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wolffie - January 16

Hi All!

It's nice to be back on after the site was down. How is everyone doing?



lisa13 - January 16

hi Daniela;

doing great.. iam 17 weeks and 2 days and feeling good. heard the hrtbt 3times
and i am going to find out what i am having feb 5.......can't wait.
how are you feeling


doglover - January 16

Hi girls!
I am also doing great. Lisa, I find out the sex of my baby Feb 4th!! Any ideas what you are having? I was convinced that I was having a girl, but everyone is insisting that I am definitely carrying like it is a boy....either way, it will be nice to know.

I had to go to the urologist today bc I have had a urinary tract infection my whole pregnancy. I have been on antibiotics three times. They are doing an u/s on Monday to check my kidneys-rule out a stone, etc. The doctor started me on another antibiotic and said I may have to take it daily the whole pregnancy. I thought we had it rough getting pregnant-shouldn't the pregnancy just be easy?? Thankfully I have absolutely no signs related to the infection, but I worry about the baby. The doctor did an u/s of my bladder today and let us take a peek at the baby-it was bouncing around!!

Has anyone felt any movement yet??

Talk to you later,


wolffie - January 17

Glad to hear you are all doing well! Linzie - sorry to hear about your UTI!

We go in to find out the gender on Feb 9th. I think it is a girl, hubby thinks it's a boy. I can't wait to find out!

I have been feeling baby move. At first I wasn't sure it was baby I was feeling but when i push on my tummy i can make baby move. Everyday I feel it more and more!

Lisa - who was your doc at HP? I have a friend who is doing her first IUI, going in on Friday, and she is going through FCI at HP. Sh has a dr. m...something (i think)



Tracy1 - January 17


It was a pain with the sight being down!

So exciting to find out the sex of bub. We are having a boy and just can't wait to see what he looks like.

The ring test worked for me besides my Dr commenting that it was a boy at the 12 weeks scan which surprised us being able to tell so early.

My baby moves so much that I worry if I don't feel him every few hours.



bdantonio - January 17

Hey eveyone:
Well besides the website being down the reson i havent been on is i have been in the hospital since Sunday. I went into labor. They slowed my contractions down, they didnt want to stop them they wanted to see if slowing them would work which it did. They dont want me to have her until 36 weeks, I have a week left. For somereason they are now saying my weeks change on Wednesday not sunday so i was 35 weeks yesterday. I kept having contractions so i was admitted. Finally home on bedrest until at least i go back to the dr next thursday then i should be off bedrest and if i go into labor again they will let me have my c-section. I am 95% efaced and 1centimeter dialated so far.

So how is everyone else?


lisa13 - January 18

hey linz, daniella and all;

we are all so close together that is so exciting. I think i am having a girl but who knows . if its a girl; annabelle louise caris(after my mother anita louise) a boy it will be raymond avery caris. linz sorry about you probs; that sucks. Daniella my doctor is Dr. marut. my gyne is dr. kim. Beth; hang in there and good luck;

has any one heard from michelle or jenny; wondering how there doing


JENNY22074 - January 18

I have heard from Michelle on myspace...I am doing great...We go to find out his weight and how he is growing on the 28th and then our 2 week visit on the 29th...I can certainly feel the weight of the belly and the movements have gotten to be so much that it feels like a football team in there and at night mostly...We got our nursery furniture...My mom surprised us yesterday with the crib and my brother, sister and future sister in law bought the changing table and my godparents are having the dresser shipped and it should arrive tomorrow...It is a beautiful cherry set with a lot of storage...The changing table has 2 shelves and a drawer and the crib has a drawer that is seperated in two...It is awesome...We were so surprised and happy that we finally almost have the nursery complete...I think my shower is the 17th of February...At least that is what I saw marked on my mom's calendar...Lamaze classes are great...I recommend them to any of you who are first time moms or have a lot of years between children...So here I am babbling about me and have not asked you all how you all are doing...I hated when the website was down...I missed all of you...


lisa13 - January 18

i am so glad your doing so well. Miss talking to you guys. your bedroom set sounds beautiful; i have cherry wood for my kitchen cabinets.. all my baby furniture is white. and there all hand me downs.

feel good tell michelle i say hi.

my email is [email protected]

i cant go to the myspace darkside . hhehhe


Tracy1 - January 19


I was also in the emergency dept a few weekd ago.
I was really uncomfortable in the lower pelvis/abdo, felt like something was going to come out. After I had it more than 15 mins my husband thought it best we go and get checked out although I often have it but it only lasts a few mins.
All was normal, just baby pushing down on my bladder and uterus stretching causing the discomfort.
Hard to know what is normal or not with the first pregnancy!



JENNY22074 - January 19

Tracy - I had the same thing happen around 13 weeks and it felt like a big chrarlie horse cramp in the middle of my uterus...My husband also felt the same way since it happened in the grocery store and I almost doubled over...I came home and rested on my left side with my feet up and on my right side with my feet up and nothing took the pain away...We went to labor and delivery and it was the uterus stretching and the fact that I had overdone it that day with a lot of bending over and such...So it does happen...How far along are you?..

Everyone else...How is everything?


wolffie - January 22

hi all!

this might be TMI but I figure we talk about almost everything on here! I have been having terrible issues with constipation. It has been 6 days since i was last able to go! I bought some citrucel today but nothing yet. I drink TONS of water and eat more fruits and veggies than ever. ugh!!!! any suggestions?

How is everyone doing?



JENNY22074 - January 22

No that is not TMI...We are here to discuss everything...My recommendation is the purple grape juice, apple juice or apple cider...Hopefully it will help you out...I have a glass or 2 each day of one of the above and have not had a problem that extreme..The most I have gone was a day being constipated...Talk to you soon.


JulieC - January 22

I have been eating cereal or oatmeal with about 4 or 5 prunes every morning and it has really helped. But 6 days is a long time. I wouldn't wait too much longer to call your doctor.


bdantonio - January 22

wolfiee go to the store and get a fleet enemia. That long is too long believe me i know. Once you get to backe up most foods dont work. YOu need to clean yourself out then start a high fiber diet to keep yourself regular, and maybe a stool softner. Also ask your dr about switching you to a vitamin without iron, mine has no iron in it i cnat take it if it ahs iron in it.


doglover - January 22

Hi Daniella
I normally have a big problem with constipation (during the 2 years prior to my pregnancy). I saw a doctor who was of no help. When I was desparate after not having a BM for one week, I did do a fleet enema as recommended by the doctor.
I now take metamucil daily, sometimes 2-3 times a day (citrucel did not work for me) with lots of water. Exercise always helps me (30 minute walk at a fast pace). I eat lots of fruits/veggies (never really helped me). My lifesaver has been a probiotic that my acupuncturist recommended. I swear by it-I have minimal constipation anymore, even during pregnancy. You can buy it at Whole Foods in the refrigerated section. It is called Udo's Choice Adult Probiotic (there are 12 billion viable cells per capsule)-it is safe to take during pregnancy. These things all helped me, but you are probably going to have to clean out your system first. I would call your obgyn...I am sorry, it is a TERRIBLE feeling.

Good luck,


wolffie - January 23

thank you everyone for your advice! the citrucel that i took last night actually worked today! i have never been so excited to have a bm in my life! i'm gonna ask what the doc suggests for the future but i already eat a high fiber diet. I will probably add the prunes and juice like suggested. i think i'm gonna take the citrucel for a few more days to make sure i'm good.

so great to have a place where i can talk about my poops since my hubby doesn't like to hear about it! :)

hope everyone is doing great!

beth - how are you feeling?



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