New Pregnancy after IVF
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joeycsc - November 3

Hi all
Liz, I'm fine. I do not know exactly what feeling should i expect if i'm pregnant. It will be great if someone can share their experiences. I seems to only having my breasts tenderness and spotting now at 4 weeks. Is that normal?

and for my HCG Level at second blood test, reading at 814. Is this ok? will this consider at normal reading?

I still having my spotting on and off. Dh and myself are worried too. Keeping our finger cross waiting for the first u/s. 2 weeks to go seems still a ling wait.

Girls, wish all of you having a great weekends !


shansy - November 4

Joey- Your HCG level is pretty high, Congratulations! I had spotting as well on/off, they told me the embryo was probably still burrowing in deeper. Good luck on your first ultrasound!!

Liz- Thanks for the info. My appt. on Thursday went pretty well...the baby is doing just fine and getting bigger each time. He/She was bouncing all around and doing flips. The bleed is still there, it is about the same size as it was before so I am to remain on bedrest and go back on Nov. 28 for another ultrasound to check things out. I will be 15 weeks tomorrow- I feel like I am doing well, but you never know what can happen. I just take one day at a time. How are you feeling? Are you finding out the sex of your baby? (Sorry if you already have, I haven't read all of the posts) At our next appt. we will be able to find out. I keep thinking it is a boy for some reason. :)

Well, have a great weekend ladies!



liz - November 5

Hello Ladies,

HCG levels really do vary from women to women. The doctors always say double in 48 hours. So if you take your first reading and multiply it by 2 that would give what they would like to see your levels at. 814 sounds high to me but I don't know what your first amount was.

As for the brown spotting. I have heard of many many women who had brown spotting in early pregnancy. I personally did not have it. I was told by my re nurse that brown spotting was quite normal and not to get to excited if I see but to call them and they would see me.
If you didn't talk to your doc I would, atleast it would probably give you some peace of mind.

Pregnancy symptoms. I had the sore bbs and tired. That was about it in the early weeks. Oh and af like cramps on and off. It was not till about 6 weeks or so that I started in with the nausea.

When is your ultra sound?

So happy to hear your little bean is bouncing all around. That is wonderful news. It is also very good news that your bleed is not getting any bigger. How many weeks has it been since you had your last ultra sound (the one before this)? I know for me they measured the bleed and then 4 weeks later I went back and it was gone. That was at 14 weeks and 5 days.

One day at a time is all you can handle right now. Take advantage of the bed rest as it is time for you to let your body rest and recoup. Will you see the doc before the ultra sound on Nov. 28th?

We do want to know the sex. At my last ultra sound the tech told us she thought it was a girl but it is still early to tell. I go for a level II ultra sound on the 21st so we should know more then. I am thinking girl, I was even before the tech told us that. Actaully from the beginning I felt girl but who knows. I will be happy either way, I just pray for a healthy, happy baby. :)

I will talk to you later,


joeycsc - November 7

Hi Ladies,

Thanks Shannon and Liz for the information.

Happy to know that both of you are well.

I was having more brown discharge on last saturday and went back for a check up. I'm fine. Doctor done a u/s scan. Hey ..we manage to see a little sac (5.3mm) in my uterus. Doctor said still too small. I cannot hear heartbeat yet. She said not to worry and ask me to bedrest. My next scan is on next week. :-)

I find myself easy to get tired and hungry too.

Take care all ladies !


hopefulinla - November 8

Hi Ladies!! I just had my 8 week u/s and the baby is growing w/heartbeat at 165! We are excited but also still worried. I have a blood clot in my uterus about 2.5 cm. My dr is concerned and stressed that I take it easy until this clot either passes or goes away. I have not had any bleeding (only alittle brown discharge now and then) Has anyone experienced a blood clot like this. I also had a twin pregnancy with a loss of one, so I don't know if this is caused by the other one. My dr indicated it could be from that or just a clot. He was concerned b/c it got larger since my last visit.

If anyone has had any experience with this please let me know, so hopefully I can easy my mind:)

thanks, amy


shansy - November 8


I am pretty sure that what you have is exactly what I have as well... it is called a subchorionic hematoma or subchorionic bleed. It is usually located between the placenta and the wall of the uterus (it is in my case). The best thing to do is to take it easy and hope it goes away.

I had mine diagnosed when I had a little bit of spotting. About a week and a half later, I had a very scary night when I began to bleed bright red blood. We went to the ER and baby was fine, but the bleed had gotten a bit larger. Dr.'s have told me that it could possibly bleed itself out of me or that my body may absorb it on its own. I am hoping it gets absorbed- bleeding during pregnancy is so scary!!

