recurrent miscarriages after tubal reversals
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hsn2006 - July 3

sharon how did the ultrasound go? let us know ok? i have been thinking about u ! i hope all is well


iluvbabies7 - July 4

Just thought I would wish everyone a Happy 4th of July!!! sharon b where are you and how are you doing?
shirlene how are you doing as well? Hope everything is going well in your neighborhood!! "T" f/ Wyoming.

P.S. Babydust 10x fold and God bless.


hsn2006 - July 5

hi tracie i am doing good and i had a good fourth . i have been worrying about sharon also so sharon if u read this let us know how u r doing ok? have a good day tracie as for me off to work,bye for now. shirlene


sharon b - July 5

Hi everyone. I have been away from my computer. I went on Sunday for an U/S. The baby's heart is beating STRONG!!!!!! Everything looked great. Can you believe it? I have continued to have some occasional spotting but the DR said not to worry. Can you belive I was scheduled for a D & C? That is so scarry. I can only imagine how many other women this has happened to. These DR's are the experts!!!!!!!! I am still so nervous but i am full of hope!! Thanks for all of your well wishes.
Sharon B


hsn2006 - July 5

I am so glad to hear that, u and the baby have been in my thoughts and prayers all weekend, take it easy and rest as much as possible. tracie and i both have been worrying about you. take care and keep us informed because we so want you to have this baby as much as for us as you. this gives me hope that one day soon i will carry mine full term . i am trying again and i guess i will every month until i can no longer get pregnant. talk to u later bye for now ,shirlene.


hsn2006 - July 10

good morning tracie and sharon . hope yall had a good weekend hows everything going ? sharon , hows the baby doing ? shirlene


sharon b - July 10

I am hanging in there. I am starting to have more of the early pregnancy nausea. I am still discouraged because I keep having these "spotting episodes". I go a day with nothing & then I get excited thinking it's over. The next day it starts again. At this point it is so hard because I want to be excited but I won't allow myslf to be. I go again on Thursday for another u/s. I just want everything to be fine. Please keep me in your thoughts & prayers. I don't know when or if I will feel at ease.



hsn2006 - July 12

sharon , glad to hear from you and i believe everything will be okay on thursday , the nausea is a good sign that means your hormones r good . are you doing too much and not resting enough? maybe that is causing the spotting . ask your dr. about progestrone pills that is what they gave me when i started spotting . stay strong , talk to you later and let me know how it goes on thursday. bye shirlene


fiso - July 12

Sharon, just wanted to reassure you, I've bled for my first 3 months. Not spotting but bled. The doc was aware of it and kept a close eye on the situation.. But then after 3 months, it stopped! Teh doc said that bleeding can happen very often, as long as they monitor you, you shoudl be fine. I'm in my 28 th week and enjoying it! A good remedy for nause: try to get anythign with ginger (not ginger ale because there is actually no ginger at all in that beverage!). I found soem ginger chews ina health food store and they were my best friends for 3 months! If you can't find any, let me know, I can always mail; you some.
Try to relax and not worry too much. Easy to say but also important to do!

Keep us posted.



sharon b - July 12

It is so nice to hear postive stories that woman share. I am just so nervous & I want the spotting to just STOP!! But it is very very light & occurs maybe an hour or two a day.

As for the ginger advise -- i am going to the health food store TONIght!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll let you know if it works.



sharon b - July 13

Good news!! I went this a.m. & the baby's heartbeat is still strong. I haven't spotted in almost 2 days & I am feeling all pregnancy symptons. I am still nervous but i think I wil be for a while but i do feel better


hsn2006 - July 15

hi sharon this is shirlene that is great news . i really want some one to have a tubal reversal baby so i know that it can actually happen . keep me updated and hang in there. bye for now .


hsn2006 - July 15

tracie where are you ?


sharon b - July 19

hi everyone...

i had to give an update. i have gone 1 week with no spotting at all!!!!! I am started to get a little excited!!
Oh how i want this to happen!!!!!



hsn2007 - August 5

:)sharon ,this is shirlene how is everything going with you and the babe? good i am hoping, stay in touch and let me know as i havent been on in awhile . bye for now .


sharon b - August 7


Hi. Thanks for checking up on me. I will be 12 weeks tomorrow. I went last week & had another U/S. Everything looked good. I have had no spotting since week 8. I am still nervous- ofcourse. The last time the baby died sometime between week 13 & 16. I think once I am able to get past that point I will feel better- I hope!
This experience has given me a whole new appreciation on pregnancy. Because it came so easy to me in my 20's I never knew what so many woman go through.




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