 8 weeks and PG with twins i started feeling a little better. I am now starting to feel sick every morning and sometimes in the afternoons.

I go for my first U/S on tuesday and we will be able to hear the heartbeats also. I will feel even more relaxed after that.

Have a great day ladies.



destinybaby - August 10

Hi Ladies

Thanks for all your encouragement.

Jenny, i am happy your u/s went very well. Thanks for sharing your story and you are right you can't listen to some of these u/s techs.

Frisbee girl, yes that was my diagnosis, i will check out the site you sent me. my doctor says its pretty common for women who are carrying twins to have this issue, but it goes away most of the time.

Good news i went to see the PERI yesterday for my 12 week test they do on the babies neck to check to make sure there are no abnormalities. I got to see them and they are so cute their tiny little hands, lets and their nose, it was just amazing i could not believe they are actually inside me. They look just fine, but we get the results of the test in one week. I go back in 4 weeks.

Jamie, thank you so much for being here just knowing you are doing well gives me hope. I am so happy you are feeing good.



JENNY22074 - August 10

Just stopping in and I see that all is well with everyone. That is great let's pray that we stay that way. We had another BFP after a 2ww. So I am sure she will be moving over here with us soon. Talk to you soon and you are all in my thoughts and prayers each day along with your little ones. May God be good to us all and get us through this in one peace and safely.


jamielee - August 10

Hi Tia, How great to see them looking like actual babies and not spots in a sac! I'm happy you are ok! Are you still spotting?? How scary to see red! Trust me I know! If they are still hanging in there I'm sure your babies are going to be just fine, the bleeding is just going to happen. So "try" and stay calm and keep growing those babies!


bdantonio - August 10

just wanted to let everyone know if you have or can go onto old navys website they have good prices and nice maternity clothes. I had all the symptoms with my daughter night sweats insomnia, restless sleeping, and all this pregnancy just m/s, however i do feel the baby move.


JENNY22074 - August 10

Well it certainly does reassure me that every pregnancy is different. I guess I was just expecting to be huggin the toilet everyday for the next couple of months. I do have a huge appetite. I did feela l ittle sick this morning where I thought I was going to be hugging the toilet but as quickly as it came it went away. I will just be patient and enjoy being pregnant without m/s. Just seems strange to me. I have all the weird symptoms and none of the normal ones. Maybe they will come later.


bdantonio - August 10

jenny be happy i have m/s so bad the i have a picc line ( a cahtader that goes into my arm and down into my chest) i get iv fluid at home at medicine through it every 6 hrs they call it hypermesis (def. severe m/s) it usually last till week 14-18 im at 13 and it has gotten really good i hae went two days now with out vomitting i have to go a week before theyll start lowering my doses and then if i can get off the meds theyll pull the line. For a while until they put this in i had not ate in 4 1/2 weeks i lost 22lbs but i have now gained one back yeah! lol however the baby is doing good. hope you stay m/s free!!!!


JasJulesMom - August 11

Jenny, I have two children and neither pregnancy did I get sick enough to hug the toilet. I was queasy morning, noon and night for the first 3 months but it was not extreme. I ate alot of Jolly Rancher candies, it really helped with the nausea. I guess what I am trying to tell you is every woman has different symptoms and never drive yourself nuts comparing symptoms. Enjoy everything as it happens. I loved being pg and never thought my dd would be my last. I might have enjoyed it differently. Hopefully I will have a chance again. My dh really wants another child of his own, my ds is his stepson.


JENNY22074 - August 11

JasJulesMom - Even through your BFN you are still being supportive of us who have gone to the next level. I know you will have that 3rd baby that you are dreaming of. Even though it is hard be patient and stay positive. We are here for you through your next journey. Babydust to you the next time. Thank you once again for reassuring me that I am just looking too much into the symptoms that I have and the ones that I don't have. Take care and I look forward to our continued conversations before, during and after your next cycle.


nadiaaboutaleb - August 13

hello everyone... God this forum has gotten big!!!! Jenny don't worry I am almost 24 weeks pregnant and i never had any nausea and I feel great thank God. So really be thankful you have no symptoms cause i had none and my pregnancy is going great. I can't believe I am actually going into my third trimester soon it is so strange. Time flies. Jamie so glad to hear you are doing well. For the rest of you congratulations on your pregnancies and don't stress yourself to much with little details just enjoy.


JENNY22074 - August 13

Nadia - Thank you so much for your reply. I am so glad that this is something that can be considered normal. You are a godsend to me right now. Congratulations on being at 24weeks. Does the time go by fast or slow? It seems to be dragging right now. I am being very hopeful that I see a heartbeat on the u/s come Thursday. I am so nervous since I have never seen one for myself before. Thank you for takingn your time to put me at a little bit of ease. Talk to you later.


cvargas76 - August 13

Tomorrow is the BIG day i will have my first U/S and hear the heartbeat. I am getting nervise that something will be wrong. I am not having any major symptoms, but yesterday i went to the restroom and i have a purple mucus looking discharge so i am getting scared. I hope everyone is having a good day. GOD bless everyone.




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