recurrent miscarriages after tubal reversals
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hsn2006 - May 18

has anyone had a tubal reversal? i had one in 1999 and have six miscarriages since then dr. says it is low progestrone and had me taking 200 mg. with this pregancy still lost it on march 29th has this happen to anyone else that had reversal?


iluvbabies7 - June 15

I had a TR in '03 and could not get pregnant for a long time. In 12-01-05 I found out I was pregnant after trying one time and was sick alot, on 12-02-06 I started spotting and lost the baby sometime later. I was maybe 4 weeks at that time. On 6-02-06 I found out I was pregnant again and very scared nervous. Last week 6-08-06 I lost that baby too!!How come I cannot carry any babies? I pray every night, I eat really good, the OBGYN that I saw last week tells me that I need to relax, while giving me meds to calm down, and it will happen, and that God has a bigger plan for me? My heart aches for the babies I have lost. No one will give me any answers why these things happen. All I want is answers, or at least a differant avenue that I can explore, my heart is broken and I feel like a failure, right now I am depressed to the point where I do not want to leave my house, I am short temepered with people. Where do I go from here? Should I push for a D&C, or try to fertilty drugs? Or a new Doctor? I am 37 and my husband is 43 we would like to have our own baby. I feel everyone's pain and frustration on this board. Help!!!


hsn2006 - June 17

hi, i dont know what to tell u but i know how u feel i have three grown children and never had a miscarriage until after my tubal reversal i was 32 years old when i had it done my youngest daughter was 11 years old at the time now she is 18 and i have been pregnant six times since my reversal and lost them at four to six weeks i have had all kind of tests done and nothing can be found except low progestrone which i took orally with this last one but it didnt help i dont have any trouble conceiving it is just keeping them and i am 39 now so i dont have a lot of time left to keep trying if u find anything new to try please let me know and dont give up sorry for the loss of your babe also.


sharon b - June 27

I had a TR last May. It was an extremely painful surgery for which I wasn't prepared. I took a break for a few months & in Nov 05 got pregnant. At 16 weeks I lost the baby. It was determined that the baby had a disorder called Turners Syndrome. What a terrible experince that was! I got pregnant again 2 months later. I have now been bleeding for 2 days. I have an appointment with the DR tomorrow. I can only assume it is another miscarriage. I had 3 children in my early-mid 20's with no problems at all. I will 38 next month. I am so upset..............................


iluvbabies7 - June 28

I guess even though everyone has been through a great deal, and you would like to give up on the idea you dont. I wanted a tubal reversal for a very long time and seized the oppurtunity(sp?) when I had the chance. Even though I have lost babies, I am very honored for the fact that I "felt" and loved them in the first place. I can honestly say that I would not trade any part of my life even now, for nothing. This is what makes us better and wiser and being who we are.
"Hope is the things with feathers that perches in the soul."
My mother passed away(10 years ago) when my children were very little, and I beleive that she is taking care of my babies in heaven until I can see all of them again. ( Though I hope it is not for awhile) If Hope and prayer is all we have then the other will follow I think.

Babydust to everyone 10x fold and I HOPE all your dreams and wishes come true!


hsn2006 - June 28

thanks for posting that it made me feel better . how r u doing now ? have u been back to your dr. yet? do they know why u lost the babe ? keep trying and good luck.


hsn2006 - June 28

sharon , let us know what the dr. says about u also, keep in touch ok?


sharon b - June 28

I did go yesturday a.m. I am more upset & confussed. The placenta is still there but the dr said he didn't see a strong heart beat. He wanted to schedule me for a d&c. The crazy thing is that i have completely stopped bleeding for the last 24 hours. I don't know if this meas there is still hope. I have been reading stories of so many where there was bleeding & they went on to have a healthy baby. I am just 6 weeks maybe that is too soon to see the heart beat. I am just sick & I want closure but I don't want to act too soon.


hsn2006 - June 28

:)dont have the d and c yet , its too early just wait and see what happens, go to misdiagnosed miscarriages and read the stories on there they are awesome good luck and keep us posted.


sharon b - June 28

I went back to the DR this Am to have my physical in preperation of the D&C. I stated to question him about could it be too early,etc. At first he hesitated like I was just rambling on & on. I told him that I knew the day I conceived was June 1 or 2. He looked at my chart & was said "oh I thought you were a little farther along. Lets bring you back in on Sunday for another U/S. I think you may be right & we might see the heartbeat by then" Can you belive what I am going through? I feel like I have entered the twilight zone. I have completed stoped bleeding. I am so nervous. Can you belive I could have had the D & C on Friday & there really is a healthy baby....................


