New Pregnancy after IVF
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liz - December 14

Hi Shannon,

I am so sorry it has been awhile since I posted. The holidays are catching up with me. I still haven't even done my shopping, wow I am behind. lol

I love the name Wyatt! My friends neighbors little boys name is Wyatt and he is just the most precious little 2 year old. I had never heard anyone before him with that name but I love it!

DH and I are thinking either Sarah Dale or Samantha Dale. My middle name is Dale so we are going to continue the tradition.

I have been feeling movements I think... It is so hard to tell. She also has assumed a new position that pushes on my rib cage, that is not fun. How about you are the flutters getting stronger?

I go next Friday for another u/s to check on something they had discovered at my level II. I am both very nervous and very scared.

Glad to hear you energy is back. Mine comes and goes if that makes sense. Some days I feel like I can take on the world the next I am dead tired.

Well I am off to try and get some things for Christmas, better late then never. :)

Take care,


hopefulinla - December 15

Hi everyone it's been awhile since I have been on this site and it's so great to read all the exciting posts. I've made it thru the first 12 weeks and I'm in the middle of my 13th week.
I unfortunately had a scare this week with bleeding. I had red blood on Tuesday and went to my doctors asap. I have a small tear (about 2.4cm) of the placenta from my uterus. Shannon, I know you had some bleeding throughout your pregnancy and you explained what you had, but I was wondering if your bleed was caused from the same thing. I had a clot earlier on during my pregnancy, but that has gone away. My dr has me on bedrest (which it's only my 2nd day and I am freaking out). If anyone has any experience with this situation please let me know. I was wondering if being on bedrest will allow this to fix itself or if this is something I am going to have to deal with for my entire pregnancy? Do you know if this is common for IVF pregnancy? I have an appointment next Wed for a follow-up and the red blood is gone. Also my dr is having me do progesterone shots now, just to ensure I maintain good levels for the baby.

hope all is well with everyone.



Audream - December 19

Hi ladies,

I am so impressed with your comradery. I am in my 2ww, First IVF cycle, 2 embies,will take my first pregnancy test on December 26. Did any of you cheat and take a HPT? How effective are they? I don't know if I should? What is your advice?


shansy - December 21

Liz- It was good to hear from you. I love both Sarah and Samantha as well! We are doing like you are- incorporating part of my husband's name into his name. My husband's name is Aaron so we will use that for Wyatt's middle name.

I go on the 28th of this month for a follow-up to my Level II ultrasound. They didn't say anything about it, but it still scares me that they might not be saying anything until we go in for the appt. I know how you feel. I'm sending nothing but positive vibes your way for tomorrow's visit!

The movements have definitely been getting stronger- he really moves when I eat! Two days ago he was moving non-stop- it was very weird and exciting. Today I am not feeling the movements as strongly, but I am not going to stress myself out about it- I know that they can come and go at this point in the pregnancy.
Please update when you get a chance and Happy Holidays!

Hopefulinla- I had bleeding at 11 weeks and went to the E.R. where they did an ultrasound. The baby was OK, but it showed I had a subchorionic bleed in my uterus which I think is like a clot, but then again they said that there was a risk of it detaching the placenta from my uterus if it were to get very large. That is why they put me on bedrest. I followed their directions strictly and did nothing but lay around for a month and a half. I showered every other day. No vacuuming, going up and down stairs more than once a day, and doing other housework. There is a debate as to whether or not bedrest really helps, but I figured I didn't want to chance it. My ultrasounds showed that it was getting smaller and on my last ultrasound on 12/14, they couldn't find the bleed. I am now active but still not back to work. I will most likely go back in January. I can't tell you if this is going to be for your entire pregnancy- everyone is different. The doctors had told me that I may have it for the entire pregnancy or I may is something you cannot control. I'm not sure if it is common for IVF, but I have heard another theory that it can be caused by a "vanishing twin", which would make sense in IVF since more than one embryo is usually transferred.

I know how hard it is and try to stay positive- think great thoughts about your baby and TAKE IT EASY. I also was on progesterone shots a bit longer than expected. Good luck to you on your next appointment and please let me know how things are going! If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to post. :)

Yes, I cheated and did a HPT the night before I went in for my blood test... it came back positive. I'm not sure how effective they are, but I broke down and did one. It is a such a mind game because if you do it and it comes back negative, then you aren't sure if it really is and have to wait for the blood test and if you do it and it is positive, you still don't believe it yourself and end up waiting for the blood test!! You have to make the decision for yourself...GOOD LUCK TO YOU and I am sending babydust your way!!

PHEW! I think I wrote enough, huh? Off to do some shopping!



