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JulieC - February 28

Daniella your registry is great!

I saw that you have flushable liners on it - are you planning to cloth diaper? I am seriously considering it.

Also, just curious why 2 strollers? I hadn't thought of doing that but I guess a lightweight one would come in handy.

Thanks for sharing!


doglover - February 29

Hi everyone!

Julie, I also used the Baby Bargains book to help me register-it was EXTREMELY helpful. I was able to figure out what I truly needed. And it made the whole multiple stroller idea make sense. I highly recommend it! FYI-there is a fantastic family owned baby furniture place in South Philly that has an excellent reputation. We ordered our crib, glider, etc from them. Very reasonable prices and wonderful advice.

Beth-I am so glad you and the baby are doing well!!

I hope everyone else is doing well. I am doing great except for the annoying urinary tract infection I have had the whole pregnancy. As of now, I have seen the urologist three times, and they have not resolved the problem. The current thinking is that I am going to have to take antibiotics twice daily the rest of the pregnancy. So I am already on my third yeast infection!! Fun, long as the baby boy is okay!

Talk to you all later-Linzie


wolffie - February 29

julie -
we are planning a combo of cloth and disposable diapers. We are going to try one size pocket diapers. they look super easy. we are going to go with the bumgenius 3.0. there are a lot of great cloth has reviews, seems to have the best prices and free shipping! we are just going to start with 12 cloth diapers to see if we really like them. i like the fact that the ones we are looking at are one size and they fit from newborn - 30 pounds and they don't need a diaper cover like traditional cloth!

i did the two strollers because i wanted a super light weight smaller one for shorter outings or to take out of town.

linzie - a UTI and yeast infection...that stinks! they are horrible at anytime, i can't imagine having a UTI through the entire pregnancy. I am SOOOOO sorry! how are you doing other than that?



bdantonio - February 29

HAs anyone heard from Jenny?


JulieC - February 29

Daniella, I've heard that the Fuzzibunz size VS fit most newborns but that the bum genius don't really fit until 10lbs. I think I'll probably do what you are doing and get some cloth and use seventh gen. disposables otherwise, especially for the first few weeks.

Linzie - please send me the name of that furniture store. I would love to check it out!

I have the baby bargains book but haven't read all the sections yet. I also got the consumer reports book just to compare. They have been helpful.

How is everyone feeling? I have been having this weird cramp in my left side lately. It feels kind of like a runners cramp up by my rib cage. Anyone else have that?



wolffie - February 29

i heard the same thing about the bum genius not fitting well until 10 pounds. I really don't want to buy two different types so i think we are going to use disposables during the newborn stage. Have you looked at they have a lot of "eco-friendly" more "natural' diapers and you can buy in bulk on the website.

I had a cramp similar to what you are experiencing may weeks ago. it went away after a day or two. i think it was just ligaments stretching. maybe that's what you are experiencing.

beth- how are you and the babies doing? are you feeling back to yourself? I haven't noticed and posts from Jenny in a week or two. I hope everything is okay!



JasJulesMom - March 1

Daniella I was thinking the same thing about Jenny. I look forward to her posts and she has been strangely absent for days. Hope she is doing well.


JENNY22074 - March 3

Hey everyone...Sorry I have not posted in a long time...My computer has beren down so I can only check things once a week from my mom's house for mnow...Hope all is well with everyone...MY doctor says that he will not let me go past my due date of April 1st so it looks like we will be having a bab probably at the end of March...Talk to you all next week...All is well...My last sonogram showed that Gabriel is weighing in at at least 6pounds and measuring a week ahead...Hope everyone is doing well...Do we have any new ladies on the BFP side...I have 2-4 weeks left now...


bdantonio - March 4

She is doing great. Eats all the time. She goes next tueday for her 1 mths check up i cant believe its been a month. She is so big compared to my first. I feel back to normal. cant wait to be realeased to excerise though want to lose the rest of my baby weight.


wolffie - March 6

jenny - so glad to hear from you! glad all is going well! you are in the home stretch! can you believe it?!?!

jasjulesmom - i noticed you are 5 weeks along, how are you feeling? Did you do IUI or IVF?

Linzie, Julie, and Lisa - how are all the mommies and babies (little boys) doing?

beth - glad to hear you and the family are doing well! it must be so wonderful to be off bed rest and move around as you want!



JulieC - March 6

This boy is kicking my butt! Literally! He has been very active all along but lately the kicks feel like they are lower and toward my rectum. Just a preview of things to come, I guess.

Otherwise, feeling great! Still need to do my registry. Hopefully we'll take care of that this weekend.



bdantonio - March 6

You have no idea how great it is to be off bedrest. I have lost alot of my baby weight too. I think he breastfeeding really does help.


lisa13 - March 6

That is great Beth.

I am doing well; not much movement; which makes me nervous. I went yesterday for my monthly and doc said everything was fine. any one else have little movement


wolffie - March 6

Lisa -

I had a friend who also felt very little movement. It turned out that it was because of where her placenta was located and they didn't tell her that was the issue until 30 weeks. Could that be the issue for you?

Also...there was one weekend where i didn't feel anything after the baby had been super active all week. The doc said that the baby had probably turned around and was kicking inwards toward my back rather than outwards towards my belly and that is probably why i wasn't feeling anything.



JulieC - March 6

My SIL has 2 kids - one kicked her the whole time and the other almost never moved (that she knew of). Both totally normal!


doglover - March 6

Hi everyone!

Lisa, I just started feeling real movement the past week or two. The doctor told me I have an anterior placenta so that is why I cannot feel as much as another person. It basically means the placenta acts as a pillow between the baby and the outside world. I was extremely paranoid, especially bc I am thin and people thought I should feel him move early. I still cannot distinguish movement when I am active during the day. Ask your doc about your placenta...

How is everyone? I feel so good! I had a few weeks a month ago when my round ligaments were stretching and causing me problems sleeping, etc. but that went away. I cleared up my yeast infection and have to call tomorrow about my urine culture (to see if it is negative). I have been taking antibiotics twice a day...hopefully we can decrease to once a day!!

I bought tickets to fly and see my mom early you think I am crazy? She is having a lot of health problems, and i want to see her before the baby comes...

Talk to you later!! Linzie



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