New Pregnancy after IVF
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liz - October 25

Hi Amy,

CONGRATS on your pregnancy. That is wonderful news.

I too have been through miscarriages (3) and it is so hard to not worry. It was really rough on me the first trimester and still is to a degree. I don't think we stop worrying, we just worry about different things as we move along in our pregnancies.

I was actaully pregnant with twins in my current pregnancy. I found out we had twins at 5 weeks and 1 day at 6 weeks and 5 days we heard both heartbeats at 8 weeks and 4 days they told me that baby b did not develope. I was devestated especially the worries that came along for baby a's well being and of course the question of why. They will never be able to tell me why I lost baby b but the good news is baby a is doing just wonderful. They call it vanishing twin syndrome and apparently it is very common in twin pregnancies. Many times unless you were under treatments for infertility when you got pregnant they would not discover this until your first u/s which I believe is usually 10-12 weeks.

I think it is completly normal for you to not be able to get to excited. I have the same problem but it is getting better the further along I get. Try not to be hard on yourself, you are just protecting yourself which again is normal. ;)

When is your next u/s?

Take care,


joeycsc - October 26

Dear all,

Hi Liz,

My test is positive ! Cheers! .

Last night was very nervous... I thought we failed this round because i was having the very strong AF symptoms.

Today early morning, my DH and I went to hospital to have the blood test. We were waiting for 3 hours for the result. Both of us in surprise and extreme happy when doctor said "my HCG Level is 105.9, you are definately pregnant"

I will be given injection twice weekly and daily medication to stable my pregnancy. I'm waiting to have my first u/s after 2.5 weeks time.

Hope everythings ig going fine.

Joey :-)


liz - October 26

Hi Joey,


When do you go for your next round of bw?



hopefulinla - October 26

Hi Liz- Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me. I have been trying really hard to stay mentally and physically positive thru all this waiting and anticipation. It really is difficult. My next ultrasound is in 2 weeks (Nov 8th).
I believe that too, there is always something to think or worry about thru this sensitive time. DH is equally as emotional and concerned to not get too excited. He joked around yesterday about joining in on chatroom. I think he might be the only man on this board:) I really appreciate the support and concern. I look forward to sharing more positive landmarks thru this roller coaster process!

all my thoughts,



liz - October 26


You are very welcome, thats what we are here for to share and support one another. ;)

I really do know what you are going through, trying to stay postive during this time can be a real challenge. The only thing that would get me through each day was to try not to think about yesterday, not look ahead to tomorrow and just focus on today. Somedays were harder than others and I swear it was one hour at a time. I would try to find things to keep my mind on something other than the baby. I do believe looking back there were days when I was very depressed I slept or layed around alot. At the time I was blaming it on the pregnancy and the fatique, that could very well be but I have a feeling it was some depression thrown in there too. I was just so worried that something would go wrong.

I have talked to other men here on the site. Mostly I think they drop by for some advice and usually leave pretty soon. Our dh's go though a lot with us and they of course need someone to talk to too. I know my dh worries a lot but does not share with me because he knows it just gets me all worked up again. It is amazing what our loves do for us. I think it is very sweet that your dh says he should join the chat. Sounds like he is a wonderful man and very concerned about his wife and child. Who can blame him. :)

I am going for an ultra sound tomorrow. I am nervous, I get myself so worked up (I believe you know what I mean. ;) I have rented a doopler that I listen to the babies heartbeat at home everyday. You would think that would keep me calm enough. For the most part it does but whenever I have to go in for an appointment I worry. Only natural I sopose.

I am here anytime you want to chat. Hang in there and know Nov 8 will be here before you know it. :)

Take care,


hopefulinla - October 27

Liz- How exciting, another ultrasound tomorrow! Please email and let me know how it went.

Do you have the constant nagging of not over doing it? I am an active person and I think my restrictions (too just walking) have made me a little loopy. Plus dh is always wondering what I am doing or eating. It's going to be a long 9 months:)
I hear you about the depression, it's been a long road for us and I feel like the cloud is going away a little more each day. When we decided to go thru with IVF at first I was so upset by the thought of having to take such drastic measures, but now I feel so fortunate to have been given an opportunity to use modern science to still have a child of our own. We are truly blessed. If anything I have learned thru this so far is that it's so important to be with the right person in life, we have cried, laughed and celebrated together thru this journey. Hopefully your cloud is lifting and we will be able to celebrate our health children soon.

Cheers!! Good luck tomorrow! It's going to be great! By the way, where did you rent the doppler, super cool, would love to do that when we can?



joeycsc - October 27

[quote author=liz link=board=9;threadid=2670;start=135#27007 date=1161863563]
Hi Joey,


When do you go for your next round of bw?


Liz, i will have my first u/s on 11/16. Doctor was saying no pint for us to do second blood test to test the HCG level because i will be given the hormon injections the result will be positive. So prating hard and wait for the u/s day.

Best regards,


liz - October 27

Hello Ladies,

I had my u/s today. It was awesome. The baby is doing good, getting big of course. It has been 4 weeks since my last u/s so it is truly amazing to see the difference. I feel like a ton of weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Probably just for now anyway the way I worry. lol

How are you doing today? Feeling better I hope. :)

Nov 16th will be here before you know it. How far along will you be at that time? I had u/s's at 5 weeks, 6 1/2 weeks, 8 1/2 weeks, 10 1/2 weeks and now 14 1/2 today. It has been a blessing seeing my little peanut so much but it has also spoiled me and I know now it won't be so much anymore.

Take care of yourselves and your little beans. ;)



liz - October 27

Carroll, Risa and Jen and Julie,

How are you girls doing? I was thinking about you! Hope all is well.

