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PROSS18 - November 1

I'm a man so I hope I'm not intruding in a most part female forum.

Basically I'm a newly married man of 23 and my wife of 21 fell pregnant on our wedding night 9/9/06 (yes it was a great night ;)). We didn't find out til we got back from our honeymoon 2 and a half weeks later. At about 4/5 weeks my wife started to have minor bleeding (brown mainly then odd occasions of red) and some cramping. We immediately told our midwife who kept assuring us that it was ok, but heavier red to notify them right away. This continued over a weekend and we made an appointment for an early scan to check everything.

The scan showed nothing but what looked like a empty sac. We were told the baby must have already passed. My wife had her HCG levels tested that day and were at 1000. Two days later they were 1400. They suspected Eptopic pregancy and rushed her into hospital. She was given another scan which we were shown a clearer sac with the white circle (yolk? sorry not sure or right term) but no heartbeat. We were told not to worry tho as it only looked to be about 5-6 weeks and h/b doesn't normally come until the 7th-8th week.

So we waited 2 weeks and went back for another scan when we were told there was no change and that there was no hope it was a continuing pregnancy, a doctor also confirmed this. Again they took my wives HCG levels - at 7000!! We then went back a week later (today) and had them redone. We asked the midwife if it was normal for them to rise and she said no that they will definately drop down now. We just got a call to say that they are now at 14000!! DOUBLED in a week despite being told it wasn't an ongoing pregnancy and they should definately be dropping.

We're totally confused and was wondering if anyone had any insight into this or similar experiences? Also we just phoned the doctor and he suggested possibly a Molar Pregnancy but that its very unlikely.


Ange - November 4

Don' t worry every one is welcome here. I don't think I can help you because I never have gone through what you both are going through. I had a chemical pregnancy around the time when I was expecting my period. But I noticed you didn.t get a reponse, sometimes that happens.so i had to say hello and welcome. I got the site where you can check level of beta to see the normal ranges. I don't know if this will help you to understand it better. I am sorry that you both have to go through this on your first pregancy or any for that matter.

I hope your wife is doing ok. God bless her!


back again anytime


babyhope - November 4

I also had a miscarriage. Mine was called a "bllighted ovum" or empty sac by the time I went in to see the doc for an ultrasound at 7 weeks. I was told that my HCG would continue to rise for a few weeks while my body "caught up" to the fact that I did not have a viable pregnancy. Apparently, the placenta can keep developing as if we are still PG even if the sac is empty. I miscarried over 4 weeks ago and my HCG is now dropping but I am still not at the level HCG that the docs consider "not pregnant."
Hope that helps,


jmr67 - November 4

What babyhope said is exactly what I was told. I too experienced blighted ovum/empty sac/clinical pregnancy. My levels went up to 28,000 before they stopped checking and it was clearly not a viable pregnancy. Something to note is in a viable pregnancy the hcg levels should double every 48 hours. If it takes a week to double that is cause for concern. I'm very sorry you and your wife are going through this. Please know you are not alone.


bloom7 - November 18

Hi -

My HCG levels are doubling too after a miscarriage and I don't understand why. Back in October I got my period (like clockwork). Just the day before I'd gone to a fertility clinic to do my initial bloodwork and the dr. told me to come back on the second day of my period - which turned out to be 2 days later. I started on Clomid and went back for monitoring 7 days later. I produced two follicles of good size (they kept reiterating this on every visit). But, true to form, 26 days later I get my period again. So I go back on the second day, they take my blood and send me off with my perscription of Clomid, which I'm supposed to start taking that evening. Late in the afternoon a doctor from the clinic calls me to say my bloodwork came back at an HCG level 7 - too low for it to develop into a normal pregnancy. But to not take to Clomid, we'd have to wait for my next normal period and to come back 3 days later. So I go back 3 days later and instead of decreasing, my HCG level is now 50; another 48 hours later it's 223 and another 72 hours later 1767. They did a vaginal u/s but see nothing so they start thinking ectopic. So they send me to another center which has better equipment thinking maybe theirs isn't picking up the sac. So the next day I'm off to this other place and nothing still - they don't see anything outside my uterus or inside. So back I go to my doctor on the next day for another HCG level check and it comes back at over 4300 they do an u/s in their office and nothing still. That afternoon they send me back to the other center; two nurses and one doctor later they still can't determine what's going on. When I left I stopped off for a hot dog and proceeded to the parking garage where I parked my car. As I'm waiting for the valet to pull my car around I feel a gush - I was so scared. I ask the attendant if there was a bathroom close by and points me in the direction of the Crate and Barrel across the street. I run to the bathroom and I'm soaked, I'm bleeding and at this point extremely nervous. I call my doctor - she told me not to be scared; to remain calm that I'm miscarrying. Since I am not in any pain and the ultrasound place ruled out an ectopic to just go home and come in the next day (Thursday). I pick up my husband from work and we go home. I didn't bleed much more that evening. I called my doctor the next day because I just wanted a break from going back to the center, I've been poked and probed and given so much blood I just need a break. She says fine but come in tomorrow (Friday); your HCG level should definately have gone down. I go in on Friday. Normally the drs office calls between 3-4 with the results; they called to tell me they didn't have the results yet and they'd call me on Saturday. I call later in the evening because now I'm cramping and the bleeding has increased along with having passed an enormous clot (at least that's what I'm assuming it was). I'm told to return to the office on Saturday morning, which I do. On Saturday morning my doc does an u/s - he said everything looks normal but sees something that it probably which I need to pass. I asked for the HCG level still doesn't have the results; will call me later. Will guess what; I get a call an hour ago saying my HCG level from friday was over 9000. Can anyone tell me if they've experienced this as well? :o And if so, what was the result?



mimki - January 16

found out i was preg mid december big blood clots and lots and lots of blood jan 14 2011 and jan 15 took a preg. test and tested positive do i need to wait longer then take another test or what? currently still bleeding but its milder. I still have smaller clotts comin out... ADVICE??? ANSWERS??


wtg4amiracle - June 20

First off I am sorry for your loss and I think it's great that you are trying to be supporatve ang get involved in finding answers. I have been through two back to back miscarriages, and after my last miscarriage my HSG levels kept increasing as well. The doctor told me that the hormones keep rising because it takes a while for your body to know that you are loosing the baby. It's like a "missed-miscarriage" my doctor stated and it takes a while for your hormones to change. This is why she recomended a DNC to remove the fetus and any hormonal tissue. other wise by the time my body realized that the baby was gone I would start to hemmorage badly and would put me at risk. Good luck.


amanda88 - March 18

hello well first off i would like to say sorry for all of your losses to everyone. However i am kind of in the same boat i had a chemical pregnancy and was told about it when i was 8 weeks i had no idea and had pregnant like systems and seemed as though everything was going smoothly, until i was called by the lab stating that my levels were going down they went from a 2150 to a 1885 to a 900 then to a 856 and they were all repeated every 48 hours. So i was so scared because i have had no bleeding and no colts or anything, however i guess i did have chem. preg. well when i left ob triage i went home and told my husband about it and the doc said we should wait 3 cycles but before i found out my husband and i well you know did our thing the night before i found out i had a chem preg. which would have happened around week five. and now my levels are going back up. i am wondering if anyone thinks it could have been possible to have gotten preg. in between the loss and finding out i have had no bleeding not even a period i am just so confused and lost.. anyone with info would be greatly appreciated thanks and hope my comment helped or helped me :(



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