Anyways, hang in there the best you can. I have been on bedrest for a month now and go back on Nov. 28th to recheck the bleed area. If it is still there, I will remain on bedrest until the next check-up. I have read on some sites that the bleed will usually correct itself by the 20th week of pregnancy if not sooner. The only danger is that if it gets too large and bleeding becomes very heavy, there is a possibility of having placental abruption and the baby would not survive. Sorry, I'm not trying to scare you, I just want you to know what I have found out through my research on this condition. In most cases, the bleed heals itself.

I would suggest you take it very easy, no heavy lifting or too much activity. Let me know if you have any other questions! I hope yours clears up soon and you can rest peacefully during your pregnancy!! :)



liz - November 9

Hello Ladies :)

Congrats, that is a very strong hearbeat there. I am happy to hear your little peanut is growing big and strong. :)

I am sorry to hear you also lost one of your twins. I can relate to what you may be feeling.
When I lost one of my twins with this pregnancy it started out a sac of blood near baby b's sac, that was a 6 weeks and 5 days. I went back for another u/s at 8 weeks and 4 days to learn that baby b had not developed. The blood clot was still there so they checked it again in 2 weeks. It was still there but a tad smaller. They checked again in 4 weeks (I was 14 weeks and 5 days) and the blood sack was gone. I had not spotting which they told me I might especially since the blood was so close to the cervix. They had said it would be brown spotting since it is old blood. Like I said I did not have the spotting and my body reaborbed the blood. I was also told to take it easy, rest, no lifting etc.

As for your fears, they are normal. I am 16 weeks and 4 days and I still worry everyday that something is going to go wrong. I think it is natural and we will probably relax a bit once we are holding our bundles of joy in our arms. My only advice is try to keep yourself from getting to stressed out and worried, it does you no good and sure does not do your baby any good. I know this is easier said then done but it worth a shot. Look for the positive, which you have a lot in your favor right now. You have a growing little bean with a very healthy heartbeat! That is something to smile about every min. ;)

Congrats on seeing your little beans sac! That is such a good feeling.
Your tiredness and being hungry are all very common in pregnancy. Take time to rest. I am an on the go person. I go from the time I get up to the time I hit the bed. It was hard for me to get used to taking naps but trust me you must or you are a walking zombie. lol

How far along are you?

Have a great day ladies


hopefulinla - November 13

Hi Shannon and Liz-

Thank you both for your info.
Shannon- What a crazy experience to have to go thru. I am so glad to hear all is ok now. My dr. did not mention anything to me other than saying it is a clot that could do all of three things: disappear (or absorb), rupture and cause bleeding or hurt the current pregnancy. I have not had any bleeding as of yet and I am hoping that I don't in the near future. All seems to be going well. I spent a lot of time relaxing this weekend (the weekend before was so busy, on my feet alot). So hopefully me just trying to stay off my feet and more relaxed will help. My dr stressed to take it easy, so I didn't go on our trip that we had planned with some friends, as I know I don't do well when there is fun to be had. It's a small sacrafice to make after all we've been thru.
I go back once again for an ultrasound next Wed, so hopefully all will be fine.
It sounds like you are active, so when you say take it easy, what do you mean? I know it's probably a dumb question, but I am usually the same, from morning till night on the go. I have modified things, but I am feeling a little constranded. I haven't really felt too stressed out, just more wanting to get a good work out in (although this is not on my activity list).

positive thoughts, amy


HelenaS - November 14

Hi Ladies,

I thought I'd try to join this board. I recognize some name from that last board I was on. It sounds like everyone is doing well and you ladies seem to have a lot of information for getting through the first, very scare, trimester after IVF.

My DH and I just went in yesterday for our first us. We are 7w1d. We were able two see a yolk sac and heartbeat for BOTH! We were so excited to get the news of two...but are cautiously optimistic. Baby A measures 7w1d and Baby B measures 6w5d. She said not to worry about the different measurement, the way Baby B was positioned it was hard to get an accurate measurement. I find anything to worry about. But right now we are just happy.



liz - November 14

Hello Ladies,

I am an active person on the go from the time I am up to the time I am in bed. It was hard for me to adjust to taking it easy. I had to stop my exercising, which was the hardest part. I would spend a lot of time just relaxing. I read a lot and pretty much became a little bit lazy. I still did clean and cook, I still preformed my everyday household chores but I did it at a different pace. I would work at something for a half hour or until I got tired and then I would rest for a half hour or however long I though I needed to. I still worked at my job but I cut my hours back a bit. I just adjusted my whole life around taking it easy! It is tough but you can do it!

