recurrent miscarriages after tubal reversals
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sharon b - August 7


Hi. Thanks for checking up on me. I will be 12 weeks tomorrow. I went last week & had another U/S. Everything looked good. I have had no spotting since week 8. I am still nervous- ofcourse. The last time the baby died sometime between week 13 & 16. I think once I am able to get past that point I will feel better- I hope!
This experience has given me a whole new appreciation on pregnancy. Because it came so easy to me in my 20's I never knew what so many woman go through.



hsn2007 - August 19

sharon i am so glad everything is going good for you now and i hope it continues to go good , as for me i am trying again and this is the week for me to try and then two more weeks of waiting to see if it happened . when i was young i did everything not to get pregant and now here i am doing everything to get pregant lol. take care and bye for now. shirlene


hsn2007 - September 2

:Dhi sharon hows it going?


sharon b - September 6

I am doing great. I am in my 16th week. I am feeling much better & getting very excited. I was very worried about something happening again & I wouldn't know right away. I rented a fetal heart monitor about a week ago. It is the best thing I could have done. I listen to the heartbeat at least twice a day. It has helped so much between the DR's visits. I still have not told most people. I want to wait just a little longer. I am sure if they are really look at me they can tell. I am a very thin person who works out 6 days a week. I definitly have a belly. I just don't want to share quit yet but soon!!
Thanks for checking in on me.



sharon b - September 7


How are you? The last time you logged in you has 2 weeks to wait. I think the 2 weeks are up. Any news?



hsn2007 - September 8

:'(sharon , just started period yesterday after being two days late and wouldnt you know i started right after i bought the test so i can save it for next month and try again. take care and talk to you later i am on my way to work . bye for now.


hsn2007 - September 20

hi sharon hows it going? just checking on you , have a good day . shirlene


sharon b - September 27


I am doing good. I am in my 19th week -almost half way :) I go on Friday for my sonogram. I just want to hear them say everything is okay. I might even start getting excited after this visit!

Take Care,



hsn2007 - September 27

sharon that is great , i know everything is going to be fine with the sonogram. have u started thinking about names yet? i am so happy for you that you have made it this long, it gives the rest of us hope. take care and keep me informed please. bye for now, shirlene.


sharon b - October 2


I wanted you to know that I went for my sono last Friday. It is a GIRL!! They did a very detailed sono- (took about an hour) They said everything looks great. I can finally get excited !!!!!!



hsn2007 - October 7

I am so happy for you ! Thanks for letting me know and i know you are going to be a wonderful mother. This gives me hope that it will happen for me also . Take care bye for now shirlene.


hsn2007 - October 25

Sharon just checking on you , how are you doing? hope all is good . shirlene


sharon b - October 26


I am feeling good. I just checked my pregnancy calender & only 118 days to go ;) She moves around some days more than others. It is always such a great feeling when she is moving around.

How about you, how are you doing?



hsn2007 - November 22

Happy thanksgiving sharon and baby girl , hope all is well with you both . I havent been on here in awhile just wanted to wish you a happy holiday. I am on my way to work talk to u later bye , shirlene


sarja - March 19

Hi all,
I have had 2 successful pregnancies before in my early 20's. I had my tubes tied at 23 (Dumb) I know. I got remarried in Aug.2010 and we decided to try for a baby so I went in for tubal reversal in March of 2012. I had my first m/c in july of 2012 at 3 weeks probably chemical since my period was just late. Then in Sept of 2013 I had my secound m/c at 4 weeks. The Dr's said they could not do anything unless I had 3. Then in Dec. 2012 I had my 3rd miscarriage at 5 weeks the ultrasound I had showed the sac in the uterus. After going through so much pain and loss my Dr. Finally refered me to a specialist. This is my first month of testing and so far they have found nothing wrong. They were going to perform an HSG Test to check my fallopian tubes to see if they were open, but before they could do it they had to give me a pregnancy test to verify I was not pregnant before the test. My HCG came back as 60.5 so they cancelled the HSG test. I was bleeding heavily during this time, which I had assumed was my regular period, but unfortunately again I miscarried without even realizing. They took my HCG again a week later it was down to 26.5. 4 M/C's.. I am so tired of this. My husband and I want a child so bad and it seems like everyone around us is getting pregnant but us. I just turned 30 in Feb. Lately I am so depressed and tired from everything. I wish I could just carry, I don't know what my issue is, and I've searched all over to find what I can do or answers but I am starting to lose hope.


mrs.briones - August 30

Hi Sarja, I know you posted this more than a year ago, but I am in the same exact situation and wanted to know if you ever found a solution to this problem. I am 29 and had a tubal reversal in 2009, 5 miscarriages since all before 6 weeks. Feeling pretty desperate after this last one last month. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Erica Briones



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