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doglover - March 6

Hi everyone!

Lisa, I just started feeling real movement the past week or two. The doctor told me I have an anterior placenta so that is why I cannot feel as much as another person. It basically means the placenta acts as a pillow between the baby and the outside world. I was extremely paranoid, especially bc I am thin and people thought I should feel him move early. I still cannot distinguish movement when I am active during the day. Ask your doc about your placenta...

How is everyone? I feel so good! I had a few weeks a month ago when my round ligaments were stretching and causing me problems sleeping, etc. but that went away. I cleared up my yeast infection and have to call tomorrow about my urine culture (to see if it is negative). I have been taking antibiotics twice a day...hopefully we can decrease to once a day!!

I bought tickets to fly and see my mom early you think I am crazy? She is having a lot of health problems, and i want to see her before the baby comes...

Talk to you later!! Linzie


JulieC - March 7

Linzie - I think it's a great idea to see your Mom. But you should check with the airline rules. Some of them won't let you on the plane without a doctors note when you are further along.


JasJulesMom - March 7

Hello ladies. I am so excited to finally be pg and posting here. I am so excited but a bit nervous because it is so early. Dh and I decided not to tell anyone yet because of last m/c and how hard it was. I cannot tell anyone so I am so happy I have this as an outlet to talk about my excitement. I go for 1st u/s Tuesday but right now it seems like an eternity.


bdantonio - March 7

congrats jasjulesmom


JulieC - March 8

Congrats and let us know what happens at the u/s!


JasJulesMom - March 8

Thank You Julie. I cannot wait til Tuesday. I am so nervous everyday that it will not be good news. Everyday i wonder do I still feel pregnant, why are my symptoms different then yesterday. I am a nervous mess. I hope this goes away soon. I want to be positive and excited but i am so worried and anxious


doglover - March 9

Congrats JasJulesMom!!

I don't envy you right now. Waiting for the first and second u/s were dreadful for me. I had beta numbers that were increasing but not coming anywhere close to doubling. They were fearful I had an ectopic pregnancy so you can imagine how terribly long each day seemed leading up to my u/s. I felt like I was waiting for a death sentence.

When we finally got good news that it might be a viable pregnancy, I think the worst wait was seeing if there was a heartbeat. I pray that it all works out for you!! I am 6 months today and still cannot believe I am pregnant!!!

Good luck and keep us updated-Linzie


JasJulesMom - March 9

Thanks Linzie. You are absolutely right about everyday being an eternity I cannot think of anything else. So far my numbers have more than doubled but I am still concerned. I cannot wait to hear a heartbeat for the first time. I wonder how I got thru my other pregnancies without constant testing, I so need the reassurance. Maybe because they were not a struggle. Who knows I just wish today was Tuesday so I know.


RB - March 10

Hi everyone!

This is my first time posting here as i got a BFP on my beta on Friday! it was only 85 so i hope it continues to increase as expected.

I am relieved to have an outlet to talk about everything that i'm feeling and expereincing....this is my first pregnancy so i am overjoyed and anxious because it is still so early...

I think my first u/s will be in another 2 weeks or when i will be 6 weeks pg....does that sound about right?

Looking forward to being a mom,



JulieC - March 10

Congratulations RB! It's nice to see some new people on this board. It's just been a handful of us for quite a few months. The first u/ is usually around 5-6 weeks so that sounds right.

Good luck with your blood test - hoping for high numbers!



Tracy1 - March 12


I only have 8 weeks to go now until our little boy is expected to appear although I really think he is going to come early.
Can't wait to finish work in 3 weeks and be a lady of leisure until his arrival. Be nice to shop, lunch with friends etc, this will be the first time I haven't worked since I was 15 so looking forward to it.
I have been travelling alot with work the past few weeks so am feeling very tired, he is definately running out of room in there.

How's everything with you?



doglover - March 12

JasJulesMom-How did your u/s go? I hope all is well!!

Reshma-Congrats...hang in there, you are experiencing one of the most difficult times right now.

I am sleepy today! My child loves to kick a lot during the night. It is so much fun!! It is really startling how hard they can kick...
I got my urine culture results, and I got a clean test for once this whole pregnancy. So we are trying one antibiotic a day instead of two (which will have to be taken the whole pregnancy). I also bought a probiotic from the health store that is supposed to prevent urinary tract and vaginal problems-UTI, yeast infection, etc. No new yeast infections since I started it!!

Hope everyone is well! I have to laugh when people ask if I am having the baby soon. I hate to imagine how I will be moving around in the end, but no complaints here whatsoever...just happy to be pregnant!!!

Take care,


Arabsrcool - March 12

Hi everyone,

I am so excited to be able to post here. I had my beta done today and the numbers came back at 481!. I go back on Friday to make sure they are doubling, which I am praying they do. Its wierd, first you hope you are pg, then you hope the numbers double, then its time to wait for the u/s. I don't know how we all don't go crazy with all the waiting for the next step!


bdantonio - March 13

Well everyone i just wanted to check in on how all the mommies are. I dont get much time to myself between the baby and the older sister.


RB - March 13

Hi Rhonda,

Glad to have you join me on this board! As for the waiting, I've realised that if its one thing i'm learning to do from this experience its waiting!!!!

Since getting my results i've wondereed if every twinge or cramp or mild discomfort i've felt is some sign that sthg is wrong...i cant wait for next beta and u/s to make sure all is ok.... are so right...i thought i would continue to be on a i find myself constantly worrying... are you doing?

Julie...thanks for the encouragement...i don't get the results from my 2nd beta until monday...more waiting....i'll let you know!!! I hoping for some significant increases!!!

Take care all!!!



RB - March 13

Hi Girls,

I have a silly question? Is it ok to color your hair during pregnancy? I desperately need to cover up some must be all the waiting!!!!....but i'm afraid to because i've heard that its not safe???? Sounds silly to me....any thoughts?




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