hsn2006 - June 28

i am glad u r waiting i will be praying for u also i think u and the babe will be ok . when i started bleeding it didnt stop at all it just got worse so maybe that is a good sign for u . i really want to see someone have a baby after a t.r . instead of miscarriages so the rest of us can have hope . take it easy and rest as much as u can .


hsn2006 - June 30

sharon how r u doin hope all is good .


sharon b - June 30

I am hanging in there. I was feeling confident becuase i had stoped bleeding for a day but yesterday it started again. I had menstrual cramps last night. It is so hard not knowing for sure. I will go on Sunday AM for another internal ultra sound. I will be 6w 4 d. If the babys heart beat is still not there I am scheduled for DC on Monday. What a long weekend this will be!!! I have decided that this is the last time. It is so hard to go through this. I have 3 teenagers & I am thankful for that. I will be 38 next month. I remarried 5 years ago to a man i love more then anything else that is how all of this started. He has no kids. we'll see.


hsn2006 - July 1

sorry to hear that the bleeding started again i really know how u feel i have been thru it five times already and i always say no more but i dont want to use birth control and i really hope that as long as i dont maybe one pregancy will stick. and the same goes for me, my three kids r grown the youngest is 18 as of last wed. and i started this when she was 11 because i remarried when she was 7 and he has one dd but we wanted one together, maybe it will happen for us as long as we have hope anything can happen ,i will be praying for u take care and try not to worry too much but i know its hard not to. anytime u need to talk drop me a line i have been where u r bye for now take care. oh by the way my name is shirlene and i live in arkansas and i am 39 so i wont have to try much longer.


iluvbabies7 - July 2

I am very sorry and feel the pain you are going through. I hope your Dr.'s appointment goes better than mine went from the other day 6-28-06. My fingers are so soar from crossing them for over two hours, it sounds a little childish but that is how it works sometimes that you will do anything as long as you can see the positive result.
I miscarried or had a blighted ovum, due to being 37 my Dr. tells me that I have a higher chance than most to having a miscarriage. 1/5 for my age range I beleive he said. I will be asking alot more questions when I see him again in a few weeks. I have seriously thought about giving up on having my own baby. But I wont. I still have dreams of a baby with my husbands dark eyes and hair.
If you have that wish, sharon b it may not happen when you want it to but it will happen. There have been things that have happened in my life that I thought would never happen. And I beleive even though I do not feel it right now, that I am blessed for this exsperince as well. When my mom was alive she use to tell me that it was okay for just a short amount of time to feel sorry for yourself but there comes a time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and go on. You will always remember certain dates, where you were and what had happened, but then there is the positive side when you will receive what you wish. Just do not forget how you got there.
The children that I have lost are with me everyday in my heart and spirit. They are what keeps me going forward, and sane. There are days when I just want to bawl all day or when my days off come I do not want to leave my house but I would not get anywhere. I will tell you what I have to deal with, My stepson blessed my husband and I at the tender age of 16 with our first grandchild. Since then there have been 3 other grandchildren added. My stepson and his girlfreind are no longer together but she and I would have been pregnant at the same time and our due dates would have been just a day apart. Actually I would have turned 8 months 6-30-06. There is a reason why things happen, but I am not sure I am patient enough to wait this time. God will show me how. I beleive I will be a mom again, it is just not the right time. Hope is all I have, and my faith is what I beleive in.
In 2-06 I had a acciedent that could have ended my life, and I look at the clouds differantly and hug my kids more and love my husband just a bit more. Going from the impossible to being pregnant 2x in 6 months, now that alone is a celebration!If you are wondering what I mean when you have a TR, a short time later you will have a xray of your tubes to see if they are open. My test showed that dye never went through my tubes. I am going to go, I think I have been talking way to much! My name is Tracie and I live in Wyoming. Baby dust 10x fold to everyone, and God bless.


hsn2006 - July 3

hi tracie ,this is shirlene i just read your post and wanted to say hi . i know u will be able to be a mother again your only 37 and i just had my miscarriage in march at the age of 39 and i am trying again . so u still have a few good years and better drs. where u live than here in ark. you have a lot of faith and hope and that uplifts me so keep in touch. bye for now


hsn2006 - July 3

sharon how did the ultrasound go? let us know ok? i have been thinking about u ! i hope all is well



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