I am sure your little bundle of joy has arrived. How are you both?

Take care,


shansy - October 29

Hi Liz,

I wrote a long time ago on this thread about my low HCG level and you offered such great advice. I am currently 14 weeks pregnant and cannot believe I have made it this far. I am currently on bedrest for a subchorionic bleed (although another doctor thought it might have been a vanishing twin?). If I may ask, did you have any bleeding when they thought you lost the twin? I am very sorry to hear about it...I wish you nothing but the best!!

My EDD is April 30th. :)


liz - October 30

Hi Shansy,

Congrats on 14 weeks! That is a wonderful feeling. I remember your situation, I am so happy to hear you are well and baby is well too! :)

Sorry to hear about the subchorionic bleed. I have never heard of that before, what is it if you don't mind me asking. I hope you feel better soon.

When I lost my one twin I had no bleeding. I was in at 6 wks and 5 days for an u/s where they heard both hearbeats and then back at 8 weeks and 4 days for another u/s. At that appointment they told me that baby b did not develop. I had a blood collection near baby b's sac at the 6 week appointment, they were watching it to see what would develop. I did not bleed, nothing to indicate that I lost one of my little beans. Even after I still had the blood clot and they said I may pass it in discharge but I never did. I had an u/s on Friday and the blood clot was finally gone, they told me that it gets reassurbed in the body.

Have you been having u/s's since the beginning of your pregnancy? I just ask because normally twin pregnancies are dignosed early but from what I understand their is a high rate of vanishing twin when twin pregnancies are diagnosed before 10 weeks. I never realized how commone it really is.

I don't know if this helped, I hope so.!

Take care and I hope to talk to you soon,


shansy - October 30

Hi Liz,

A subchorionic bleed is a blood clot between the placenta and the wall of the uterus- sounds a lot like what you had. It may expel or it may not. I did have one scary incident of bleeding, but had an u/s and baby was fine...that is when I found out I had this. However, at the ER, the doctors there said it may have been a vanishing twin, but my OB is calling it a subchorionic bleed. I did have u/s's done starting at 5 weeks and there was not any twin pregnancy noted, but I have heard of strange things happening and twins showing up later on...who knows? All I know is that this bleed should go away on its own, but if it gets bigger for some reason, then it poses a risk of miscarriage. I am just hoping and praying that on Thursday they give me good news when I go for the ultrasound.

Glad to hear you are doing well and I am also glad that you did not have any bleeding- even though you may have been expecting it, it is a very scary thing to have happen.


hopefulinla - October 30

Hi Liz- I haven't check this page in a couple of days. But I am so glad to hear your u/s went so well. No more worrying, right? I am feeling a little better, but don't think I will feel great until the 8 week u/s, which is next wednesday:) Trying to keep my mind on other things and getting lots of rest. Did you have alot of symptoms at 7weeks? I haven't noticed anything really drastic other than fatigue and sometimes not very interested in some foods.
We planned a trip to Orlando with some friends in a couple of weeks and I am a little concerned with travel. Dr. said it was ok to fly, but want to make sure I am not putting my baby in jeopordy. Did you or anyone else on this board do any traveling early on in your pregnancy?

Have a great week!



joeycsc - October 31

Hi All,

Hi Liz,
Congrats! Happy to know your little one is doing fine. Take care ! I am looking forward for my first u/s. Both dh and my self are so excited because this is our first pregnancy after waiting for so long.
I am on my very early 4 weeks pregnancy. My first u/s will be on the 6th week.
I am having brown staining start last few days. Doctor advise not to worry on that. He gave me a Pruloton Depot injection and had my second blood test yesterday. It shows my HCG Level has gone up to 814 mIU/ml. A relief to know that my HCG is going up.

Still waiting on my first u/s to see and confirm.

Take care everyone.



liz - October 31

Good morning ladies,

Yes it the bleed you are describing does sound alot like what I had. We know mine was definatly from the loss of the twin but I am sure there are many other reasons it can happen. When they had discovered it my re told me that he wasen't sure what was going on yet (too early to tell) but it could have been from the fetus burrowing deeper inside the lining or it could possibly be a start of a miscarriage. For me the later was the case.
How are you feeling otherwise?
I will be thinking about you on Thursday. I wish you the best of luck and I am keeping you in my prayers.

Hey there. I wish it was that easy to just stop worrying. It dosen't seem to matter how many u/s's I have I still find somehting to worry about. lol I am such a worry wart. I must admit that each time I think the weight off my shoulders seem to be more and more. I am thinking I may feel alot better once I have my level II u/s on Nov. 21st.
How are you feeling?
I did not travel at all during pregnancy. Not by choice just nothing planned. I know from everything I read it is ok to fly early in pregnancy, it is towards the end that doctors frown upon it and mainly I believe that is for fear of going into labor early. I would not worry to much about it, go on your vacation and have a good time. You deserve it too!

Wonderful news on the rising hcg. That is always a very promising sign. I am very happy for you and dh. As for the brown spotting. I hear many women say they have the same thing and it is completly normal. I am sure it is still a worry for you, however you are probably just fine.
How are you feeling?

Well I must run, work is calling.
Have a great day.


joeycsc - November 3

Hi all
Liz, I'm fine. I do not know exactly what feeling should i expect if i'm pregnant. It will be great if someone can share their experiences. I seems to only having my breasts tenderness and spotting now at 4 weeks. Is that normal?

and for my HCG Level at second blood test, reading at 814. Is this ok? will this consider at normal reading?

I still having my spotting on and off. Dh and myself are worried too. Keeping our finger cross waiting for the first u/s. 2 weeks to go seems still a ling wait.

Girls, wish all of you having a great weekends !



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