Audream - December 22

Hi Shannon,

Thanks for your reply! I'm so excited to meet someone who had a successful pregnancy on the first IVF try! Can you please give me some background info...number of embryos transfered, day 3 or day 5, symptoms etc.. Thanks so much! Look forward to hearing from you!



shansy - December 22

Hi Audrey,

Yes, I got very lucky on our first try...could not believe it really worked. The doctors retrieved 20 eggs from me and 16 fertilized. We transferred 4 embryos on Day 3. They were all 8-celled on Day 3. I didn't have many symptoms- just felt bloated from all of the shots. I did have some light spotting before the positive test which the nurses said was probably implantation bleeding.

Good luck to you! When do you test?


Audream - December 22

HI Shannon, thanx for the info...and you're having a boy right? ;D Awesome! I test on Tuesday the 26th. I bought a pregnancy test yesterday just in case I break down over the weekend...

Another question...when you put in multiple embryos and they do not take, what happens to the others?



shansy - December 26

Hi Audrey,
Wishing you good luck today on your test!! Yes, I am having a boy. I'm not sure what happens to the other embryos, I believe they are just absorbed by your body?? I'm not sure.

Liz- Just wondering how your appt. went last Friday?? Hoping all is well!!


liz - December 27

Hello Ladies,

I hope you all had a very Merry Chirstmas! I still can't believe it has come and gone already, it feels like each year flys by faster and faster.

How are you feeling and Wyatt feeling?

The movements right now with the baby can vary, this is what my ob told me. Sometimes we may feel our little ones often throghout the day and other days they may be less. It is nothing to worry about and totally normal.

I am doing very well. My u/s went wonderful. The cyst is gone and "she" (positive now) looks beautiful. Her measurements are all perfect, actaully about a week ahead of her date. She is causing me quite a lot of pain. Apparently she likes to lay on my left side with her head down low and legs up high. She kicks alot and it hurts my ribs very bad! At my appointment on Friday they told me my ribs are probably bruised. There is nothing we can do except take Tylenol and try to message her out of that position which is what I do. Oh well a small price to pay to finally get to meet my little girl. :)

Please let us know how you made out with your test. I wish you the best of luck.

I must run, time to get ready for work.
Take care,


Audream - December 29

Hi Shannon,

Well, I don't have good news. On Tuesday, I had a BFP but an HCG of 7...they retested me today and my levels only went up a point. I am to stop all meds and wait for AF now. It has been difficult, but we will get through this and move forward. I have 5 frozen embryos. I pray that at least 2-3 survive the thaw. Despite all of this, I continue to have faith that God has a plan for me! Thank you Shannon for your support!!



Fortyfourfive - December 30

Audream, Sorry about your chemical pregnancy. I have had 2 of them so I know how you feel. Good luck with the next transfer. May this one be the charm.


shansy - December 30


I'm so sorry to hear of your news. I know how difficult those let downs are. Hang in there the best you can.

It is good that you have frozen embies, you can move ahead quickly if that is what you choose to do. I think your belief about God having a plan for you is correct- he does seem to work in mysterious ways, but somehow it will all come together one day. Please keep in touch and let me know what you decide to do and how you are doing.



Audream - January 5

Hi Shannon & Fortyfourfive,
Thank you for kind words and understanding. I have a consultation on the 10th of Jan., and am planning to do FET in April during my Spring Break.

I hope that you and Wyatt and DH are doing well! April is just around the corner...are you all ready for lil Wyatt? It must be so exciting!!

You mentioned that you had 2 chemical pregancies...have you or are you planning to try again?

God Bless,


Fortyfourfive - January 6

Audream, I am currently 17 weeks pg with a boy. We were down to our last 8 embies. 4 of them were good enough for the transfer and obviously one made it. Good luck with your next transfer, you just never know.


Audream - January 9

Hi Fortyfourfive,
Congratulations!! I didn't know that you were pregnant!! That's awesome...have you picked out his name? How exciting!! I pray to God every night for the miracle of a child...I would truly be happy with one!!

I'm a little concerned...we only have 5 embies left...I pray that at least 2-3 survive the thaw. I believe there were only 2 in that batch that were top quality embies. Do the embies have to be top quality in order to have a pregnancy?


shel - January 12

Hello, I see you and I are about on the same time frame. I had my egg retrieval on 12/13/06. I only made five eggs, of which only three were good. Ended up with two "perfect" embryos. I took a home pregnancy test on 12/30 and it was positive. My blood test was 1/2/07 and it was positive :) They called me the next day with my hcg levels which were 1245. So all has been looking good. I have my first ultra sound on 1/16/07. The first week after I found out I was in good spirits and thinking positive and now I am a nervous wreck. After having two tubals, every slightest thing sends me into a panic. The first week after the positive pregnancy test I was feeling tired all the time, breast were very tender, hungry all the time and had to go to the bathroom constantly (no morning sickness, headaches, heartburn or constipation). Overall I just felt pregnant. I had some slight cramping a few times a day that is very brief. Of course this has me all stressed out. Now, I am still hungry and tired, but breasts are not as sore and I don't have to go to the bathroom as often so now I am afraid something has gone wrong. Tuesday cannot get here soon enough. Hope all is going well with yours.



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