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JENNY22074 - February 18

Ladies - I have my days...Since we had the shower and now everything is set up in his nursery I am so ready for him to be here using it all....I am starting to have the "I have been pregnant forever feeling"...LOL!!!!...My legs are cramping during the night, I can find a comfortable position for 2 hours at the most...I am so out of breath and that is just after taking maybe 3 steps to go upstairs...In a way I miss the 2nd trimester when there was hardly anyting going on except movement...Now sometimes when he moves it feels like he is dragging my insides with him...The Braxton Hicks are getting to be on a daily basis and a little more stronger every few days...Other then the above list of complaints I am fine...Just really ready to hold, kiss and love him and of course have daddy sharing some of the duties!!!!...Then to top it all off the hubby said a few days ago that he thinks he wants to have another one...He doesn't want Gabriel to be bored or feel like he is missing out on something...I said the only way that will happen is if we get pregnant naturally...I will not put my body through anymore shots, retrievals, transfers...It is just so stressful and feels like you are not the one in control...I am sure you all can relate...Okay enough of my whining....

How is everyone else....My goodness so many boys!!!...It is the era of the baby boys...I love TEAM BLUE!!!!...Talk to you all later...


JulieC - February 18

We had honestly been thinking mostly of girl names, so I almost feel like we are back to the beginning for boy names. We do have some in mind. They are mostly traditional family names - Benjamin, James, William, David. Lately DH has been liking Owen. But we are still actively thinking.

I do have a friend who is pregnant with twins (through fertility treatments) and just found out she is having 2 girls! So, I guess there are some girls out there, but it seems like boys in the majority.



Marina - February 19

Hi ladies,
can you tell me when you start feel baby move ?
I'm almost 16 weeks,but didn't feel baby moving yet.With my son I remember first time I felt him moving around this time for sure.


JENNY22074 - February 19

Marina - I was around 16 weeks and hadn't realized that what I was feeling was the baby moving until a trip to the hospital with a problem and they were asking me about feeling the baby move and I told them no and they did an u/s and he was moving and they said do you feel that and I said yes and they said that it was him moving....So you may have and just don't realize it yet...Also if you are heavier then you were then you may not be feeling the baby or it just may be that it is in a position where you aren't feeling him or mistaken the movements for something else...Hang in there it will happen any day now if it hasn't already...Other then that how are you feeling?


lisa13 - February 19

i am 22 weeks and i only feel vibrations. i am going for my 2nd u.s tommorrow because they could see baby raymonds heart; his hand was over it. so patriotic.
i am going to ask him about the movement


bdantonio - February 19

Hi everyone i just wanted to check in with everyone. Im recovering good. The baby is doing great. Im soo glad my journey is over but i will keep checking i to see of i can answer any questions an give allthe support i can.


wolffie - February 25

Hi Ladies!

The board has been quiet for a couple days. How is everyone?

Lisa - how did your repeat u/s go?

Jenny - how you doing? Only a few more weeks!

I hope everyone is well.



lisa13 - February 25

Hi Daniella;

Everything went great. His little heart is perfect. He was sucking his thumb. sooooooo cute.

Are you feeling any movement

how is your heartburn? Mine is horrible.

How are you feeling in general?

Ps. saw a car that said wolfie on 22; totally thought it was you


Eddie - February 25

Hi all,

I haven't been posting much but definitely lurking and keeping up with you all.

I am currently 35 wks and counting. I finish work in less than 2 wks and am starting to get real tired........must be preparing myself. Don't know what we are having as wanted a suprises in life these days. I think it is a boy. The baby is very active and kicks all the time and wriggles around trying to get comfy.

How is everyone else doing?

Jenny - not long now we are very close in EDD and hope you are well. Sorry for my slackness and promise to post more now.
Beth - congrats on your little girl.


wolffie - February 26

Lisa - I must be super lucky...i haven't had any heartburn! (knock on wood!)
I've been feeling movement since about week 16. I generally feel it pretty regularly and recently started to notice patterns. However it seems like there are days where he is very quiet. Which of course freaks me out even though i know it is normal. On days where i can't feel him i use my home doppler to hear his heartbeat...which gives me a lot of peace of mind. are you feeling much movement yet?

in general, I've been feeling pretty good. i made it back to the gym for the first time today since last JUNE! it was a nice feeling to get back but i took it very easy!

other than the heartburn how have you been feeling?
sorry...the car on 22 wasn't me!



lisa13 - February 27

Hey Daniella;

i don't feel any kicking. I do feel something; but very subtle.
heartburn and just tired. i am registering at baby's r us on Sunday. I am so excited.

Eddie; it is nice to have you back. your almost there.


wolffie - February 27

Lisa - you will have so much fun registering! We went a couple weeks ago...and we were there for hours! AAre you going to register any place else? We also did target.

Has anyone heard from Jenny? She hasn't been on in awhile. I hope everything is okay.



bdantonio - February 28

Well i just wanted to check n to see how everyone is. We are doing good and adjusting to long nites with no to little sleep


JulieC - February 28

Which stroller, car seat, etc. did you all register for? I still have to do this and am overwhelmed by all the brands out there!


wolffie - February 28

Hey Julie!

I based most of my registry picks on suggestions in the baby bargains book and consumer reports. I registered at both Target and Babies R Us. Rather than writing all my picks feel free to look at my registries....

Daniella Wolff IL Due June 27th

almost everything was based on the top 2 ratings.


JulieC - February 28

Daniella your registry is great!

I saw that you have flushable liners on it - are you planning to cloth diaper? I am seriously considering it.

Also, just curious why 2 strollers? I hadn't thought of doing that but I guess a lightweight one would come in handy.

Thanks for sharing!



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