Congrats on the twins! What a wonderful surprise! It is 100% normal to worry, we all do and you know I think we all will until the day we hold out little bundles of joy in our hands. We just do what we can to stay on the saner side of life. ;) Take it easy and rest those little ones need you to be good and strong! :)
Congrats again!

Talk to you all later,


Risa - November 15

Hi Liz and everyone,

I haven't been on in a while, but am doing okay. I am now 24 weeks and have been really feeling the extra weight I've put on. I had slight contractions the other day andc had to be given a shot to stop them. It was quite scary and now I am trying to sit as much as possible at work and not stress out over things.

You all need to really take it easy. No matter how hard it is. At first, it was really hard for me not to be really active. Especially during the IVF injections and procedure, I had to slow things down. It is great to see everyone is doing okay. Liz, glad to know your baby is doing well. When do you find out the sex of the baby? Or did you decide that is what you and dH want to do? And where do you rent a doppler? I can feel slight movements, mostly after I eat. I only started feeling this last week and it really doesn't feel like anything moving. It only feels like my food is settling after I eat, but the other day I could actually see my stomach move!!!
Joey, your numbers are pretty high. I wouldn't be surprised if you were having twins also.
Well, take care ladies and I'll check in soon.



liz - November 16

Hi Risa,

It is so good to hear from you! Glad you are doing well and finally feeling the baby. Sorry about your scare the other day but again happy to hear you are doing better. You have the right idea relax as much as possible. Right now the little one needs to you rest and relax.

I rented my doopler from a website called I absolutly love it! I listen to the hearbeat usually a couple times a day. It really does give me a little more peace of mind to hear his/her heartbeat very strong and consistant.

I haven't been feeling any movement yet. The PA told me the other day that it could be 4 for 6 more weeks before I feel it. She said usually this early you are mistaking something else thinking it is the baby. I think you are probably more in the normal of just beginning to feel the kicking.

Tues Nov 21 we have an appointment for a level II u/s. I am hoping that baby will cooperate and let us have a peak. I can't wait to find out the sex so I am counting down the days.

I can't remember do you know what you are having?

Take care of yourself and your little one.
Hope to hear from you soon :)


shansy - December 4

Hi everyone....

Wow- it has been quiet here lately!!

How is everyone doing?? Would love to hear some updates.

I am now 19 weeks and found out we are having a BOY!! We are very excited. My bleed has shrunk and I am now can get up and about, but I still try to take it easy. I caught a nasty cold though and I am dealing with that now. I guess it is that time of year!

Well, I hope all is well with everyone.


liz - December 6

Hi Shansy,

Yes it has been quiet here lately. I guess everyone is busy with the holidays. I still can't believe it is almost Christmas. It seems like every year flys by faster and faster.

Sorry to hear about your nasty cold. I have been fortunate not to get a cold yet this year (knock on wood) but I have had a couple of sinus infections which have not been fun. I am dealing with one right now, trying to get it away and avoid anti-biotics.

Congrats on your baby boy! That is great news. We found out at my 18 weeks u/s that we are having a gril. Well atleas they say it looks like a girl, no boy parts found. I am anxious to see what they say again in 3 weeks when I have another u/s.

How have you been feeling?

Hope to hear from you soon.
Take care,


shansy - December 6

Hey Liz,

I have been feeling good...glad to be out of the first trimester- I did not feel like myself at all during that time- very queasy, tired, and just plain yucky. I have so much more energy now and I am hoping it lasts awhile so I can get working on the nursery.

Congratulations on the almost 100% sure it is a girl! :) Do you have any names picked out? We are thinking of Wyatt for our little boy. We like that the name means, "Little Warrior"- we think it is very fitting seeing all that he has been through already to make it to this point!

How are you feeling now? Have you felt any movements yet? I haven't really felt any yet- maybe a few flutters here and there.

Take care,


liz - December 14

Hi Shannon,

I am so sorry it has been awhile since I posted. The holidays are catching up with me. I still haven't even done my shopping, wow I am behind. lol

I love the name Wyatt! My friends neighbors little boys name is Wyatt and he is just the most precious little 2 year old. I had never heard anyone before him with that name but I love it!

DH and I are thinking either Sarah Dale or Samantha Dale. My middle name is Dale so we are going to continue the tradition.

I have been feeling movements I think... It is so hard to tell. She also has assumed a new position that pushes on my rib cage, that is not fun. How about you are the flutters getting stronger?

I go next Friday for another u/s to check on something they had discovered at my level II. I am both very nervous and very scared.

Glad to hear you energy is back. Mine comes and goes if that makes sense. Some days I feel like I can take on the world the next I am dead tired.

Well I am off to try and get some things for Christmas, better late then never. :)

Take care,



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